Brink: An Update from Splash Damage

Wanted to share an update on Brink from Splash Damage’s Paul Wedgwood – the Game Director on Brink.

Now that Brink has been released in North America, we’ve had hundreds of thousands of people create their character and join the civil war for the Ark. Seeing the game out there being played and enjoyed by so many is very exciting for us, and we’ve been hopping into multiplayer matches ourselves to get in on the action with all of you.

Before we dive into this blog update, we’d like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who’s been sharing their feedback about Brink. We keep a close eye on what all of you have been saying about the game and wanted to give you an update on what’s been happening on our end:

Xbox 360

We’ve now put up our first game update on the Xbox 360, which went live at launch. It addresses several of the issues raised in some of the early US reviews of the game and brings with it some major improvements.

Most importantly, this update significantly reduced texture loading times thanks to improved hard-drive caching. It also improves client prediction when playing online – in other words, you’ll experience much less “rubber banding” in multiplayer. We’ve also fixed several issues that could lead to the game freezing, and resolved an issue where Brink would insist on playing all of the training videos rather than just the introductory one.

If you’ve not yet got the update, simply restart the game while your Xbox is connected to the internet.

We’ve also been getting new reports of lag when playing online, especially in matches with lots of human players. We’re all huge multiplayer fans here at the office and we know how important a lag-free online experience is. We’re urgently investigating this issue and seeing what we can do to improve things in that area. Stay tuned.

Information on PS3, PC, and the game’s upcoming statistics site after the break…

PlayStation 3 Update

The PlayStation 3 version of Brink has also received its first game update late Monday. It incorporates the same prediction fixes as in the Xbox 360 version, resulting in a smoother online performance.  In addition, host migration has seen several improvements as well, and we’ve fixed an issue where the Ability Wheel sometimes displayed the wrong class abilities. This update also fixes several potential freezes and, like the Xbox 360 version, now only plays the introductory tutorial video at the initial prompt, rather than all of them.

Even though PSN is currently offline, you’ll still be able to get this update if your console is connected to the internet. Once PSN is back online, we’ll closely monitor player feedback for this platform.

PC Update

On the PC side, we’re pleased to report that we’ve put together our first game update, bringing two immediate improvements to Brink:

It greatly enhances the crash reports we’re getting through Steam, with more detailed information coming our way from now on. While this doesn’t sound very exciting for you as a player, it’s really useful for the Brink team as it’ll allow us to track down the underlying issues much more quickly and work on fixes for them – particularly stability issues relating to compatibility.

This update also fixes an issue where closing the game before getting to the character selection screen can corrupt your character data and make it unusable. Until the game update comes out, we strongly recommend not shutting Brink down during start-up to avoid this issue altogether.

Better yet, this update has just hit Steam and you can download it by simply signing into your Steam client.

In other PC news, we’ve also been working closely with the guys over at Bethesda Softworks to identify and solve any hardware compatibility issues that people have been reporting. For the AMD graphics card owners out there, make sure you’ve installed the latest AMD video drivers as that will solve a fair few of the visual and performance issues out there. Similarly, if you have an NVIDIA card and are experiencing issues with the game, make sure you’ve got the latest NVIDIA video drivers installed.

The next game update for the PC version is already in the works, and includes a fix for the FOV issue some of you have been reporting on the forums, among several other things. We’ll have more information to share on that soon.

Statistics Site

We’ve also seen a few questions about the Brink statistics website and what you should be doing with the VIP code that’s displayed in the game. When the Brink statistics site launches on, you’ll be able to register a profile on there and can then use the VIP code from inside the game to link your Xbox 360 gamertag/PSN ID/Steam ID to it. More details on all of that soon!

Lastly, please do keep your Brink feedback coming. It’s really useful to us and we really do check all of it. We have teams at Splash Damage and Bethesda dedicated full time to resolving any issues you discover.

That’s it for now – thanks for reading and see you online in Brink!

Paul Wedgwood
Game Director

Reader Comments

  1. Revamp the A.I. so that it isn’t entirely unrealistic and glitchy and this game might have a future. I was really looking forward to this, and you did a very good job lying about all of the wonderful features it was going to have…

  2. The lag on the 360 version made the game unplayable yesterday, but whatever you guys did seemed to improve it by a lot. Also the rubber-banding is not as frequent. Well done.

