Happy Brink Day!

Shooter fans have been blasting their way through the Ark since midnight, and reviews of Brink are already pouring in. Here are a few to get started:

  • MSNBC (9/10): “Brink is wickedly fun.”
  • The Sixth Axis (9/10): “Looking for an intense online shooter with more guns than Texas? Come on in, the water’s fine.”
  • Eurogamer (8/10): “Brink is an exceptional team shooter, smart, supremely well balanced and with a unique, exciting art style.”
  • GamesRadar (8/10): “The mechanics of Brink’s shooting, free running, and objective-oriented classes and skills are fantastic.”
  • The Guardian (4/5): “Brink deserves to be ranked among the finest co-op games available.”
  • CVG (8/10): “Hidden behind Brink’s fancy new visuals and slick new style is a quintessentially old school team-based multiplayer title delivered with some noteworthy polish, real replayability and clever quirks.”
  • The Sixth Axis (9/10): “Looking for an intense online shooter with more guns than Texas? Come on in, the water’s fine.”
  • FrontTowardsGamer (9/10): “Obviously, this game is a brilliant departure from the run of the mill shooters out there. “
  • GameSpy (4/5):  “Brink’s greatest strength is that it presents these many tasks intuitively through an interface that constantly updates to provide players of each class with new jobs to do at the push of a button.”
  • IncGamers (8.8/10): “Brink is team-based in the truest sense.”
  • VGRevolution (9.4/10):But, if you are looking for a team based first person shooter where the game mode is about completing objectives then look no further.”
  • AusGamers (8.2/10): “… this is a different breed of first-person shooter: faster, sexier and made for online play.”
  • GamingNexus: “If you’re looking for a solid team multiplayer game, Brink is a highly polished example with some enticing new ideas.”
  • ArsTechnica: “I tip my hat to the PC version: sir, you have delivered the goods.”
  • Crave Online: “A intuitive class-based shooter with style dripping out of every pore.”

Elsewhere check out the Top 5 Reasons to be Excited for Brink at MLG and 15 Ways to Dominate at OXM UK.

Just for fun, here’s the official launch press release copied below. See you on the Ark!

Bethesda Softworks Announces Brink Available Now

Highly Anticipated Shooter Now Available in Stores

May 10, 2011 (Rockville, MD) – Bethesda Softworks®, a ZeniMax® Media company, today announced that its acclaimed first-person shooter, BrinkTM, is now available in retail stores across North America, and will go on sale in Europe on May 13. Developed at Splash Damage, the game is available for the Xbox 360® video game entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, and Games for Windows.

“We’re excited to be getting Brink into the hands of gamers,” said Pete Hines, VP of PR and Marketing at Bethesda Softworks. “It’s clear from the response from fans who have had a chance to play the game over the last few months that fans are eager to play with and against their friends online.”

Brink, an immersive first-person shooter that blends single-player, co-op, and multiplayer gameplay into one seamless experience, was named as the ‘Game of Show’ at Eurogamer Expo 2010, while Destructoid.com proclaimed “it’s going to be one of the standout shooters of the year.”

Brink allows you to develop your character playing alone, with your friends, and against others online. Featuring dynamic battlefields, extensive customization options, and an innovative control system, Brink lets you choose your side, Security or Resistance, as you engage in heated battle for control of the Ark. Once an experimental, self-sufficient and 100% “green” habitat, the Ark is now home to the original founders, their descendants, and thousands of refugees made homeless by the rapid rise of the Earth’s oceans.

Decide the combat role you want to assume as you fight to save yourself and mankind’s last refuge, one that is on the brink of all-out civil war.

Brink is rated T for Teen by the ESRB. For more information on Brink, visit www.brinkthegame.com.

Reader Comments

  1. nooo, i must wait ’til after work! the price i pay for wanting the physical copy… at least i may be able to get out a bit early.

    it’s a pity the GameStop has a carpeted floor… a SMART-like rock power-slide would be the way to pick up my copy of Brink.

  2. Is the launch-day Xbox 360 patch available yet? I get my Amazon release date delivery today, so I’m just hoping it’s live by the time I get home :). Really looking forward to it.

  3. Got Brink today and as I live in the UK I am so very happy. All I have to say is that I love it I have only done the first missions as the rebels and can’t wait to see how the story plays out. If any1 want a game online just add me on Xbox live my gamertag is Palin Majere c u on the Ark

  4. Now we just need an Honest Hearts trailer (Old World Blues trailer would be nice too 😉 ) and we’ll all be happy 🙂

  5. 🙁 ARGH!! How I hate delayed international releases, from hell’s heart I stab at them!
    Still… only 3 more days I guess.

