Brink: Updates Now Live & Free DLC

Update (5/15): With PSN back up, the configuration change for Brink is being rolled out tonight and will be available worldwide soon. Want to know if you’ve gotten the update? Look for “Big Teams” in the public match settings (see screenshot above).

Original Post: We have been working on updates for Brink to address the lag issue that some people have reported they were experiencing.

In the meantime, we have made a configuration change for 360 users (which will be available to the PS3, once PSN is up) that alters the number of human players when matchmaking for “Campaign” and most ‘Freeplay’ modes to eight total human players. This new configuration will allow those connecting to and hosting matches (particularly those with lower upstream bandwidth) to more reliably find and connect to quality hosts via the match-making process – resulting in less lag and more fun.  This change is being rolled out today and will be available worldwide.

For players who haven’t been experienced lag, we’ll still support 8v8 on all maps via a new ‘Big Teams’ configuration in Freeplay, and through custom settings in Private matches. There is no download required for this update and it will be available automatically the next time you log in to play Brink and launch either campaign or standard Freeplay matches. This should allow players new to the Ark as well as veterans to find quality matches suitable to their preferred play style.

We are also releasing an incremental update for PC players via Steam that addresses AI, GPU, and server issues. See the full release notes on Steam. Many of these fixes are being included in the full update for the 360 and PS3 versions.

We would like to thank you for supporting Brink and for your continued feedback. To show our appreciation for your support of Brink, we will be making the first DLC for Brink available for free when it is released. This DLC is planned for June and will offer additional maps and new content for players. We’ll continue to provide announcements about the next title update, as well as the first DLC release as that information becomes available.

– Splash Damage & Bethesda

Reader Comments

  1. First off, Brink is awesome. The fact that there is a DLC in June is awesome. The game is so much better than the multiplayer in COD. More game modes would be cool. I think a capture the flg type game would be awesome with the SMART controls.

  2. You guys are awesome! I love brink and the DLC Content is duely anticipated. I enjoy the game and the objective and team based game play a lot. Please keep working hard at it and You’ll keep me here lol. P.S. Make sure the DLC Hits playstation store when I opens for me please and thank you.

  3. I bought Brink the day it was released and I unlocked all achivements, achemnts, outfits and audio logs within the first 5 days of getting it. I realy enjoy Brink but its isnt as solid as I had hoped. Yes you could create a new character but it isnt as fun as the first character. therefore I suggest that you rise the max lvl. And would enjoy larger maps were the SMART system becomes a navigantional necessity. In games like Call of Duty (sorry for comparing) you have the prestige systems witch offer almost endless amounts of lvling. I love playing Brink but I grow bored fast when Im not lvling. On the new characters you dont need to unlock weapons or outfits agian witch decresses time spent playing with this character. Also I would like if every achment had its own challange. and some of could be stuff like win a match with this gun using this achment.

    Even though this list of things I want changed is long, dont forget I still love the game and Im looking forword to the DLC 😉

  4. I pre ordered brink and ive had a blast thought it was kinda short but with new free dlc im gonna be loving it even more f the haters its a great game.

  5. Hey i love brink and i jst have a few questions…could you possibly work on a deathmatch like mode please because playing the same game over and over again get a little boring, also could we get more character customization items and if possible release avatar items such as The Bug outfit, or The Anger outfit


  6. wow you Bethesda isnt letting up, Brink (game), Hunted the demons forge (game), Brink (dlc 1). all great games too! great way to realease different types of games in a short period of time: brink is a fps/ team game while hunted is a 3rd person rpg. great idea. you should great a few indie sized games as a filler until you release a few more great games.

  7. AWESOME GAME!!! + NEW DLC!! 😀
    Guess people are hatin’ is because it’s all the old guys with slow reactions who’s buyin a fast paced shooter, where they can’t keep up

  8. Hi! i’m a player of brink, i have too say that the game in amaizing, but i have a the same problem that the germans, the only thing is that im from chile, sorry for my english, but im try too be clear with what im saying. In my case, like 2 days ago, i connect with 2 persons, but later i can´t find other players in the game.
    i only play with 2 persons, in servers that allow like 16 players, so please read my message and explain me what can i do or what you are doing to solve this problem.
    PD: i really like brink, this game just bring a new idea of FPS and i really like the game.

  9. i agree with LoM x Flasing55 (xbox GT), he posted just a few comments above and made some good points. but i still love the game. map packs or extra character customization DLC’s would go a long way for Brink.

    for me though, none of this stuff is enough to ruin the game for me. but please! MAP PACKS OR EXTRA CUSTOMIZATION OR ANYTHING WOULD BE AWSOME!!

  10. Brink is a good game but the only problem I had with it was the lag and the shortness of the campaign because I finished both of them in less than 3 hours and it was a disappointment but I still like the game and all we need now is new game modes to make the multiplayer more than just the campaign and make more open maps because the maps at the moment all seem a bit linear and it gets boring.

    please dont take this message in a negative way because I love brink and all im trying to do is point out the places I would like to see change.

    One more thing THANK YOU FOR MAKING THE DLC FREE!!!!!!!

  11. LOVE BRINK!!! What a Phenom of a game, the mixture of abilities, weapons, and maps with multiple entry points to complete objectives make this my favorite first-person shooter. I have always been a big fan of Counter Strike and it’s objective based FPS gameplay. I am very glad to see it return in a big and innovative way!