  3. This “patch” you released with the xbox 360 version of the game did nothing for the online play. I have yet to be able to play a full round online due to the immense lag issues. It’s neither my connection nor my system. I am sitting here now contemplating returning the game due to errors on the disc(thats what I’ll be telling the store as thats what i feel is the problem.) Or have you guys put the game servers in Bangladesh? Or some other distant country. I 100% concur with Matthew Downham’s statements. Did you test it? Does not look that way. Well anyway enough of my time has been wasted on this game. I’m gonna put this game on the shelf for a week and if there is neither a patch or some kinda of server side fix then to the trade-in pile it goes.

  4. Asking for a team deathmatch mode for Brink is like complaining you can’t order a steak with whipped cream on the top. It’s an objective-based shooter. There are no K/D ratios because then half the players would refuse to play as anything other than an engineer so they could pad their kills with turrets and mines. Team deathmatch modes are antithetical to everything Splash Damage is trying to achieve with Brink.

    Now, you can feel free to say Splash Damage has a ways to go before they achieve what they’re trying to set out to do. But asking for team deathmatch modes is like me going to Infinity Ward’s site and saying I want platform-jumping and witty anthropomorphic animal sidekicks in the next Call of Duty.

    It’s just not that kind of game, Joe.

  5. I’m not connected to the net, so patches are, quite frankly not good enough. If I’m paying AU$109 (US$116) i expect the game to freakin work. companies should get there sh*t together and release a game that actually works.

  6. Hopefully the lag is fixed straight away because at the moment every game I join is a mess of rubber banding stop-motion garbage. Its too bad really, because the game itself is really fun.

  7. Glad to see that the lag issues are being looked at. The game is almost unplayable at times on XBL.

    Request: A lobby for multiplayer. I can’t believe the lack of a lobby was pitched as a “feature”. Lobbies let us pick get all of our friends together so we can all be on the same team. I was playing with three other friends last night (I usually play with 5 others) and it was next to impossible for all of us to join a multiplayer game and be on the same team.

  8. I hope they do some traditional game types as well I think the SMART system would make for some great capture the flag. Mybey a juggernaut round game type, for the big dudes? I also wish I could chat with other players, some one mentioned that in later rank you can speak on the mics out side of a party?
    So I am also looking to party up send freinds request for XBL WADDLESWITHWOOD see you guys on the ARK

  9. “We’ve also been getting new reports of lag when playing online, especially in matches with lots of human players. We’re all huge multiplayer fans here at the office and we know how important a lag-free online experience is. We’re urgently investigating this issue and seeing what we can do to improve things in that area. Stay tuned.”

    Playing Challenges with three other people gets intense lag, and I haven’t even tried the Free Play yet.

    “Most importantly, this update significantly reduced texture loading times thanks to improved hard-drive caching. It also improves client prediction when playing online – in other words, you’ll experience much less “rubber banding” in multiplayer. We’ve also fixed several issues that could lead to the game freezing, and resolved an issue where Brink would insist on playing all of the training videos rather than just the introductory one.”

    The texture caching did not improve anything. The game still becomes extremely blurry or fail to load. One thing I loved about the concept of this game was the class based play which is something I really love about BattleField Bad Company 2 but when I look at the graphical difference between the two games I don’t see BFBC2 failing to load textures.

    On top of these two issues is the atrocious AI for team mates and opposing forces. I hope the next patch fixes these issues.

    I pre-ordered this game and have been watching it for awhile… I had high hopes for it and I assume so did Splash Damage and BethSoft, but unless patches come in to fix these issues it will be joining the only game I have ever taken back.

  10. Im sorry but with this 360 lag issue, it really looks like you spent to much time talking on camera and not enough time “Real world” testing you game. Its not like the 360 lag issue is an isolated thing, everyone is getting it. How did you miss it? I really like the game and playing it solo has been fun. However like most of your older games the focus is multiplayer, and I might as well have bought it on ps3 cause I cant play with that kind of lag. at least you can cover up this issue on ps3 with its outage. Also your talk about the game going gold eraly really seems like a bald faced lie at this point, and it seems like L.A. norie just won the “hey you cant launch on the same day as us” fight, or that Bethesda just decided it wanted your game out making them money for the next time they decide to piss all over the fallout universe and to finish polishing the dragons teeth for Skyrim… Sorry had to get that off me chest. Fix this issue and the game will be awesome.

