Shout out your Skyrim questions

Like fire in a dragon’s belly, we realize many of you have burning questions you want to ask about Skyrim. Now’s your chance, as today we’re kicking off our first fan interview for the game.

If there’s something you’re dying to know about the game, give us a shout on the forums, at The Elder Council, or here on the blog. Game Director Todd Howard and other members of Bethesda Game Studios will be answering your questions in a few weeks.

Reader Comments

  1. will there be any demo for Skyrim ?
    will you plan to make DLCs for Skyrim ?
    will there be any guilds or multible ways to complete like guild quests ??

  2. I have a feeling that werewolves aren’t included in the main game, so my top question is that will it be on the possible plug-ins?

    I know it would be kind of funny, considering the fact how big part it had on the Bloodmoon storyline. But the whole ‘were’-thing; it was something that no other game had offered in the same way that you did a few years ago. If it’s not in the main game, I would ask from you to take it under great deal of consideration to put it back on at least to the possible plug-ins- it was a blast back in the days.

  3. I know you probably get this allot but.. is there any type of CO-OP split scree and online? That waould be so amazing to Have your friend right there helping you fight.. And i also like the idea of crafting your own weapons now, But can you actually dictate how they look or are there only preset looks for weapons.. It would be great to know! thank you so much for making games super fun and Immersible games that blow mine and probably other peoples MINDS!

  4. Lycanthropy? The Cult of Hircine and the werewolves were my favorite part of Morrowind. Please bring the werewolves back.

    Can I equip two shields and go shield bashing? Will torches also be able to be used as weapons? Will you be able to dis…play your collections and weapons without having to toss them on tables and floors or hide them in a drawer? Will there be large battles? When you become head of guild will you actually be in charge and able to make orders? Will there be capes? Will there be seriously legendary weapons? Will there be dwarves? Does sprinting shake the camera? Will M’aiq the liar be back? Cliff racers? Will there be tons and tons of useless, valueless items? (Hope not!)

    Just kidding about the cliff racers…

  5. Will the game have humour but also a dark-side to it?

    Will it be easier to increase your skills? It took me ages in Oblivion to increase my skills.

    Will there be a bloody mess perk? I’d love to see it 🙂

  6. Will different difficulty levels affect more than just the damage that you and your enemies do to each other?

    Will worthwhile items be in locked chests or can we expect more inkwells?

    Can enemy long range combatants (mages, archers, etc.) actually miss if the player moves after they fire?

    Can equipment be dyed in whatever colour scheme desired (as in Two Worlds II)?

    How many hours of gameplay until players get a safe location to store their inventory?

    When Skyrim crashes (PC version) will it give some information as to why it crashed; i.e. “Mod A is missing mesh.nif.”

    Is everyone and everything out to murder the player?

    Does lockpicking a door or a chest cause the player to automatically activate said door or chest?

    Lastly, will the game come with a cloth map?

  7. What can you tell us about combat? Is it still the same (basic moves, with few tactics needed) or is it being overhauled (in a way that’s similar to the mod Deadly Reflex)? Because I would love some fresh combat.

  8. Will enemies use tactics ? Like for instance one try’s to distract you so another one can get behind you .

  9. Sorry forgot to add this in. Will there be a DLC with Saguine (Daedric Prince) as a main character in it?

  10. What types of houses are there in-game? Will there be different and more creative options with decorating your house?

  11. Not sure if this is my last question for you guys or not.
    Do you start in a jail? If so, since you say that there will be more than one type of jail, will the starting jail be randomized?
    If you don’t start in a jail could you tell me where/what the starting area is, or at least say when you will tell everyone about the starting area?
    Is it fun to play an Orc because they are my favourite race!
    What range will bows have? Bows are cool but I don’t think the range should be too long, but maybe an extended range in a perk?

  12. We’ve already heard about the dragon shouts and the perks, but I want to know more about crafting. Almost nothing has been said about that before.

