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  1. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.

    The first video game bar is the Mana Bar in BRISBANE, Australia. The Melbourne one came much, much later. 😉

  2. (oh, and the Brisbane Mana Bar- the one that came well over a year *before* the Melbourne one- is also doing the Brink event.)

  3. Haha, don’t worry about it. Most Americans have never even heard of Brisbane (we’re almost as big a country as the States, but apparently our only cities are Sydney and Melbourne :P), so it’s really an easy mistake to make. 😀

    But I will NEVER turn down a Tim Tam! Preferably two. Or hell, just gimme the whole pack.

  4. Did any other PS3 players NOT get “The Psycho” pack from I’m in North America (Indiana) & pre-ordered Brink for PS3 on April 28th from …I received my copy today and i’m thoroughly enjoying the campaign & challenges …but I’m curious about “The Psycho” pack that was SUPPOSED to be included (but wasn’t) …not that I could redeem the Code with the Network down …but will it be made available once the PSN is back up & running? Just curious…