  11. Brink feels more like a mod than a AAA title. Not so revolutionary after-all =/. The game has been in development for YEARS and we only get 8 maps….seriously? The SMART ability is severely limited as well. There are many areas that are restricted from movement which is quite disappointing and the amount of choke point areas is outrageous. Heavily disappointed over the hype and what we received. I remember when Brink was called Ark…..years ago.

  12. One of the most important parts of game production is quality control. This involves actually playtesting the finished release candidate on actual machines such as would be used by the end consumer.

    I would like to strongly suggest that Splash Damage and Bethesda consider the implementation of playtesting and quality control prior to any thought of releasing product to the market. I honestly believe this is one step no truly professional company should ever skip.

    I think that if you make an effort to try out the concept of quality control and pre-release playtesting, blatantly obvious issues such as non-loading textures, poor frame-rates, and unplayable games will become less of an issue for you, and your reputation will likely increase to the point of being seen as a legitimate and serious game company.

    There are many articles and even books available on the concept of quality control and playtesting; indeed there are even college courses entirely devoted to these subjects now; I sincerely believe that your teams could benefit from these easily available sources.

    I look forward to seeing Splash Damage one day become a truly professional and capable games developer; I genuinely think you have potential, Brink certainly shows this potential, you just need to incorporate some basic, standardized professional development policies in order to be taken seriously.

    Try to take heart; some very good game developers have started out with incredibly poor, untested, broken releases and yet grew to become legitimate players in the industry. Keep trying!

    Best of luck for next time,

    Jennifer Reitz

  13. I like the game alot however I thought the levels would have had more ways to get around and less choke points aswell. I hope with the way the maps are fairly simple looking that they will be able to pump lots of maps out quick! I see the game getting very repettive quick I also find some of the game menue layout a little bit strange I like to see who I am joining and see them join insted of asking my invited friends did you make it and what team are you on!

  14. I love it! Havn’t seen any problems and my experience with the game has been phenominal. I’m running it on my win 7 64bit Gateway laptop (p-7805u) 1400×900 resolution and it doesn’t lag or flicker and the graphics are simply beautiful! The SMART system works flawlessly and it brings many new tactics to the genre. Only problems I’ve encountered in the 10 hours I have logged already is a server glitch in versus where the sound cut out for all players (The map where the resistance has to refuel the jet to win) which from what people said happens frequently. (only had it happen once). ANd the steep learning curve. I repeatted the first campagne mission twice because I had no Idea what happened the first time through, the Ai actually did all the objectives… I recommend refereing people to complete the first challenge rather than the tutaorial, because that helped me alot more afterwards.

    What I recommend you add is a k/d ratio and possibly number of completed objectives and such in the stats tab in-game as only showing the xp doesnt allow one to make judgements on who’s pulling through on what for the team. You know? like how to quickly see who’s the guy who’s taking everyone out, completeing objectives, or just screwing around/needs help learning.

    Another addition if possible would be to see the introduction of tdm or control point vs. game modes. I know it’s generic and has been done before, but the Smart system ups the gameplay and some of the maps are structured perfectly for a control point or king of the hill kind of mission. It would up the replay value and possibly satisfy the generic fps-er in everyone 😛

  15. I have submitted my opinion to so many sites now that I will give you the short version:

    Brink is a great game. Flawed, but great nontheless. And the critical reception it is currently receiving is tragic and unjust.

  16. what thats good how about Fixing the FPS for the game on pc i get gridlines i can over look but man on min settings and dont run right hell my labtop can play crysis2 with blur off and it runs fine this is insane.

  17. Just wanted to add something that you probably should have thought of if you were actual geniuses:

    Make medium, light, and heavy paths to the main objectives. This means that there is an
    A_B path, meaning light characters and possibly a destroy objective in the way
    A_C_B path, meaning medium characters can get there easily with possibly something in the way
    and an
    A_D_C-B path, meaning the heavy hitting cavalry will take some time, but maybe there is a real speed bump such as a main objective or something….remember you have to give us a reason to choose to lag behind or sprint ahead…

  18. Thanks for looking into the issues team Brink. Because your reputation and you revenue/future funding depends on it! Sorry don’t want to put more stress on your programmers, so do what you gotta do to fix it and you’ll have my support.
    It’ll be nice if you can provide daily update on the reported lag issue.

  19. Yeah, I get into one game out of around 20 that does NOT have lagg issues. I have never had this sort of problem with any other game so it isn’t my connection. This game is fantastic and I want to see it grow, please fix the issues for the 360. By the way, today is 5/11/11 so this is post release patch.

