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  1. GONZO PODCASTING! can i get some of what you’re having?

    lol for some reason, at the start of Ed Stern’s actual interview i kept imagining him as a blue-eyed cyclops orb… good to hear that folks like the audio – that’s really key for games, and i love to play in surround sound. hearing about the ejection port recording is REALLY exciting! as a shooter, instructor, and (amateur) gunsmith i love to hear geekily-detailed sounds for guns.

    also, Matt, you’re not crazy, i’ve seen “The Stuff”, too. but, aww, no fan questions? i still wish you’d answered, well, [i]any[/i] of my super awesome questions.

  2. Nice podcast! Mr Ed Stern guy was funny!

    Also, I like David Clayman. Please have him on every podcast from now ever all the time. Please. Pretty please. I like him very much. I am not obsessive. Please.