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  1. Personally I don’t see FO3 as being a great enough innovation in gaming to be included in this exhibit(still voted for it though). If any video game made by Bethesda is to be heralded as a stepping stone in the evolution of gaming it’s Morrowind. You hear me Smithsonian? Your exhibit is paltry and incomplete without Morrowind. You should have chose someone who actually plays games to put this exhibit’s to nominees together. How the hell am I supposed to take this exhibit seriously when you don’t even have the greatest innovation in gaming in the last decade. Pfft, I scoff in the general direction of your joke of an exhibit. Just for the record I am NOT a “MW is better than OB” TES fan, and haven’t really played MW since OB came out but come on, how can anyone deny the impact Morrowind had on the gaming industry. It’s utter bullshit that it’s not included in the exhibit and the snooty, “we don’t know jack about gaming” representatives of the Smithsonian can lick my sack.

  2. @Worm82075

    There was a voting page up earlier; this wasn’t picked out by curators. Rather, people voted for the games they played or liked the most, instead of sheer innovation.

  3. I agree with Worm.

    Stuff like Morrowind broke ground, where Fallout 3 was like a finely polished version of the Open World model.