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  1. Please don’t tell me the Burned Man is some psycho Mormon nutjob guy. I can take psycho nutjob guys, but if you make him out to be some weirdo Mormon who is so far off base from the actual doctrine, I’m gonna be upset.

  2. Kyle Meeks: “Actual doctrine”?

    You know, doctrine changes a lot over long periods of time. What do we know about “actual” Mormon doctrine in a post-apocalyptic future in another world that’s partially stuck in the 50’s? Mormon doctrine has changed a lot just in our world – they do after all have the practice of “living prophets”. For instance, polygamy was once celebrated in the Mormon church – now it’s against doctrine. And black people were once strictly disallowed to be priests, but a living prophet changed that. I think at one time they were even for slavery, but as far as I know that changed in Joseph Smith’s lifetime.

    So, not trying to go into all religious discussion-mode – I just wanted to make the point that saying what is and what isn’t actual doctrine isn’t really something we can do when it comes to fiction taking place in the far of future. Those things always change and have always changed in every church – and the Mormons are unusually open about the fact that they change their beliefs regarding important matters over time.

  3. The Burned Man started as a Mormon, a Follower of the Apocalypse, but lost the plot somewhere along the line when he helped set up Caesar’s Legion. So he is already far off base from the actual doctrine. And someone setting fire to you and throwing you off a cliff is going to make you MORE unbalanced and potentially psychotic.

    Daniel is the actual “real” Mormon. Burney is the “anti-Mormon”, if you want to look at it in those terms.

  4. If I can’t go back to this place when I finish the dlc I WILL BE EXTREMELY PISSED OFF!!!!!!!!!! Same with the rest of the dlc, but that just looked great. And did I see a new service rifle? A unique one maybe?

  5. Yao Guai eing back should of been expected, I thought so but I wonder if there are variants of it like, an Alpha Male, Mother, and Cubs?

  6. “If I can’t go back to this place when I finish the dlc I WILL BE EXTREMELY PISSED OFF!”

    Don’t be, you can return after the next 3 DLCs, that has been confirmed last week.

  7. @Zabinatrix

    I AM a Mormon, man. And I don’t like it when the media misrepresents us, be it in the news, TV, games, whatever. It causes confusion and misunderstanding, as can clearly be witnessed in your (limited and flawed) understanding of my church and beliefs. Nobody likes to see a group they belong to misrepresented (be it race, religion, gender, etc) because the perceptions of real people and real attitudes are altered and skewed incorrectly, which causes people to act differently based on inaccurate information and untruthful stereotypes.

    All I’m saying is that I hope that this game does not use the Burning Man character and the Honest Hearts DLC to add to that confusion and misrepresentation. And I think that is fair to ask for.

  8. very cool trailer… sadly muddled by our aging, beloved Gamebryo. i can’t wait for whatever engine is next.

    oh, and i wouldn’t put much stock in a man’s representation of a religion if he’d been sick enough to be Caesar’s right-hand man.

  9. King of the Wastes: There is a mod for that. Called “Return the seria madre”. I know it shouldn’t be needed. Given that the you walk back from there.

    I’m in the UK, so the whole Mormon thing doesn’t bother me.

  10. Hmmm…
    This DLC definitely is different…and something pale.
    Before announce of this DLC I thought that the story of Burned Man will take place after the current ending of the New Vegas – and it will be continue for the events in Mojave desert – like the new war with Caesar between him and Burned Man army and etc…

  11. @ Kyle Meeks, I wouldn’t be too worried about the DLC’s portrayal of Mormons. Josh Sawyer (lead project director of New Vegas and this particular DLC) has said that he is very fascinated about Mormonism and their history, and I don’t expect him to misrepresent them. Also, the Burned Man comes from a Mormon village and after his experience with the Legion has obviously reverted to at least some of his old beliefs. He was originally intended to be a nutjob. Even though some may misconstrue it as such, I don’t think his actions are going to be meant to be a representation of Mormonism. If people see it as what Mormons currently believe, it isn’t the developer’s fault. Even if the Mormonism encountered in game isn’t what is practiced today (like Zabinatrix was talking about) it doesn’t mean it is misrepresentation. Imagine how much any religion would change if it was tied to basically one thriving town full of them (New Canaan) after the apocalypse for 200 years. If the portrayal of Mormons is representative of today’s Mormons, I’d have to say I’d be disappointed. It’d be unrealistic and just because some people will take it at face value and misunderstand it does not mean it shouldn’t be done.

  12. YES! IT IS HIM! I was really hoping it was the Burned Man as said in the game — that is, the Legionary that was set on fire and thrown into the Grand Canyon.

  13. Gosh. I hope Playstation store will be up by then! I’m back to playing Fallout 3– need some new Fallout dlc to work on.

  14. /care bout mormons. black white male female ghoul human mutant animal 😀 aslong as i can shoot it im happy 😀 and i think its time to put mr mummy back in his grave. cant wait