  6. The release day patch is out but it did not help one bit. The lag in multiplayer makes the game unplayable. You constantly glitch all over the map and freeze. The framerate is terrible you can see screen tearing in every cinematic cutscene. However me and a friend jumped into co-op campaign and that was unaffected by the lag. It was a ton of fun and I hope they straighten out the multiplayer really soon. Warning it is difficult to join a game with friends without a lobby. It takes some figuring out and might be hard to cordinate with more than 2 players. They also neglected to list the low review scores that ign and joystiq gave the game. But in brinks defense those reviews were crap. Machinema has a good video review on youtube to be checked out as well. Let’s go brink patches!

  7. Hahah. I think some people take this game for Granted.

    And besides; you can never trust IGN reviewers. XD

  8. Interested that you have advertised only the highest scores. I would like to hear some comments from you guys regarding some of the issues some reviewers are having with the game (AI apparently is a huge issue). Still picking up the game based on faith in developer but would like to see what you have to say abou the concerns.

  9. These reviews combined with more mixed reviews… the metacritic rating still stands pretty well. Good job, keep your head up!

  10. haha they dont show u IGNs score…iv been waiting ages for this game since past xmas… and im starting to get the feeling this games is going to flop…

  11. Concept of the game is AMAZING, as for the game itself, not so much. I’ve spent the past day and a half playing this game. It took me 5 hours to beat the campaign (I mean seriously, come on). The worst part is I love playing online, the way they did their online doesnt even compare to a game like call of duty. You have bots in games, you cant join a game as a party, you get shot by invisible people that shouldnt be shooting you, basically to me it seems to me like they desided to push this game before they asked any real gamers about it and before the got the kinks out. Like I said the concept sounds amazing they just need to fix multiplayer and make it a real multiplayer instead of this bot mess.

  12. The game is pretty good with the shooting slash freerunnin but i kinda expected more from this game after seing the presentations.

  13. I find it hard to believe a game that has been so poorly designed that it does not even play well is getting 4/5 on “gaming websites”. Dont flatter yourself this game is a mess. Online and offline play is ridden with lag that renders the game unplayable. The AI is downright laughable. There is a ton of screen tearing. There is no value here. For 60 dollars you get an unfinished game. 8 maps of run here do this with no freedom like they imply. The maps turn into slogs at choke points. where the defending team just camps and camps and camps and camps. i am embarrassed that this pile of crap was released. What did you delay it for? the game is completely unfinished. shame on you bethesda.

  14. Funny how all these good reviews are nowhere to found. Ive looked at tons of reviews and the average is around 7.3. I do hope that with a patch the game will have the bugs fixed and be a great shooter but until then ill have to wait and see.

  15. i personally beleive that the game could have been better.Its a great game but gets really boring throughout the missions which takes time to finish. Also the graphics are only great in the videos but not the gameplay itself. Just keeping plane and simple on how i felt about the game..

  16. To everyone whos like OMG DA REVIEWS R GOOOOOD. Stop for a second. I REALLY REALLY wanted Brink to be a good game, unfortunatly, currently thats not the case. Go check out sites like Gamespot (DO NOT CHECK IGN, THEIR REVIEW IS SUPER BIASED) who gave it 6. Ive seen 4’s, 6’s 7’s 8’s and 9’s for this game, so just be aware. Splash Damage, I beg of you, and I believe I speak for many, if you fix the lag problems, Parkour problems, and AI problems, or at least improve them, I SWEAR to you that I will buy this game, because I have been waiting a LONG time.

  17. Bethesda,
    Are you guys proud to be selling this game for sixty bucks? Can you honestly tell me that “Brink is an immersive shooter that blends single-player, co-op, and multiplayer gameplay into one seamless experience” with a straight face? To say that this game contains anything remotely approaching playable single-player is an utter fabrication, as this portion of the game is simply broken. As someone who doesn’t buy games for multiplayer only I feel absolutely cheated at having rushed out today and handed over my hard-earned cash for this unfinished mess of a game. Everybody that works in your marketing department may pat themselves heartily on the back, well done to them. But I will not forget this day anytime soon, grrrrr!!!!

  18. I’m really enjoying Brink, don’t let the reviews scare you, there’s a lot of fun to be had. This is Shadowrun all over again. A great new direction in FPS and a lot of game sites giving it a death sentence. It’s not perfect, but hopefully patches and DLC (free please ^_^) will polish things up just right.

  19. I love this game. It is my favorite shooter out there now. I literally can’t stop playing and I have finals tomorrow.

  20. It’s normal to have picked many obscure sites for such great scores… but here are the heavyweight reviews:

    IGN: 6.5 (Okay)
    Gamespot: 6.0 (Fair)

    Surprised with Eurogamer for such a high score, though if you read the review it sounds overly negative… either way I’m glad this release is over, the game was way overhyped and that killed it. Bring on Skyrim!!!

