Brink: Updates Now Live & Free DLC

Update (5/15): With PSN back up, the configuration change for Brink is being rolled out tonight and will be available worldwide soon. Want to know if you’ve gotten the update? Look for “Big Teams” in the public match settings (see screenshot above).

Original Post: We have been working on updates for Brink to address the lag issue that some people have reported they were experiencing.

In the meantime, we have made a configuration change for 360 users (which will be available to the PS3, once PSN is up) that alters the number of human players when matchmaking for “Campaign” and most ‘Freeplay’ modes to eight total human players. This new configuration will allow those connecting to and hosting matches (particularly those with lower upstream bandwidth) to more reliably find and connect to quality hosts via the match-making process – resulting in less lag and more fun.  This change is being rolled out today and will be available worldwide.

For players who haven’t been experienced lag, we’ll still support 8v8 on all maps via a new ‘Big Teams’ configuration in Freeplay, and through custom settings in Private matches. There is no download required for this update and it will be available automatically the next time you log in to play Brink and launch either campaign or standard Freeplay matches. This should allow players new to the Ark as well as veterans to find quality matches suitable to their preferred play style.

We are also releasing an incremental update for PC players via Steam that addresses AI, GPU, and server issues. See the full release notes on Steam. Many of these fixes are being included in the full update for the 360 and PS3 versions.

We would like to thank you for supporting Brink and for your continued feedback. To show our appreciation for your support of Brink, we will be making the first DLC for Brink available for free when it is released. This DLC is planned for June and will offer additional maps and new content for players. We’ll continue to provide announcements about the next title update, as well as the first DLC release as that information becomes available.

– Splash Damage & Bethesda

Reader Comments

  1. for future updates put the players rank somewhere visible for other online players to see..and more game modes..

  2. hey guys great game super lovin it ,love that u guys fixed the lag issue my online games were messed
    but know i notice the graphics will chop in and out of picture kinda like a blur just wondering if anyone else is having that problem other then that looking forward for the game to progress…


  3. there need to be more blood and the granades suck they look like little puff of smoke and we all know the they can do better then that

  4. hey great game love it just wondering why graphics fade in and out of focus all the time anyone else having this problem i use xbox 360

  5. there is a big glitch that probably needs patching-if you set yourself as a heavy type and set your default as a chaingun, the become a light, you keep the chaingun.

  6. YES Brink is an amazing game. dont beleive websites like IGN because they have yet to thake the time and play the game. There are only ten Missions per Paction but WHo Caress? Battlefield Bad Company Only had 10 missions and it was a flippin amazing game. Brinks Missions are long and engaging and i cant wait till the Bug Fix On PSN. I play games like Battlefield Bad Company 2, Crysis 2 and Brink of Course. Add me on PSN if u want
    Neo_LTL is my username.

  7. No tdm! Not many levels! Bethesda should stick to RPG because this game sucks. It looks good and plays good, but not much to it really, defend this, destroy that… boring after a day or two. Is there a DLC or just a free patch… who can tell?

  8. Just saying, despite mixed reviews, I’ve had more fun playing Brink than any FPS I’ve played in several years. Playing co-op with friends has been a riot. Awesome work.

  9. better than the average FPS, im so tired of mundane round maps for kills to win game types its so nice to have removed a charge as an engineer just in time to change class to an opperative to plant a hackbox and change weapons to defend it at close range with an smg AND a shot gun in case of low ammo! I love it! Thanks for making a good game and then giving it extra kevlar so soon 😉

  10. its an awesome game and thanks for a free DLC but what i would like to see in the future:
    Leaderboards: so you can see your stats and check other peoples out
    Command type thing: so you can give AI orders to do an Objective or to follow you or something.
    New Game mode: maybe some classics like CTF SnD Demoliton.
    party system: so that we can play with freinds without having to find a game and invite them only to find out that 1 out of my 4 freinds cant join so we all have to leave and do it again.

  11. I cannot wait for the DLC! Not to sound like a critic, i love the game i really do, but i think that you didn’t reach the full potential of the parkour aspect of the game, and by putting in to the new maps more places for some parkour action would really add another dimension to make this games stand out from the rest. I love being able to parkour around the map like a mad man. I only have the best interests in mind for Brink so I hope that you will take my impute seriously and take it into consideration for when the makers of Brink are designing the new maps.

  12. Mine is still really laggy, and its getting really annoying, I play on xbox 360, so maybe you guys could like… ya know fix that.

  13. Man although i love the objective based you need to come out with tdm so we can break free from objective sometimes and new objectives and guns and just rool out the dlc and that’ll makes happy don’t be like square enix or just cause two you’ve got such a customimzable game work and work and work on it becasue people love it! STAY STRONG BETHESDA, SPLASH DAMAGE FTW:)

  14. i think setting the game up with team death match and capture the flag would be awesome i have played the game religiously since the day it came out i have 3 characters that are rank 5 but it needs more than just the option of objective. thats why franchises like call of duty and bad company have been so good is because they have expanded on their multiplayer an not the single player if you guys work both sides of the fence this will deff become my fav game of all time

  15. Thanks for the update and the Free DLC now i actually have a reason to keep this game! Can we get a few new achievements too? if thats not too much to ask for?

