Happy Brink Day!

Shooter fans have been blasting their way through the Ark since midnight, and reviews of Brink are already pouring in. Here are a few to get started:

  • MSNBC (9/10): “Brink is wickedly fun.”
  • The Sixth Axis (9/10): “Looking for an intense online shooter with more guns than Texas? Come on in, the water’s fine.”
  • Eurogamer (8/10): “Brink is an exceptional team shooter, smart, supremely well balanced and with a unique, exciting art style.”
  • GamesRadar (8/10): “The mechanics of Brink’s shooting, free running, and objective-oriented classes and skills are fantastic.”
  • The Guardian (4/5): “Brink deserves to be ranked among the finest co-op games available.”
  • CVG (8/10): “Hidden behind Brink’s fancy new visuals and slick new style is a quintessentially old school team-based multiplayer title delivered with some noteworthy polish, real replayability and clever quirks.”
  • The Sixth Axis (9/10): “Looking for an intense online shooter with more guns than Texas? Come on in, the water’s fine.”
  • FrontTowardsGamer (9/10): “Obviously, this game is a brilliant departure from the run of the mill shooters out there. “
  • GameSpy (4/5):  “Brink’s greatest strength is that it presents these many tasks intuitively through an interface that constantly updates to provide players of each class with new jobs to do at the push of a button.”
  • IncGamers (8.8/10): “Brink is team-based in the truest sense.”
  • VGRevolution (9.4/10):But, if you are looking for a team based first person shooter where the game mode is about completing objectives then look no further.”
  • AusGamers (8.2/10): “… this is a different breed of first-person shooter: faster, sexier and made for online play.”
  • GamingNexus: “If you’re looking for a solid team multiplayer game, Brink is a highly polished example with some enticing new ideas.”
  • ArsTechnica: “I tip my hat to the PC version: sir, you have delivered the goods.”
  • Crave Online: “A intuitive class-based shooter with style dripping out of every pore.”

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Just for fun, here’s the official launch press release copied below. See you on the Ark!

Bethesda Softworks Announces Brink Available Now

Highly Anticipated Shooter Now Available in Stores

May 10, 2011 (Rockville, MD) – Bethesda Softworks®, a ZeniMax® Media company, today announced that its acclaimed first-person shooter, BrinkTM, is now available in retail stores across North America, and will go on sale in Europe on May 13. Developed at Splash Damage, the game is available for the Xbox 360® video game entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, and Games for Windows.

“We’re excited to be getting Brink into the hands of gamers,” said Pete Hines, VP of PR and Marketing at Bethesda Softworks. “It’s clear from the response from fans who have had a chance to play the game over the last few months that fans are eager to play with and against their friends online.”

Brink, an immersive first-person shooter that blends single-player, co-op, and multiplayer gameplay into one seamless experience, was named as the ‘Game of Show’ at Eurogamer Expo 2010, while Destructoid.com proclaimed “it’s going to be one of the standout shooters of the year.”

Brink allows you to develop your character playing alone, with your friends, and against others online. Featuring dynamic battlefields, extensive customization options, and an innovative control system, Brink lets you choose your side, Security or Resistance, as you engage in heated battle for control of the Ark. Once an experimental, self-sufficient and 100% “green” habitat, the Ark is now home to the original founders, their descendants, and thousands of refugees made homeless by the rapid rise of the Earth’s oceans.

Decide the combat role you want to assume as you fight to save yourself and mankind’s last refuge, one that is on the brink of all-out civil war.

Brink is rated T for Teen by the ESRB. For more information on Brink, visit www.brinkthegame.com.

