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  1. Didn’t know being an “Internet Tough-guy” consisted of telling someone to Grow up..

    Nonetheless, Doesn’t change the Fact that Posting “First” is a Childish thing to do.

    Stay a kid if you want, I’m going to go drink some Beer, Smoke a bowl, and watch the new South Park.. maybe even pay a bill or two..

  2. How manly of you Sinister, living the easy life in most likely one of the most unsustainable overconsuming nations in the world.

    On a serious note though, Waste was playing onto the usual internet fun. Get a sense of humor.

    At this point the someone says they posted first then everyone proceeds to yell at them has become an internet meme.

    That said Waste has a level of maturity and intelligence apparently you have yet to attain.

    Last I checked calling someone a child and chiding them randomly is a thing a kid who suddenly thinks their a “big boy” does, not an adult.

    Enjoy that South Park, love the show myself. However at this point your not appearing as an adult to anyone of us.

  3. @Treyster – You obviously have previous ties to your friend “King of the Wastes” Otherwise you wouldn’t be insulting me, Or my Country of Origin.. Joke or Not.

    The Intelligence shown by your typographical errors is Insult enough for me.