  20. Hey, First of all I am having a lot of fun with Brink. I just don’t see myself playing it a few months from now unless some more maps and game types are added. I know it’s an objective based game, but would it hurt to add a standard TDM? Thanks.

  21. Bethesda you’ve made an excellent game yet again 🙂 , nice to see you’re addressing the lag problem as well. Keep up the good work! Thanks for the update.

  22. I’m sorry Splash Damage/Bethesda, but following the industry trend of not testing, releasing a buggy game, and then patching it later is really becoming unacceptable. If there was testing, it was not done adequately enough. In this day and age of the internet and dozens of gaming sites, gamers have access to reviews, and forums which will determine if a game is worth their money and time. It’s in your best interest to get it right the first time. All it takes is one buggy release to make a gamer avoid pre-ordering in the future and possibly avoid purchasing any other of your future titles if the overall consensus for that specific game is negative. All I ask is that you test again again and again before releasing.

  23. i suggest you guys add a competitive mode/s,look,i know you guys wanted to have a game that promotes teamwork,but sometimes we gamers just like carving each other up,also,sdk would be great,whats keeping css alive are those things i said above,plus its sexiness,once you guys have an update that will fix all your issues,this game will be golden and will be right next to counter strike source in my heart 😀

  24. I’m terribly sorry, but my steam game brink is still acting rather odd. I got the latest update but the game simply crashes. Please respond telling me if there will be an update that will make the crashes on my pc not happen??

  25. I don’t know about anybody else, but the Xbox 360 version is the most repugnant sad excuse for a multi-player that I’ve ever witnessed and the solo single player is completely useless and 2 1/2 hours of bore. I’ve seen some wicked bad net code for games but this by far takes the cake. Bad Company had it’s moments but it was never THIS unplayable. The game is totally IMPOSSIBLE to play online unless you have a 100megabyte down connection w/ somebody down the street from you. How patient does Splash Damage expect people to be when you bragged about putting the game out a week early? Was that some PR drafted hogwash to avoid sale cycles of other games?

    I now realize that Brink was probably meant to be a PC game and these guys decided to money grub console users. That’s why we don’t have have dedicated servers and other things. The funny thing is as a PC game it’s mediocrity can’t be stated enough. I’m really angered by this because once you buy a game the developer/publisher has already won. They can box a complete pile of garbage and market it nice and they’ll still get their blood money. I hope you guys are proud. You’ve swindled people who supported and waited 2 years for this shamble of a mess.

    NEVER again. NEVER AGAIN will I buy any game that does not have a beta of multi-player on the market place. I’VE HAD IT!!!!

  26. Just a quick comment. I love the game been waiting since i saw the first trailer in 2009. but u say its a team based multi player but dont have a lobby were i can invite all of my friends so we can play together, its very annoying having to jump from game to game trying to find the same room. Also i dont like the fact that i want to be rebel forces but the game keeps switching me to security. other than that solid 8 out of 10 for me i hope u read this and atleast add the lobby or somthing cuz that would be awesomeeee

  27. Love the game!!. Some issues otherwise. I have had it freeze twice now. Once before a new map started and once leaving at the end of a match to change appearance. Have to completly reboot the 360 can’t dashboard out. Texture’s still slowish to load. Full human teams “can” lag horrendously.

    Not sure if it has been mentioned here but I have also entered battles with everyone’s character looking the same/idendical then eventually they all show up as normal?. Other then the freezing nothing else really bothers me but I am hoping for another patch to deal with these minor problem’s and the freezing.

    Kudos to Splash Damage.


  28. It’s up to Splash Damage and Bethesda to manage the metagame with clean netcode, reliable servers, appropriate patches, and balancing tweaks. If they do that, Brink has the potential to become your new favorite FPS

  29. My buddies and I love the game!

    Please make DLC that triples the mount of character custom options. You did make a decent variety and we love them all (best tattoos I’ve ever seen in a video game) but the more items there are the more unique my characters become and that’s the feeling we all strive for. That is what I would absolutely pay money for.