Reader Comments

  1. “Bethesda,
    Are you guys proud to be selling this game for sixty bucks? Can you honestly tell me that “Brink is an immersive shooter that blends single-player, co-op, and multiplayer gameplay into one seamless experience” with a straight face? To say that this game contains anything remotely approaching playable single-player is an utter fabrication, as this portion of the game is simply broken. As someone who doesn’t buy games for multiplayer only I feel absolutely cheated at having rushed out today and handed over my hard-earned cash for this unfinished mess of a game. Everybody that works in your marketing department may pat themselves heartily on the back, well done to them. But I will not forget this day anytime soon, grrrrr!!!” -Kevin … this best describes my feelings perfectly. Plus the customization that was supposed to epic and had a million (or was it billion?) possibilities is totally not true, you can get better custom options at a used car dealership… I mean come on, all you can do is pick the color. I feel lied to. I give it a 3/10.

  2. “Brink is an immersive shooter that blends single-player, co-op, and multiplayer gameplay into one seamless experience”

    LOL right….great marketing, this is nothing but BOT MATCHES, as people join they fill bot positions.

    Bots have been around for over a decade, all Splash Damage did was add cut scenes and give it a marketing twist to hype it.

    Shameful. Should have actually made a single player/coop experience, instead you realize the shortcomings and market it as a game that blends it all.

  3. I’ll give it 6 out of 10 like IGN…it tries to give you something new but it’s painfully flawed. You can unlock almost everything within hours. The enemy bots are merciless while your teammate bots are stupid and useless. The guns pretty much all feel the same with the same exact add ons. The parkour is nice but doesn’t enhance the experience much. Shooting is a chore and it usually takes alot of hit to bring down bots. It’s like if you aim at a standing bot they run before you pull the trigger but if you stop aiming they stop running! I don’t think I’ll keep mine past the weekend…

  4. The lag is this game is PATHETIC! Is it the servers? This game is awesome, BUT THIS LAG IS UNBEARABLE, I didn’t understand RUBBERBANDING til I played this game… Until its fixed I am considering not playing, and telling my friends not to get it, this is PATHETIC, no enjoyment can be had in ANY public match at all!

  5. Im seeing alot of hate here, the game is great yeah it has alot of problems and i will agree the AI is INSANELY hard but its also a great game im having great fun with, hell ive played it since it came out and im still not bored of it nor are any of my friends. we find the ai to be bullshit alot of the time and its an immense challange but its also a nice change from every other fps out there i say good job bethesda and splash damage youve done a great job on the game you just got some bugs that need fixing

  6. had this on pre order for months.
    have on PC and its AWESOME but its lacking pvp. dont get me wrong get it. its still a brilliant game and the engine craps all over COD. but i want come PVP multilayer for extended life span.

  7. I bought Brink to play on line on my Xbox, so that was the first thing i tried out. The lag made it unplayable, have never seen anything like it and i was born in the seventies so i´ve been around for a while.
    So anyways i went into the story mode and i noticed some things that annoyed me further. The “aim assist” is horrible.. Sometimes when i´ve downed a bot and there is another standing next to it the aim assist aims at the downed bot.. I don´t need assist to kill something that´s already down (although not dead) i need bullets to go where i aim. So i ended up turning it off.
    The feel of the weapons are really flat..i know that one gun is supposed to be as good as the next one making it a matter of choice of play style. But the differences between the guns does not show as much in the game. I was greatly looking forward to this, but i have to agree with others that this game seems rushed and that it is in no way a finished product. Can only hope that the bad stuff gets fixed there seem to be good fun to be had otherwise. Well this was at least my humble opinion about the game and i hate the fact that i paid full price to be a beta tester..

  8. I think the game is great the two things I wanna know is as the game goes on are you goin to add more maps and levels

  9. Props to Bethesda Brink is F****** AWESOME!!! even though its getting some negative feed back for some strange reason. ive avidly played the past 4 CODS on multiplayer and ive grown to hate those games(cough black ops cough). Brink is the fresh breeze i have been waiting for. if i had more than two thumbs they would be definatley up.

  10. of course ur showing only the good reviews, cuz u guys had a lot of 3/10 and stuff. Even doh i love the game, the lag in the multiplayer is unacceptable, seriously bring in a patch guys!

