Shout out your Skyrim questions

Like fire in a dragon’s belly, we realize many of you have burning questions you want to ask about Skyrim. Now’s your chance, as today we’re kicking off our first fan interview for the game.

If there’s something you’re dying to know about the game, give us a shout on the forums, at The Elder Council, or here on the blog. Game Director Todd Howard and other members of Bethesda Game Studios will be answering your questions in a few weeks.

Reader Comments

  1. Can you give us info on weather conditions and/or natural disasters such as earthquakes, tornadoes or volcanic eruptions assuming there is a volcano in Skyrim’s mountains?

  2. My question is, what will the collector’s editions come with and/or when will the collector’s editions be announced?

  3. What type of relationships are to be expected between a gamer’s character and AI? Are they to be intimate like more recent games, such as the start of new relationships, or are they going to be strictly quest-related or just based on regular encounters? Thank you!

  4. Will there be:
    Family/lover characters (not done like Fable)
    Different kinds of transportation
    Better developed underwater life, more plant life, fish, etc
    Big side missions like the shivering isles for Oblivion
    A big number of unique armours and weaponry

    Thank you, looking forward to this

  5. is there gonna be a more realistic climbing aspect in Skyrim, for example, in oblivion one would climb a mountain by just running straight up into it; which was ridiculous lol, it almost seemed like the whole game of oblivion was glitched. Maybe u guys could look at assassins creed, that game has a beatifully rendered climbing system

  6. Are factions still present? If so, what factions are joinable? Are there any new surprises with the factions? Does the player character have a more pronounced role in factions?

  7. Will there be disguises? As to blend in with factions?

    Any final decision on horses?

    Are dragons mainly random encounter? or do alot of missions lead to them?

    As we can destroy parts of towns i.e. lumber yard, can they ever be replaced or do they return with time?

  8. What steps are you taking to make sure the economy isn’t easily broken like it was in Oblivion or Fallout?

    Will actual choices be in the game, as in New Vegas, or will we be railroaded into one side of the conflict, as in Oblivion?

  9. Will there be a Co-op mode?

    Will the player be able to take AI allies with him/her to fight alongside him/her? (And if so, does the AI still suck ;o)

    What kind of mounts will there be in the game?

    Will there be certain events that keep happening even after you finished the game+sidequests? (In other words: Is there something to do AFTER you have done pretty much everything? :P)

  10. A very popular mod for the pc was the legendary Quazzy’s Quest Award Leveller. Its purpose was to scale a quest awards statistics to match the bracket of your player, to stop useful quest reward items becoming obsolete later in the game i.e. If you get chillrend at level 1-5, its statistics were set to match the 1-5 bracket, quickly becoming useless after level 6. The QAL would automatically upgrade chilrends stats to the level 6-10 bracket when your character reached level 6, thus preserving the weapons usefulness and preventing the nessecity of leaving simple quests until much later in the game. Many of us thought this feature should have been included in vanilla oblivion, and I would likle to ask will there be a similar function included in skyrim, or will the mod communty have to make one for us?

  11. There’s been alot of talk about the versatility of the spells, such as being able to spray fire or throw a fire ball or leave a fire rune on the floor like a trap. How is this going to be handled in terms of controls? And if you have two different spells equipped will you be able to mix them?

  12. I heard dumped that travel is going to be like morrowind. If so, will Mark and Recall become a way to travel? And, will armor be customizable with cauldrons or the ability to change the color or “accessories”( spikes, etc) and will you become more like a dragon or gain a Shout that turns you into a Were-Dragon?

  13. I love the idea of being able to hold two weapons at once; but will assigning spells to a hand eliminate the possibility of holding sword and shield and still being able to cast a spell at the same time? The ability to cast a quick restoration spell while fighting with a sword and blocking with the shield shouldn’t be made impossible. If I need to put away my sword or shield in order to perform a spell then that will be an unfortunate change in the new game. Also, I hope in Skyrim we will have as much freedom to design our characters as we had in Oblivion, if not more. I have to say that I have been very impressed by everything else I have read about Skyrim. I can’t wait for the release.

  14. I’ve seen this question asked 18 times in the answers. So here comes the same question but more widely asked.

    What is the role of necromancy in Skyrim? Is it banned in this TES installment? Is there a Necromancer’s guild? If so, can the player join it? Will we ever be able to learn necromancy as a completely different school and not conjuration? Is there going to be the same limitation of only one summon at a time?

    Is there going to be a possibility of playing the game as a very evil character? Is the story going to react to this? Can we finish the game as a villain and not be forced to be an hero like in Oblivion?

    As you see, there is MANY people interested in the necromancy features, because, hell, it was awesome in Oblivion and we want it to be even more awesome in Skyrim.

    Yes I will create a mod for a necromancer’s guild if there is none in Skyrim as I did in Oblivion, but it would be even better if it is an official built in feature. And please, make NECROMANCY school absolutely independent and not a simple variant of Conjuration.

  15. What sort of factions will we be seeing in the game?
    Will there also be a sort of karma or infamy system, like in Fo3 or TES:IV?
    In what way will mining and forging be implemented? Would it be like a mini-game, or a simple cut-scene/animation?
    Are we looking at a game on the same level of difficultly as Oblivion?
    Will limbs break off in the same fashion as Fo3?
    Argonians… How will they survive the cold?

    I appreciate all of what you do for the gaming community!

  16. will playing as vampires finally be made without bugs, not living in caverns but in cities or castles, could be able to turn others NPC in vampires and made them companions, be able to turn in bat and fly, be able to feed anytime not only when npc sleeps, you become vampire when someone bites you in fight not when he is hitting you with sword only and youre getting stronger when you feed not weaker?

  17. I am going to attempt to ask every question that has been asked so far/ from what i have been stuffed seeing.

    1. Is there a hardcore mode?
    2. Will the player have the companion system? Will it be limited?
    3. Will their be new guilds?
    4. How will the smithing system work?
    5. Can we get a keyring?
    6. Are the players going to have access to more mounts than just a plain ole horse?
    7. Is the leveling up system going to be the same as fallout, where we get a metre and just add points and choose perks?
    8. Will there be a more wider variety of clothing, armour, weapons etc?
    9. Any new spells, or is their a possibility that the spells could have multiple effects…such as fire being able to shoot as a fireball, shield yourself yet also cast streams of fire, erupt it out of your head, stuff like the superheroes do>
    10. will there be crossbows, spears, little wands and perhaps some throwing knives/hatchets
    11. after the main quest finishes, will the entire story end or will the players be able to continue their adventure?
    12. Possible addition of epic boss battles? (besides with dragons)
    13. Lucky last of the questions. will the create a character process be more expanded? Example: More hair types (even though its out of the time span, GET SOME ANIME FRINGES) body definition, makeup.

    thanks 😛

  18. Will you be able to raise the dead with spells and not just the staff of worms or that one greater power?

    Could necromancy be a part of alteration?

    Can interactions with the living dead people be like if they are alive instead of just a blank bar?

    Rising people from the dead permanently?

    Can corpses decay over time?

  19. You’ve mentioned many times that you support all the modding that goes on in the PC version of your previous games, will there be any basic mod interface/cheat mode for the console games?

  20. Are you able to make a wall of fire to protect you like a shield of fire that would be cool.

    And how does the enchanting system work because in oblivion you had to work through an entire oblivion gate to enchant somethink how is that style of gameplay work in skyrim (will there be enchanting shops)