    My friend is telling me to add that we lack certain weapon types and I agree. Although we love the direction you did w/ weapons, love it, we need a sniper weapon, and a melee weapon. I know that’s a drastic request, and sounds like it would through the whole game play way off balance, but you could make the sniper a rapid-fire burst that needs multiple shots to kill for distance and make it god awful to try and ‘no-scope’. Melee weapons wouldn’t be crazy energy swords or anything super dominating more like shovels and baseball bats. I think having more of a variety of weapon styles and still only getting the two preferred slots would be a simple element to add a giant amount of strategy (choosing weapons of close, mid, and far range)

    Thank you for your time.

    p.s. in the sequel we should discover mutated humans as a third faction. The mutated humans will be playable with unique body types and unnatural skin colors. I will write it for you. For free. : )

  30. i love the game just the lag is so bad all the time i cant even enjoy it. also if u guys could fix the character problems in game, character creation is pointless if it doesnt look like the guy you created all the time in game. And why no lobbies. If all these things were fixed it would be the best game for sure.

  31. I’m having the same issues as Matthew Downham.
    -Unplayable Lag/Rubber Banding
    -Texture Pop
    ex. when i’m runing i can’t see the ground texture just some washed out colors. it’s only when i stop and stand still for a second that the textures pop up. then i i turn around i have to wait for a second for those textures to show up as well.
    I also had a session time out and then when i tired to join others they timed out as well.
    The AI is too dumb to be enjoyable but i don’t mind since i’d rather play with real people… but I can’t. the few times when the game wasn’t lagging i could look past the texture problems and experience so awesome gameplay that stands out from all the other games out right now. I’m glad you guys are looking into these problems and i hope you patch these issues soon before people move on because it’s love to play this game, but how it is right now, i don’t want to.
    I’ll give you some positive feedback as well to life the mood. being able to vote for any map every round is freakin awesome! the classes are very well done. the ability to pick from a range of objectives is super fun and the objective and locations work together very well. love the maps and art style.
    If you guys can fix these lag and texture issues i will be happy with my purchase. if you guys do that and then release some DLC maps and a deathmatch free-for-all mode i will love you.
    …and just a thought, since so many people are upset at the massive problems with the launch of this title, you probably want to save your image. If you fix the problems and then released some DLC’s for free you would boost your image in my book that’s for sure. i’d pay for them as well… i’m not that cheap, but i think it would be in your best interest to release them for free. btw are you planning on any of this? would like to hear from you guys. thanks for listening i greatly appreciate it.

  32. Oh I know you guys just answer and respond to the sheep oops I mean ‘nice gamers’ who will buy into any slick ad campaign.

  33. Unlike many, I really don’t like to be rude, especially as your teams have put in so much effort and I understand that until the game hits the shelves you have no revenue stream, but this “product” feels like you’ve put out a pre public beta release, it’s a disgrace.

    I appreciate that it’s becoming common practice now to have major patches in the first week and often for months afterwards where play testing hasn’t picked up every little glitch. I’m not a fan of it, but I accept that with the complexity of the software, modern hardware and multiple platforms to code for, it’s almost inevitable. But you’re kidding if you think we’ll believe that you tested this properly and didn’t see how riddled with bugs and “unintended features” this is.

    Just so you know, I’ve already returned my copy and warned my friends not to buy it until we hear that the game’s at least playable in multi player and that the AI in the single player game has _some_ Intelligence.

    Very Disappointed.


    FAIL. That is really the only word. I don’t need to repeat what everyone has said. I just hope you don’t think your “patch” fixed the texture loading times, cause it is still terrible. Also nice job on, for the most part, finding obscure sites to find high ratings. I was waiting for to pop up. I don’t understand how you guys released this and thought it was going to be good. All of the bad coding aside. This game has very little replayabilty, which is the opposite of what you guys said. Just really dissapoining. Also why did you not include a feature to view your friends characters? This would have been especially nice since you can never actually see anythign at full texture in the game anyways. Why can I not name my characters? I feel so dissattached from the storyline, this would have helped a bit. I don’t even feel attached to my character. There is little reason with how little dialoge there is that you couldn’t make my character have lines in the cut scenes. You had a great premise for a story and just really fell flat on your faces. One more thing. How are you guys so out of touch with modern titles, that you didn’t include a pre-game lobby, and your a multiplayer game! This just baffles me, it is so elementery that I thought I just couldn’t find it, but nope there isn’t one. To be honest this game in its current state isn’t worth $60. Even with bug fixes (assuming they are coming) I wish I had waited till the price came down.