  11. this games first look awsome sweet my friends 2

    2 hours later i beat the campaign saw all the 8 maps and got bord
    selling the game now on the market

    the game realy rocks only for 60 euros way tho exspensif
    you unlock the guns tho vast in the game
    neets more maps an gun attachments thers noting special about this except the s.m.a.r.t but wil you pay 60 euros voor that.

    im selling this game sorry

  12. I’ve been playing scince release day, you can’t reference to any of the reviews on this one. It depends on the gamer’s personal tastes, and it’s very hit or miss. The campaign is too short, the multiplayer is currently lag ridden on xbox (only PC got dedicated servers), and there are a few glitches. However, if you get a team going, or join a clan, this game is awesome. The teamwork makes it enjoyable, and I love it. But, as with everything else on the planet, aside from the boiling point of water, it’s just a matter of personal opinion.

  13. I don’t know what game they’ve been playing but my brink doesn’t work in online modes, crippling lag has tried to be fixed by dropping real player numbers, a total cop out, im hugely disappointed in the game.
    if things aren’t fixed I’ll be looking for a refund.

  14. Game is amazing got it the first day it came out everything is on point that you would expect from a first person shooter and then it got it’s own bonuses but I want t see some more like a free for all or team deathmatch and create a bored so we can make a place to fight using our agility past our limit and a little more to the story like boss battles and cool cutscenes tha would make us jizz on our selves lol 🙂

  15. Bethesda you guys are slipping, were is the class you guys once had in games like fallout 3 i mean that game is immortal and will never get old i have played it through at lest 20 times and still love the game i mean Brink is going the same route as New Vegas, great game the first time but there are many flaws and not enough to it. Brink NEEDS more to it and the multi player NEEDS to be fixed but other than a few fixes here and there it is a great game. i love the fact that you need a brain to play this game not just some mindless jump in there and kill them all crap like COD but the AI’s in this game suck either they are really good and you cant beat them, or they really suck and always die. i am not going to sell my copy because i know you guys can do better so i patiently wait for the patch to come and maybe some DLC that adds more to the game. But as a die hard Bethesda fan i am disappointed and would have to give brink an honest 6.0 at best and i love Bethesda but come on guys step it up a notch

  16. Few things.
    A. Sometimes my teammates get stuck and dont do what they are supposed to.
    B. Release a ton more Maps and Objectives.
    C. Some of the challenges seem unbeatable – Solo.

    My review. Mirrors edge meets Unreal Tournament. Awesome game. Amazing ideas. Needs longer maps or more maps and you have the best game ever made, that will live long infamously as UT2K4 did.

    Anyone beat this on hard yet? I died alot in normal. 10th prestige, 30/2 k/d, if I die alot.. that means the game is doing its job very well. Good Job Bethesda and Splash… cant wait for RAGE!!!

  17. brink is wickid fun and really pushed the envelope. They branched off from the average first person shooter quite a bit, which is amazing. Although the parkour movement blew me away, i think the customization is severely lacking. They could have run ramped with variants of clothing, but instead they only left you with a few meager pickings. ALSO NOTE … when they say that multilayer and deathmach is “seamless”… they mean bots are replaced with humans… which is kind of lazy of them. i was hoping for more of a “freeworld” mode where you can run to different sectors of the arch, thus choosing the different game modes. (kinda sorta like fable 3s “menu”) except…badass

  18. Are all the pre-order bonuses going be availible to puchase on xbox live because i would really like to get them all? If you decide to make the pre-order bonuses availible to the fans to buy on xbox live/market place would be very grateful to me and the vans of brink.

  19. The bots are absolutely terrible. They’re pretty good at defending, but can’t attack at all. They spread instead of working together, and they’re totally blind to enemies. This makes it very easy being defender, but very, very hard being attacker. For instance, if you’re downed, your medic teammates want nothing more than to revive you. But they’re so obsessed with reviving you, that they’ll totally forget to shoot, and just run straight across the battlefield to get to you. This always results in the medics dying, and you having to respawn, (singleplayer).