  21. Highly dissapointed. The concepts are awesome but the overall experiece is higly unsatisfying. Along with massive network issues the game just doesnt have enough content to keep me excited. Great I can change my clothes and parkor to oblivion but the dumb A.I. and odd weapon balances make this shooter just too under par. Hate me if you want but seeing as you are beefing up your website with hand picked reviews i just shooting straight, take it or leave it. Oh and to see where i’m coming from I have played almost every FPS from Team Fortress to battlefield to the COD’s, even Homefront was more satisfying to me. Shame really because I so want to love this game! its just not working out =/.

  22. Like alex said..

    IGN: 6.5 (Okay)
    Gamespot: 6.0 (Fair)

    I don’t see how these review sites can score it 7+ when the multiplayer doesn’t even work. Laggy as hell!

    How about posting something along the lines of fixing the game!

  23. The game just rocks (PC)! Seems to many COD fanboys who think all FPS should be the same and don’t like change let to stay there. I’m not a big fan of FPS but, holy crap I love this game. My second day of being late for work! I need to be careful . The game is all about teamwork which is a good thing, so if you don’t like to work together go play something else sorry. Great Job guys keep up a good work!

  24. (Xbox 360)Now know this, i bought brink the day it came out. I love the mechanics and the shooting in the game. The abilities are pretty cool. But there has to be a higher LVL CAP. i would say at LEAST 50, No question about that. Also there has to be more to the online experience. Such as 8v8 Deathmatch. I know this mode has been beating to death but it keeps people coming back for more. And more maps as well. IF your going to stick with the objective based multi-player experience, you have to make the objectives random and different for every map. This game has been a disappointment to many BUT there is still hope if you can change a few things.Expect ALOT of resales to Gamestop in the next few days.But if you make these changes i’m SURE you will have people coming back for more. I’m not selling mine because i’m sure it will get better with time.

    Gamertag: Tazzy180
    Email me for my phone number and i will give you as much information as possible. I want this game to meet up to its high expectations.

  25. I bought Brink at midnight on release day and have spent about 5 hours palying due to work wasnt able to play more but I have to say I love the game. Its definitly a great shooter plus the Co-Op is great. Only complaint is the people look funny with their squished heads. Other than that the costumization is great and the personalized looks is great. Hope this game really takes off. Maybe publishers will start to make more Co-Op based games. Not everyone is a lone wolf…

  26. Pre-ordered on steam in august of last year.
    Pre-loaded Saturday as soon as available.
    I have been watching other people play and reading their reviews for a week.
    Bring on friday.
    Bring on Brink.

  27. So far this game has brought a new style to the FPS world. If your a COD fan boy, this game may not be favored by you right out of the gate. The few games that I have got into that were not laggy, I had a lot of fun. But lag is part of the opening day release when playing online. I can’t wait till they get the servers right.

    BTW dedicated servers, not sure if I’m a fan of those.

  28. @Alex Briggs:
    Remember that IGN rated a baby wii game 7.5, which obviously was the crappiest game of the year?

    Also did you play BRINK yet? No? Alright, shut up.

    Thanks for the patch Splash + Beth! Waiting for the next one, great support.

  29. I am a loyal Bethesda customer and loved Fallout. I had been so excited to get Brink ever since I heard about it last October.
    I rushed to buy it and went straight home to play it after work. About only 1 out of every 5 matches was actually playable. The combination of horrible lag, repetitiveness and a series of other game issues made it almost unplayable.
    I have not yet been on to play today but I hope many more fix patches are released very soon.
    If not, I’ll wait a week or two before rushing to get the max trade-in value for it.

  30. While I’m in full support of Brink, I think it’s rather smug of them to not include any negative ones. Though of course this sort-of thing never occurs, I think Splash Damage should just man up and take the criticisms.

  31. I’ve played it, playing it, and will play it for a very long time. Beats COD any day of the week. Haven’t played multiplayer yet, still a noob!

  32. these are a few sites out of the many that reviewed brink and said it would be bad i dont care ive waited for this game for so long and i finally have a game that lets me move how i want to. We could use more outdoors maps though its a shame that such a pretty game has more indoors maps than anything else and we need more weapons/and gameplay types then i could play this game all summer

  33. I have this game on the xbox. It’s not working so hot. It’s laggy, bad framework, weird/blurry graphics, and funky movement.

    I honestly don’t think this game was made for the xbox. I am very disappointed.

    After watching trailers and gameplay videos on the other consoles (PC or PS3) this game runs way better and graphics are at its fullest.

    Please make patches and updates to fix this game on the xbox!

  34. If the online wasn’t as sluggish as it is currently, Brink might even be fun. I’m really surprised Bethesda let a game like this slip through, with all its bugs and poor netcode. Oh wait, no I’m not. Bethesda does this with all their games. Oddly enough they would all be good if they didn’t crash and/or lag. I’m glad I didn’t spend any money on this game, as it is completely unplayable as it stands.

