Brink European Community Tournament Recap

Alistair Hatch, our European PR Manager, reports on our European community tournament held at Splash Damage’s office last week. Read details below…

Brink Community Megathon 2011

A short while ago we ran competitions with leading games websites in each of our key PAL territories for a chance to fly to London and compete in a Brink tournament before it launches this week. Eurogamer (UK), ESL (Germany), JeuxVideo (France), 3djuegos (Spain), Everyeye (Italy), Fz (Sweden), Insidegamer & 9lives (Benelux), and Gamespot (Australia) all provided one editor and three competition winners to shoot it out on Splash Damage’s innovative new shooter.

Held at the Splash Damage’s studio, the tournament kicked off with a titanic clash between old sporting rivals – UK and Australia. Perhaps it was the jetlag, or just the very fact that they’d spent 24hrs on an aeroplane, but Australia narrowly lost to the UK team in a tightly fought opening match.

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From this point on all teams ramped up their seriousness and began studying opponent’s tactics, playing through maps on the practice machines and having lengthy discussions about which abilities and classes to pick for matches.

Sweden and Benelux emerged as early favourites as their team-work paid off, whilst the UK team quietly got on with each match progressing time and time again to the next round and eventually into the final. However, it was to be Australia who raised the most eyebrows, as they blasted their way back from an opening round defeat to make it into the final and with it a chance for victory and revenge against the UK.

As the Splash Damage development team gathered around to watch the final, Paul Wedgwood gave a few words of encouragement and advice to the two teams

“You’ll be playing Stopwatch mode on ‘Reactor’. To be victorious in attack your best bet is to find the secret route which brings you out into an elevated position above the control panels. Without this route you’ll find it very tough to hack the fan controls”.

The UK attacked first and it was another extremely close fought match, but it wasn’t until the dying seconds that they discovered the route Paul had mentioned and the round was tied. Up stepped Australia to attack, taking their time and leaving it until the final four minutes of the round to discover the secret route and blast their way to victory over the old enemy.

Credit most certainly goes to Australia who against the odds won the first ever PAL Brink tournament.

A big thank you must go to all the websites and people who attended and also to Splash Damage for being such good hosts.

As the dust began to settle and the evening drew to a close it was clear from the teams exchanging GamerTags and details that this wasn’t the last time they would do battle upon the Ark.

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