    There’s one map I simply can’t beat in singleplayer, “Early Launch” for Security. Simply because the bots are terrible, and focus on capturing command posts instead of hacking. And if you take the role as the operative, the bots will leave the hacking to you. If you make defenses as an engineer, your bots will stop doing this, and focus on other things. They have no idea that they’re supposed to defend you when you’re hacking the objective, and there’s no system to give them orders, so you have to hope they figure it out themselves. I also think this map has the security spawn point to far from the missile, especially when you have to do everything yourself.

    You should fix your bots, or maybe your maps, to make them more balanced.

    Other than that the game is nice. We just need some more maps, since you’ve played them all in a couple of hours. And next time you release a game like this, make sure it has some at least decent graphics. I mean, the id tech engine is seven years old, and it was made with a focus on great shadows, that would look good in the dark. Unlike Brink, which has a lot of outdoors, with a lot of colours.

    (I play on PC).

  20. I see you’ve ignored the even greater number of bad reviews that have come out. Finish developing the game before you release it, Bethesda.

  21. I believe that Trae Bing is right, there should be more to it. more objectives a capture the flag with a twist like there’s turrets that fire by them self’s to kill the other team so that you can get the flag back to your base and the turrets can get destroyed and need to be rebuild so that they can work again. like a king of the hill except your guy is hacking the spot team death match capture an agent something. playing the regular story mode for like a week then going online to play the same types of scenarios sucks but is still fun because your playing against humans. like that game a lot and there should be a little more to it.

  22. Honestly this game has an amazing concept
    before the game came out, i was so hyped.
    But when the game came out, I expected more from it.
    The campaign did not make much sense.
    And the multi-player was not my favorite.
    Theres also lots of lag and this made it very hard for me to play.
    I still believe this game has the potential to be the game I thought it when I first saw it.
    Bethesda just needs to fix much of the game for that to happen.

  23. i waisted 60$ on this game its 2 easy and gay ass game play plus theres no ranking system how r u going to put out a game thats not finished umm y not try the finish making the game b 4 u put it out its not like it was all that to start sell early

  24. LIES! i reserved this game and had high hopes for it but was VERY disappointed. even if the lag is fixed, there needs to be a real multiplayer that brings online players together. the sp should have been scrapped as its just mp with bots who have TERRIBLE A.I. Animations are horrible. takes too many bullets to kill. this game can be good if they patch in a real multiplayer, fix the lag and tweak the guns of the player’s health so that it doesn’t take a whole clip to down an enemy and another clip to finish him off. please fix it

  25. Brink is a great game. I just bought it and it rocks. But…
    I bought it to play with my little brother. Which means that it was a complete waste of money.
    Why on Earth would ANYONE buy two xboxes and two copies of the same game to play with each other?
    Why is there no split screen? Now we just have to watch each other play. I can never play with my brother on the same system. What a waste of money. Really.

    Thanks alot for wasting my money and my time.
    All I wanted was to shoot CPUs and online friends with my little brother. But you expect him to go buy another system and another game. I can’t even think of a word to encompass my anger.

  26. I have played FPS for almost 15 years now (Goldeneye, Perfect Dark to name some of the first). I was extremely hyped about this game, S.M.A.R.T. seems like a revolutionary concept I have been waiting to see in a game for many years. It is an amazing concept, the “seamless” gameplay of a character is also very important to the genre.

    However, the game is very disappointing, no split screen (if you like playing with several people in your own house on the same system DO NOT BUY THIS GAME you won’t be able to do it), like everyone else is saying, the NPC Bots are absolutely HORRIBLE! The specifications of the weapons is at best inaccurate. I can’t say how many times I have put 2 full clips (buffed for damage) into a bot and they are still standing there staring at me…

    Unrealistic is the best description for this game…oh and cartoonish characters??? Why on earth would you release a game claiming to “change the genre” when it is complete rubbish.