  13. Will we get another cool goodie, like a map. Damn i still have / love / have on my wall, my map

  14. There’s been a lot of debate as to whether the Creation Engine is a heavily modified version of the Gamebryo engine or if it is actually a brand new engine in itself. Could you clarify once and for all for everybody? Thanks.

  15. Athletics and Acrobatics have been removed

    The sprint button replaces athletics, but can we still jump in Skyrim? And if so, is there a fixed height you can jump?

  16. 1. If you cant fit horses into the main game will you make a dlc?
    2. About how many new weapon types?
    3. Collectors edition? ( PLEASE!!!!!)
    4. Will there be other modes of transport?
    5. I am almost positive there will be no marrying in skyrim, but do you think its a possibility in the future?

  17. In comparison to Oblivion’s expansion packs the Knights of the Nine and the Shivering Isles, will Skyrim’s smithing mechanic allow us to upgrade both generic and unique gear to the players current level? Also if it is possible at this time, could you elaborate on the process on how weapons and armor are forged in Skyrim?

    While guilds such as the Dark Brotherhood have been confirmed to return, will Skyrim provide a guild that will act as the spiritual successor to Oblivion’s Knights of the Nine? Us do gooders need are social clubs as well you know.

  18. My question is very specific: With races like Red Guards and Khajit have big skill bonuses in Acrobatics and Athletics. And with those skills being removed in Skrim will you replace those bonuses for those races? How will race skill balances be maintained with their removal?

  19. I REALLY do not like how you are simplifying the series again i have been a huge fan since Daggerfall, and Morrowind was the best one and Oblivion you made it SIMPLE. Ex. 27 skills vs 21 skills. Make it for the PC then port it to the Xbox

  20. Are there more weapon/armor materials than in Morrowind or less.

    How many items are in the inventory screen at once?

    Is stealth as broken as in the previous game. (With 100 Sneak you could sneak behind a person and steal the apple from his plate that he is looking at)

    Can you summon more monsters than in Oblivion or less. I mean the total number of Summon-Spells, not monsters at once.

    Most important: Are you in any way hinting on the lore that happend in your novel? 200 years are a long time but Morrowind has completely changed now.

  21. Will our character be able to become a lord? If yes, will there be a “village mod” with all the benefits and duties that follow (run the economy, army, justice, etc…)?

  22. The annoying part about the Gamebryo engine was the relentless stare and few options whenever you initiated a conversation. Will conversations be handled differently in Skyrim?

  23. Will the color of the dragons scales affect the difficulty of the dragons? Or will it be the literal scale of the
    If I may ask another question:
    Will they be defeatable in the beginning of the game?

  24. Will spears, katanas, throwing knives, etc. be in the game like morrowind? It makes the game so much more interesting.

  25. I noticed on the picture above the Nord’s right arm is sinking through his armor. Does that mean there are no armor physics?

  26. Im sure this is a dumb question for im sure the dynamics in the game will be greatly improved from previous games…. but in oblivion if it was raining outiside and say u went under an archway the rain would fall through the archway onto you… also if ur outside and its raining or snowing will the clothing that u have on get wet?

    Im also curiouis to how well you all plan on sticking to the lore such as the Volkihar vampires of eastern Skyrim from the book Immortal blood in Oblivion. How likely is it that such things will make a pressence in Skyrim?

    Last question can we plz see some screenshots of some of the new creatures such as the mammoth, rly curious to how such things will look.. thanks

  27. Q.1 Will you be able to melee attack with staves?

    Q.2 As far as character customization goes and considering Skyrim is a cold region, will proper grown beards be an option?

    Q.3 Will their be more variety in the item models e.g. Oblivion had around 30 swords with the same model.

    Q.4 On Oblivion, sigil stones enable item enchantment. Is their an alternative way to enchant weapons?