  16. when will the stats feature be fully avalible on the website? and thanks bethesda and splash damage for the update it really helped!

  17. For the dlc i think as wekk as adding maps you should add weapons and outfits oh and have a team deathmatch dlc!!



    plz release new clothing for character and more story?? I WANNA SEE WHAT HAPPENS!!!


  20. Quit crying about friggin lags or things like that this game is a new realese, it still has more updates to come. Hey if u don’t like brink go to that sickish call of duty and play with the rest of the noobies and nobodies in the world, mind your own business and if you got something to cry about, keep it for yourselves cuz we all brink fans know that is an awesome game so, haters go cry to your moms and don’t comment a bad tought about brink again.

  21. hi i just wish to say thanks for a free dlc !

    and was wondering why didyou not make gamemodes like capture the flag ? TDM ? DM ?

  22. you need to make a clan match mode to where the teams are mad by clan tags (which you should also make) and the last one standings clan wins

  23. I am excited to hear about DLC because I was very hiped up for a long campaign and it was very very short. Still love the game and can’t wait for new content! 😀

  24. I just want to say can you please make a DLC contain different skins for the weapons?
    When I first saw Choir of Guns, I thought you could give them different skins, giving a huge variety of looks.
    And also you can’t call me a CoD fanboy by saying this because I’ve never played CoD :).

  25. Mixed reviews have often been the sign of greatness (The Thing, Star Wars, Hellraiser etc.).

    Brink is a great purchase and I hope the online community keeps it alive, there are terrible games out there that have far better reviews.

    Only bought it yesterday but I have seen such a huge amount of player support on Xbox Live.

    Great to see an update, and I’ll look forward to the DLC

    Remember everyone, we have the ability to make this game popular, it’s about community and experience, not individual opinion.

  26. I need help I just bought it Friday and its brand new and I installed it when i got home and it works some times but now it says every time i try to play it says disk unreadable when im playing it from my XBOXS HARD DRIVE AND IT HAPPEN TO FALLOUT BUT NOT ANY MORE. Also i have a used First Generation used Xbox 360 and i’v had it for 3 years is it to hold to play newer games? Please help me I just want to play!!!!

  27. XBL: Th3 R3SIST4NC3

    This game is the best FPS ive played in along time, i really love how they’ve captured the best parts of all games, hope the lag issue is resolved soon and can’t wait for the DLC =]

  28. I <3 BRINK!!!! I got it yesterday, I'm already lv.15 or 16 I can't remember. I beat the resistance campain (not including the what-if missions), I got 2 stars for all the challenges, I did the campain solo, except for the last mission, Now i just have to do the security campain and the what-ifs
    I have some suggestions, Throwing knives, that cane be uprgraded to something like a tomahawk, more customization, being able to purchase pre-order codes on the marketplace after around 2 months after release, being able to throw syringes from about 20-50 meters away (because everybody hates being incapitated and waiting for a medic then having them die 20 meters away from you), more levels, more guns (but theres already so many). Don't put in killstreaks if somebody tells you to though, because it would just be too easy then. Darn i had an idea and i just forgot it, this wasnt my idea but the end of the resistance campain hints another game (sorry for spoiling it, I just had to, I really want to see BRINK 2 asap)

  29. Hey guys i love Brink so far and it is verry fun but i rekon it needs more challenges because i have allready finished all of them and they need to be a bit harder.

  30. I honestly think Brink is a good game, but its all cosmetic. What you guys should do for a DLC is make a bit more a generic shooter with the usual: deathmatch, CTF, etc.


  31. Loving this game… 3 trophies off the plat. Got the first trailer almost a year ago now and I’m glad to say it hasn’t disappointed! It’s great when in game theres actually a duel going on between the Bug & Anger… That’s the thing about this game, most titles use set pieces to create the action & excitement. In a game such as this you create your own set-pieces. If anyones up for some online co-op or versus matches add me on PS3. DarkKniight. See you on the battlefield!

  32. IGN needs to rethink their review….they cant compare it to Call of Duty BlackOps and say it isnt ballanced. This is THE most ballanced game ive played in a long time. I give it a 9

  33. Hey guys big fan of EQTW, until recently i was one of the last people active in it and was in a community that supported the game, so obvioulsy i was keen for this game. To put it short you guys really missed the mark, i like that your relasing free DLC and such but i think you’ve already dug yourself a hole in Australia with the attached price of like $100, $110ish American, but don’t worry bethesda its only Splash Damage and maybe id software in trouble :), BETHESDA ROCKS :D, keen for Elder Scrolls Skyrim 🙂

  34. Please could you add a new game mode, New guns, Attachments, New items for our characters and maybe some new campaign missions (Maybe even spin-off missions)? I wouldn’t mind paying 1200 Microsoft points for something like Three new maps, Two new guns, A new attachment, Some character items and a new mission. If you do read this please take it as an idea that I, And maybe some other players would love.