    I must admit, I hate making this post as I will continue to play to try and get used to the “complexity” of Brink. I am hoping that as I play it longer, I will come to understand the game better, but being an old school player from the seventies and eighties (I still have my colecovision) I can’t say this game is what they claim, “an old school” game with tactical strategies.

    Character Custimization
    abilities for your character

    Everything else esp. anything with their network, and the inaccuracy of the weapons

    At this moment I rate it a 3/10

  27. I did anticipate a ET style gameplay and having a close combat playing field with ET class choices and objectives/missions I was somewhat thankful for something different – alas it plays like a IPOD app running on low battery in MP, but I suppose I should of been wary of something that was catering for the console market first and foremost and not the PC players as we all got burnt with Wolf 2009.
    Good points – class objectives and team based, close quarters combat
    Bad points – choppy play, dull graphic scheme
    My advice to anyone considering spending money on this game is wait for a demo (which I vowed to do after Wolf09 but decided to take the gamble on this one doh!) and try it first to see if you like it.
    Great concept just needs a bit more polishing.
    Look forward to more patching 🙂
    5 outta 10

  28. I normally don’t bother with posting my thoughts but it really is quite annoying for a company to ignore less favorable reviews. I understand that the game won’t look as robust when lower scores are posted but I get that you’re-running-away-from-the-issue-and-not-facing it vibe.

    IGN: 6/10
    Gamespot: 6/10
    1UP: D

    The sites above are arguably more well known and more widely trusted than many that are posted above. I haven’t even heard of a number of them. What truly baffles me, however, is the fact that the release date for the game was pushed up when it clearly wasn’t ready to ship to the public in the first place.

    As of now, my money is going to L.A. Noire instead.

  29. For those of you complaining about bots being in your online matches, cut it out, there’s a reason for it. In the Release Day Patch they changed the online rooms so they only allowed 8 human players in a room, Big Teams was added so that you can still do 16 human players in one room. The game has it’s kinks. CoD’s no better. The only reason everyone whines about CoD being better than everything else is because everyone has come to expect everything to be just like CoD. Brink is seven-fold the game CoD is and always will be. Splash Damage did an amazing job and they are working to address the problems with lag and other such issues. If you really have that much of a problem with it. Go back to CoD. And as for the IGN and joystiq reviews, they, like all you others, based everything on what they came to expect due to CoD. They didn’t look at it as a whole new game, they looked at it as something that was different and therefore they didn’t like.

    Splash Damage, you guys did absolutely amazing and I’m happy to say that I bought Brink the day it was released and I don’t regret a thing.(Besides the loss of my social life due to how amazing this game is.)

    Your loyal fan,

  30. Go to gamerankings.com, it will show you the average rating on all games including Brink’s.

    I LOVE this game but your reviews suck w.e tho I’m still playing it.

  31. Finally one of the few games that supports team work and destroys lone wolves. If you are having trouble in this game it’s because you are not supporting your team in the constantly changing scenarios. This game is all about using your head on the fly, not just skill with a controller. When you play this game you should be asking yourself how to promote and support your team. There aren’t K:D ratios to worry about so the only thing you should be concerned with is Winning and how to do so. You’ll find that being a team player changes the game play significantly. Tactics are always ever changing. Yeah there aren’t many campaign levels but each level contains about 2 or three changing environments. They are levels within the level. Give Bethesda a break, the game is brand new and there is always kinks in games when they are first released, given time to fix these and continuing DLC’s and you’ll see an increasingly better game. For those of you who feel like blaming the game as sucking due to camping players(an example of poor adaptation of tactics), operatives are great for sneaking in and dealing with them and they are also great with turrets. Use your brain and Adapt or Die are the two things that will make anyone a better player in Brink.