    Nice character customization (not what they claim but still good)
    Desent armory
    Nice artwork (When you can see it)
    Some good mechanics ( Smart, Objective wheel)

    To many bugs to list
    Poor maps
    Lack of maps
    Joke of a campaign
    Simply retarded freindly AI
    Godlike enemy AI
    Very little replayabilty
    Reduntant missions

  35. Please make Pc version support controllers. I bought this game fro pc because its cheaper, better graphics, dedicated servers (i would assume), better community, i don’t have to pay for x box live and the fact that i can plug in a wired controller and play(normally).Please, there are hundreds or thousand of people that share the same disappointment, that the pc version dosent support a controller.HELP!!!!!!

  36. Please add Gamepad Support for PC.
    My Razer ONZA is screaming for it!!!

    Loving the game!!! Well worth the wait.

  37. Since my other comments were not accepted I’ll keep saying what I think about this pathetic excuse of a game,since playing this unfinished game oh wait! You guys didn’t think this game was a finished polished product? I’m completely blown away by how many sheep are defending this sorry ugly,clunky,laggy,poor AI mess of a game.Everyone who work on this game including the testers(if you guys even hired any) should be fired! And never allowed too develop another game until you respect the business and your customers.You all at Splash Damage should be ashamed of yourselves! Btw I have recently taken my pre-order off Skyrim and Rage,if this is the type of incompetent game making there going to invest in.

  38. This is the biggest dissapointment for me and my friends on this entire generation.

    Still can’t believe that a game that looked so promising ended up not even fun or entertaining in the least bit.

    To be honest i don’t even know where to start or end naming the flaws and cons, just steer well away from this title and be on your guard with future titles from both studios.

  39. how dare you guys hype this multiplayer up and when we try to play on xbox it lags to the point where you cant walk in a straight line much less shoot i guess i just bought a sixty dollar coaster doubt you will be fixing this lag problem anytime soon ive been looking forward to this game for months despite everyone saying how bad it will be so disappointed

  40. The Xbox 360 online component is unplayable due to lag. Please fix this, because I really love this game and I’d like to play for months to come.

    I’m going to return this and play cod if the lag isn’t fixed.

  41. Just posting this to let people know that the patch for xbox 360 didnt fix anything im still haveing my graphics not loading in and looking all blurry also getting lagg in mutiplayer.Not to sure if its a problem with other systems but to me the game does’nt look finshed for the 360.Did the game ever go through testing?

  42. SD should be ashamed of themselves releasing the 360 version in its current state. You should of scrapped the fricking game before letting it out in this condition. As a long time fan of SD games, I’m sorry to say this will ruin SD unless you somehow magically salvage the piece of shit that Brink currently is.Brink has TONS of potential still, but the horrible lag must be fixed, an easier way to start a game with friends (like every other game jeez), and the UGLY texture problems. Surely the game can’t be intended to look bad as it does at times.. I mean like someone else said its like playing a xbox game… really I’d say no better than q2 graphics at times. anyways blah blah blah please fix the game.

  43. (this is just a non constructive rant sorry)
    sadly i was one of the many fools that the believed the hype and thought ‘well if it is advertised on TV it must be good’ and the fact that they confident enough to release it early, the thing must be well polished and shinier than s*#~ ……soo i pre ordered it …….but after all these reviews of the games poor performance… im sorry but jumping ship (i bought it like a sheep so why stop now )….. dont get me wrong i salute them for trying something a little different, and listening to there gamers… but well lets just say i dont feel like playing tester / guinea pig while they fix the thing…..(unless they paying us) ….they sure hell should of paid someone (sorry low blow)…. bottom line … bar some amazing Jesus style miracle and it all fixed ….when it arrives tomorrow i sending the bugge…y thing straight back where it came from unopened
    il check back in on it in a month to see if i was wrong
    (sorry my £2.50 worth of return postage rant is over)

  44. Yeah, I’m still experiencing horrible, horrible lag online. (And before you say anything, no it is not my connection, all my other games work fine). The lag makes matches completely unplayable. This needs to be your main priority right now. Fixing the lag. No one cares about texture loading times if they can’t even play the game.

    And then, once you’ve fixed the online problems, start working on some free dlc to up the level cap along with patches addressing any other issues (I say free because I essentially paid $60 for an unfinished game, and I’m not going to pay an extra $10 to get what I should’ve gotten from the original product). Level 20 is the highest level I can reach? Please, that is pathetic. I really wanted to love this game, and the two times i got a good online match (out of the 25 or so i’ve tried) I was really having fun. You’re doing something great here, but you need to work on the finer details. Keep up the good work with what you’re doing well, and fix what you aren’t doing well and you’ll have a strong community behind you.