  35. I own a copy of Brink on PS3 and in dismay, let me state beforehand that Splash Damage/Bethesda should have held on to this game for ATLEAST another 2-4 months of polishing/enhancing. The first disappointing factor I discovered was how extremely short the campaign was. I was hoping to experience, in FULL depth, an engaging storyline of two factions and their confliction within this “Ark”. Instead I witnessed various scenarios pertaining to an extremely thin plot to achieve both side’s goal.(Save or escape) Anywho… Despite all of that business, The gameplay itself, along with the weapon/movement physics(MOST important) are nearly superb. An eminently competitive game especially for those who prefer team-based play. The SMART system is probably the game’s most advantaging element and categorizes itself far away from your generic black ops shit-shooter. However, in-game still lacks proper framerate, shader/detail performance. Another thing I found slightly disturbing is the monotonous choice of weaponry. So far the Euston AR is the only worthy rifle to use, compared to the other assault rifles. I’d REALLY like to see some added maps, weapons, mods and clothing items in future DLC. I hate to be such a critic, but in today’s gaming industry you’d hope to expect the best from a game’s release. Especially paying 60$ after such high hopes. PLEASE just acknowledge the feedback you are receiving, on the count of most of it pertaining to the same few issues. I will continue to play Brink, in high hopes of you rectifying these issues with some much required updates/patches.

  36. Disappointed, what’s the point of all this backstory when you can’t explore the Ark and the game is just 8 level’s, terribly small game, debating trading it in already, and I have never traded in a game….

    So very disappointed.

  37. It’s alright. If they can get a quickfix patch out in the next month or so and a couple free dlcs with some new game types (because honestly these maps don’t work all that well with what they have unless you get 2 mlg teams on it) and maps (totally not enough) they should be fine. just give us some deathmatch and ctf and everything should be good, then you add some flavor and depth to the gametypes and its not consistently the maps where if you get put on offense you get screwed. Oh and fixa da AI prees

  38. I’mma alil disapointed after waitin for so long and getting so hyped 😛
    I’m in favor of the style, something new to look @ I suppose.
    Do enjoy the weapon system, Although it really needs a tune up.
    And favor the Parkour elements (eventho they are a B- @ best)

    This game deff needs some major up grades, thats for sure, Still keepin my copy in hope that you dont just punder the title and fix this shit

  39. Now I have been a loyal fan/customer of Bethesda,id, and splash damage for a very long time now, close to since i first started playing video game.my first shooter was in fact Doom. I played the whole series and all the expansions.The game was voted best game of all time. Shooters soon after Doom were called “Doom clones”.Now enough of id and I having a “history”. I would like to point out that not all cod “fanboys” have no gaming culture or are the ignorance of gaming. I will state that i believe, in my opinion of course, that cod is the best series of online competetive shooters ever. I play it religiously. On the other hand i and most of my friends, who also are smitten with cod, with out a doubt love Brink. Yes not perfect online but what game is. What game is ever even close to good on release? And to those who complain about the length of the game not being up to par, I’m sure they made it that way because there is a vast different ways to play. The different body types, difficulties,challenges, classes, two different story lines to play all those different things.Level cap I agree could be a little bigger, but still that only increases the need to make more characters to try and play as complete different classes. Above all I am and will continue to be a loyal fan/customer of Id,Bethesda, and splash damage. Brilliant work!

  40. metacritic dot com
    gamerankings dot com

    review aggregate.
    Reviewers hate this game, I love it. What up with that.

  41. The game overall is amazing, however, it needs several things fixed before I would recommend it. The lag needs to be fixed first and foremost, if not the game has absolutely zero replay value. The game is set up so that it has a strong online mode, but with the lag the online is unbearable. There needs to be some DLC to come out for the game, there is a total of 8 missions for each faction, but it is the same mission just attack and defend objectives swapped logically on either side. So there is only 8 maps to play, and the online vote feature usually means the same 2 maps are chosen every time. Also, the game should have had more of a differentiation factor between the classes, not just different abilities. You can choose whatever guns and size you want, and that is your build for all classes so it feels like there is barely a difference to them.
    The customization is amazing, you can customize your character and weapon to look and feel how you want to. No camo skins for the guns however. Co-op is fun, the objective gameplay is fun, and the movement mechanics work nicely and allow for fast gameplay.
    Overall, I love this game and hopefully the developers will fix these problems and make the game amazing like it has the potential to be.

  42. When exactly will the lagging on xbox live stop on brink. and will there be any more online gamemodes or SOMETHING!

  43. yo i just got brink today and i just completed the resistance on normal, even though it was a bit short i still enjoyed it i can’t wait go online or on co op with my mates if they get it i givew this game 9/10