  32. I like the game and like the idea but the AI bots in the game suck if they are on your team and are crazy if they are on the other team for the Objective challenges. Also I only played online with friends in co-op. But I would suggest dont buy this game till they fix some of the issues and if they fix the issues make sure the fix doesnt require you to buy a patch/expansion. If they do I would say never get this game if they dont tho I would highly suggest this game if you want a good teamwork game.

    To sum it up “I love the idea of the game, just needs tweaked”

  33. Foreword: Let me just say that this is an amazing concept and a beautifully crafted engine (I’m referring to the smart engine) Down below I give my thoughts and reviews hoping id Tech and Bethesda actually take the time to read this so they can save an amazing game before its to late. If you feel as I do an appreciate video games and the time put in them, please either repost this or write your own in the hopes we can attract their attention so they can fix this and we can have a truly amazing game to admire.

    I hope that Bethesda reads this and so does ID tech. Now first off where to begin, lets see , ahh yes how about when I first stumbled on this game.Now before I begin Video Games have always been one of my favorite hobbies as I view it as an art, my favorite being fps. Although as of late most first person shooters these days are repetitive such as the call of duty series to battlefield to halo, Same thing shoot, run reload shoot, crouch reload shoot some more. When I saw Brink my mouth literally dropped and I said finally, a game thats going to redefine the first person genre, its was about time! The gameplay was amazing in the trailers, absolutely stunning! I instantly went a reserved a copy for the 360 and said damn Bethesda you did it again, bringing us an amazing game. I was obsessed until i went and picked up the copy of the game.

    Upon instant start up, I was hooked, the intro video captured me right from the beginning, I choose a side, that of the rebels, and created my character. I must say, before I continue, that i found the character creation not living up to what id tech said it was going to be. Yea there are many customizations, but you’ll realize after awhile it gets limiting. Anyways I started the campaign and that when I started to get disappointed. Now I understand that the original game play trailer was on the pc and lets face it all games look best on pc, but id tech, you have got to be kidding me with the 360 and ps3 version right? The graphics were pretty bad. Motion Blur is all off, Texture loading issues are terrible. Looks like the game could run on the original Xbox. Its like you guys literally changed the game last second for some awful reason. The way you portrayed it on the game play trailer you cant sit here and tell me you couldn’t make it look like or close enough to the graphics you originally had. I highly suggest you release a patch or some sort of free DLC to accommodate that or something.

    The next issue I would like to address is the campaign. Now I understand the blurring of lines between single and multi-player modes but whats the point of even choosing side in the very beginning if you can play the other side with the same character. What happened to freedom of choice on the battlefield? I’m pretty sure all of us as consumers were under the assumption that in single player mode you’d be telling your own story depending on the actions you took on the battlefield and the outcome of certain battles, and online id be like how you have it set up now. What happened to telling you own story on the ark and not a preset 8 missions on both sides with what-if scenarios. I feel like you guys pushed this game way to fast instead of taking your time with it. Creating video games is an art and you must take pride in it, it shouldn’t be about the money, more about changing the industry, removing the genre making the nest best thing.

    I do think you guys can fix and completely change the game without releasing an entirely new one with free DLC’s, the engine is already in place, you just got to tweak it. We as consumers deserve that much after all the hype you put into it and then changing the whole thing like last second. Put you mind to it, I know you guys can do, Hell you guys came up with a concept no one else has!

    Despite all the setbacks, I do love this game The A.I is the best I have ever seen and the concept is absoulty amazing and as for any readers still deciding to purchase this game get it , im sure id tech will fix their mistakes and even if they dont this game is going to be a piece of gaming history, so you should still play.

    You guys at id tech can fix this I know you can!!!!!!! I have faith.

    I give this game a 7/10

    Oh and Bethesda, I associate you guys with only publishing hall of fame type games. Dont let me down on this one!!!!!