  12. i think u shood make match lobbies wer u cn customize ur guy while still tokin to ur m8s and nt need invited again and again

  13. If anyone has played a Bethy game they would know you guys are gonna shovel out the dlc. I mean you guys had so much fun making content for oblivion that you were finding things to make dlc for that didnt even increase the story (such as the mage’s tower, thank you for that btw, I love that dlc more than Shivering Isles almost). But for BRINK I would like to see more maps (obviously) probably a bit more complex, the ones on disk are a bit straight forward after you learn how to play them. A death match mode, (so people will quit complaining 😛 its a team objective game, get used to it). More skills would be nice and a cap increase (maybe make passive skills that help out your actives like more caltrops inside the caltrop bombs). A weapon or weight proficiency system would be cool (the more you use a gun the better you are with it, not damage increase obviously).

  14. love brink.but could someone add me on psn.cause i really want to play online with other different players.its really annoying im always playing with the psn id is add me.

  15. Looking forward to the dlc, but how many new maps will we get and im dying to know what costumes will come with it!

    Anyways, Brink is awsome. Don’t listen to the reviews, even van gough (you know, the famous painter) had his work criticised.

  16. I thiink EVERYONE and i do mean EVERYONE should understand that LAG is caused by 2 things Either 1. The Hosts UPLOAD connection isnt up to par or is experiencing alot of traffic. or 2. Your as in you reading this and griping about LAG because your connection isnt up to par. I get host alot during games, with a Cable Connection at 25- 30 Download, and 3 to 3.5 upload. I only experience LAG whenever someone is joining into a game while being host never anytime else during a game of BRINK. I as host experience LAG only at these times and am the first to see this of course. And yet my friends still say they experience the same LAG around the same time as me as well? Hope that helps out. How about a Multiplayer BETA next go around a la Halo: Reach/Gears 3/MW3 for the lucky few and i do predict few who preorder the sequel to BRINK. Hope you guys dont mess up this DLC and next Beta opportunity to redeem yourselves or my 65 dollars will be going towards a Kinect game( *HINT HINT*)!

  17. This is looking, and sounding; good guys, and you actually are releasing a DLC on the XBOX, FOR FREE!?
    God that’s a first, God knows how you got away with it, but L4D1 + 2 didn’t!
    Anyway, loving Brink, singing it’s praise to everyone too! 😉

    Hope these new maps contain a bit more parkour also, as I feel like the parkour is there, but it’s not being used to it’s full extent, more like I’m only using the parkour to get myself over ledges I could easily jump over or onto, there are like only like 2 or 3 places on each map where it feels like the parkour is actually really needed to be accessible by the light body type (That, or I’m totally missing where these places are!), I think we need places that are only accessible by wall hopping, and all of that sort of stuff that only the light can possibly do!
    As half of the time, it feels like I can’t really get to any good high points, and feels that, as the light, I’m stuck in fights, that I should really be avoiding!

    Plus, I think the heavy body type, needs to have a bit more damage resistance, as it feels like he dies too easily, whenever I play as him, I seem to be killed at the same speed as a medium body type, whether it’s just me in the wrong place at the wrong time whenever I am him, and totally over-judging his so called ton of damage absorbing power, but yeah, I feel like I’m better off as the medium, (Honestly though, I do play as the light, as I prefer the speed at which I can get back on the frontline with my comrades!)

    But anyway, other than that, glad the lag is fixed, and glad you guys are releasing the DLC for free!!! 🙂

    Oh, and also, I can’t wait for you guys to start this clan thing as it says on battle.brinkthegame, sounds like fun! 🙂

    Anyway, I’m gonna shut up now anyway, so, cheers all you guys at Bethseda and Splash Damage! 😉
    Here’s hoping you’re having as much fun making the game, as I am playing the game! 😀

  18. I saw there was an update but didn’t realise what the new features were! Any news on an update for the voices for my character? All 5 of my guys have the African voice now, even though I’ve gone for a different voice to start with. Slightly annoying, but hey, I’m just being picky 🙂

    Great game and cheers!

  19. I saw there was an update but didn’t realise what the new features were! Any news on an update for the voices for my character (Xbox 360)? All 5 of my guys have the African voice now, even though I’ve gone for a different voice to start with. Slightly annoying, but hey, I’m just being picky 🙂

    Great game and cheers!

  20. I live in Brazil, I can not play multiplayer with other players online, only with boots. Any fix for this problem?

  21. not sure what the free dlc was but if that was an update that i installed i hate to even think about how bad the game must have run right out of the box

    you would think the multiplayer would have worked considering it is a sqaud based game

    cant even finish a primary objective without it freezing up resulting in a system reboot 9 times in a row so now i come back once or twice a week just to try and to check for a new update but nothing has changed

    and how about the graphics booo not suprised considering fallout

  22. and new guns put new guns as well. and maybe for new game modes put capture the fag, that would be fun as hell in this game.

  23. thanks for the dlc would be great to have more tower defence maps or it as a game mode where teams take turns defending XD !

  24. Hi all,

    Let me start by saying that i love this game, however, I just purchased it for the 360 and i cant find the big team mode they are talking that was suppose to be in the patch. Can anyone tell me if it available yet?

  25. My game won’t start! Suddenly, one day, it just stopped working. It just says “Preparing to launch Brink…”

    I don’t know if this is your fault or Steam’s, but it’s never happened to any of my games before!

    And ehh, June release on the DLC? Get to it Splash Damage!

  26. He guys, did you forget about this great but dying game?? A lot of people are still waiting for the first DLC including new maps and content… June has passed and I guess July isn’t gonna bring it either… I got online last week and it was very very quiet… Are you giving up on this game?? A lot of players are…

  27. any help
    i download thd dlc yesterday and installed it today on my ps3 but when i start the game it gets past the splash damage and bethesda bit starts to load and dosnt go forward it just loads constantly and when i quit it restarts my whole console this is now really buggin me i tried about 100 times to boot it up