    Q.5 If you pick up an item owned by another NPC, does it resolve as theft, or just prospecting an item?

    Q.6 On the lines of skills and attributes, are their going to be professions such as ‘Mining’ or ‘Herbalism’?

    Q.7 Do summons last until death, or have a timed life?

    Q.8 Is co-op play applied to the game?

  28. One more question. Houseing was realy disapointing in previous elderscroll games how u couldnt just walk up into a house kill the current residents and take over… or atleast be able to purchase any house in game or if anything a wider variety or mabey the possibility of creating your own house?

  29. if i recall correctly in a previous interview you had said that in skyrim if you can see then u can go there… does this mean no barriers? will we be able to travel out of the borders of skyrim?

    also has any thought been put into what possible expansions could be? possibility of other countries in tamriel like high rock mabey?

  30. Will the game be heavily based on a scaled leveling system like in Oblivion? In Morrowind, leveling felt like more of an accomplishment due to the edge on other creatures and characters, and the need to level became apparent in Kogoruhn, but in Oblivion, there were parts of the game that made the scaled leveling more of a burden, especially in the Shivering Isles.

  31. How will the other regions of Tamriel (Hammerfell, Cyrodiil etc…) affect the areas of Skyrim which are connected with them?

    E.g. Will there be Dunmer refugees at the border of Skyrim and Morrowind?

  32. Will you guys try to make sure nothing too overpowered is attainable? Like a set of constant effect armour with enchantments that add up to >= 100% chameleon, or 100% damage reflection, etc.?

    The Elder Scrolls games have been becoming more balanced over time it seems, and so far it seems Skyrim will be even more balanced, with no spellmaking, no levitation, archery that isn’t too weak, etc.

    I know that what is ‘balanced’ is debatable, but it seems that a reasonable baseline would not allow invincibility armour.

  33. I really enjoyed the way stats were handled in Oblivion, specifically the Novice-Master system that allowed certain actions as you leveled up (higher power destructive spells could be used by those with a higher Destruction level, etc.) .However, I feel as though the ball was dropped in Fallout 3/New Vegas when the system was no longer present; while I do enjoy the perks from the Fallout series, I feel that the Oblivion stat system served the needs of the player better.

    Will Skyrim use the Oblivion stats which are handled with the Novice-Master system (which allows for really nice Fortify spells), or the Fallout system handled with Perks and a 1-10 number system?

  34. I had a question about the Imperials. According to the events in the Infernal City, The empire has pretty much shattered. Now with Skyrim taking place almost 200 years after, what Importance do the Imperials play? I understand that the Legion was weakened during the Oblivion event and that the Septim heirs were killed off, but why wasn’t some distant relative found to serve as Emperor? It wouldn’t be the first time in the Septim line that a distance relavtive or even a adopted realtive sat on the throne. And with the main baddies seeming to be dragons, the imperial refrence wasn’t lost on me. So I was curious if you could answer how do the Imperials stand in the world?

  35. Specifically about conjuration magic: will there be any new, Nordic or Skyrim based type of conjurations? Or is it mostly going to be Undead and Oblivion stuff again?

  36. Will there be any special pre-order item(s) available?

    Will there be any references/weapons and armor/items/people/creatures from the previous Elder Scrolls and the books?

  37. Will leveled items/creature make a return?

    Will the be notable people/weapons and armor/creatures/items from the previous Elder Scrolls and books?

  38. My Question is ..How advance will the market and commodities be?

    Will the fact that I go into certain towns with a master smith buy all arrows and then buy all the arrows throughout the town and possibly the minor cities surrounding this one. Will this cause a sudden drop in the market for all those deer hunters with no arrows to find? Maybe i could go one step further and steal any arrows I see specifically to create a demand in the market for my deer meat XD okay sorry I know now im just going off a twisted road …

    Possibly to sum it all up, Please elaborate on how the internal market of world will work and play off the other demands of the NPC alike as yourself?