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  1. Can’t wait to meet the Burning Man (and kill him for giggles before reloading to actually play the story through). Also can’t wait to traipse through Zion; I though the Mojave looked untouched by the war, but Zion looks pristine by comparison.

  2. Hi i have all 4 pre order packs and dead money i cant play dead money with the new patch so i had to remove that one to be able to play. Will this also happen to Honest Hearts because i would like to see a patch so i can play with all 4 pre order packs, dead money, honest hearts, old world blues, lonesome road at the same time thx. So rather sooner then later. Im playing on xbox by the way

  3. Hey, hey, uhm.

    Is it coming out at Midnight for XBL? Because I WILL cry if it does.
    Bawl and then play it until I pass out.
    Please say it is!

  4. Hmmmm wondering if I should stay up until 3am to see if it hits xbl then….or just get up early…lol can’t WAIT for this!

  5. Lol ps3 people whine and complain untill bethsoft gives them what they want and then they still don’t get it

    Lol being a bitchy whiner sucks doesn’t it.

  6. I assume the only thing stopping this being released on the Playstation Store is the fact it’s still not online 😛 According to the European Playstation Blog the store will be updated multiple times a week until it is up to date ^__^

    Hopefully this is verrrrrrrrry released soon :]

  7. I lost ED-E to the glitch where he disappears entirely so I can’t travel to Zion. Please Bethesda can you find a way to fix either the DLC so he is forced out of my party or so I can get him back. I am an XBOX player so can’t use console commands and I tried the Vault 22 “solution” and it did not work. Someone help I want to play this DLC!!!

  8. Bethesda!
    When we will see some slavery add-on in Fallout NV?
    There’re so big population in Mojave in comparison to Wasteland of F3 – it’s very tempting to play some “hunting” on slaves there…but…
    We even don’t have any decent mods for this, so please fix this gap.

  9. Are we PC users gonna get a Steam update? Or should we conclude that “simultaneous release” is no longer a reality?

  10. well if we are going by pacific time (to give them a few hours) then there are only 11 hours and 40 minutes left in today, and it is still not on steam.

  11. ok so i cant play honest hearts because right after i speak with the person to leave it loads for 4 seconds then goes to a black screen and leads to me getting up and pushing the power button, i haven’t played it once since i got it at 11am

  12. I cant get honest hearts to work? If I listen too much of the radio broadcast it says that the disc can not be read, well the disc is flawless, also if I end the radio feed early and try to
    Go to the new area to the north it freezes!!!!

    Fallout’s my fav game I waited weeks for this and now I can’t play it and have nowhere to complain tO the comPany so they can fix it. I did do the update, is it still messed up? The update I mean? Fix the freaking game!!!!

  13. GSTAFF, when are numerous issues with the ED-E quest going to be fixed? As you already know it’s now preventing people from even starting Honest Hearts.

    Can you please patch the numerous reported quest issues on your support forums before releasing any more DLC? Continuing to ignore this is now creating problems with DLC itself. Make quest fixing a priority already.

  14. When in the hell is this going to be on PS3? I’ve been waiting since before Fallout 3 came out for a 1911 to appear in your games, it’s irritating that Xbox seems to get everything first.

  15. Hello there. I’m encountering a rather agrevating bug of sorts with honest hearts. I bought Dead money a couple days ago, but it didn’t start, so I had to activate the esm file, and then I got the radio signal.
    Then after finishing dead money I immidiately bought honest hearts, on steam. Same thing happened, no radio signal, so I figured it must be the same thing as with dead money, so I go check for the esm file, or anything to activate in the data files, however nothing is to be found… Am I doing something wrong? I’ve been waltsing around in the wastes for a good half hour, yet no signal. Any help would be appreciated, and I apologize for the book of a comment.

  16. The only thing that’s really kept me through (and no, not in a suicidal way) this entire PSN outage, has been the Honest Hearts DLC for New Vegas. This is the only thing I’ve been looking forward to, on the PS3. I love Fallout, I’ve literally done every possible thing one can do in that game, and it’s been like that for a while. So what I’ve really been looking forward to this past month – heck, actually, since the DLC was announced, was to enter this latest chapter of FO: NV. But now I can’t do that, since Playstation Store is still undergoing maintenance, even though the network is up again.
    So I’m asking you:
    Is there any light to be shed, as to when this DLC will come out for the PS3?
    I will take any approximation that can be made, right now I don’t care about conjecture, I just want to know, when I can get my hands on this DLC,

  17. When will Honest Hearts be available on PS3 for download? When the store is brought back up of course, I mean will it be up that day or will I have to wait longer?

  18. Just got this and it doesnt work and all it does is make multiple exclamation points in triangles pop up everywhere and a msg will never pop up to go to the new dlc when i start a new char

  19. It’s the 3rd of June (11:24am) in Europe, and still no Honest Hearts release. Can someone from staff tell us, as to when this DLC is going to be released in Europe? The suspense is annoying as hell.

  20. Soooo psn back up… That map pack was released… They release the trash where is honest hearts? I rinsed dead money in about 12 hours & got all teh gold, saved everyone & trapped Elija mwahahaha. Where ma honest hearts!!! Only 12 days till next one ffs!

  21. I have just bought both Dead Money, and Honest Hearts for the PS3 today. Neither one of them work, I have the right code and everything, I have both downloaded both the french and english versions. I live in Canada, but this really shouldn’t be a problem.

  22. @Max, if you’re telling me, that Bethesda would spend many hours creating a DLC (you know, man hours and resources = cost = losing money), and then denying to release it to a region which would probably increase their profit from said DLC with approximately 20-35%, you’d better link it and show us some proof. Denying Europeans to purchase Honest Hearts is a strategically and financially, dare I say, moronic move, and I don’t think that they’d do that, you know.. Because they’re not stupid.. I hope. I’d just wish that they’d answer my questions, or any questions regarding this matter. They’re terribly mute about it. What annoys me the most is this “wait and see” attitude. Why not just tell us the release date, God.

  23. Yeah, it’s out now. For selected people only, though. I usually order software over Internet, faster and easier this way. So was with FNV, and I got CE as I usually do. And now I am screwed. Because my game is a “retail” version, I am unable to get it because Bethesda has decided that in my region they only allow “localized version”. And that the DLC sales are restricted to regions only. So I cannot get it from Steam because Steam tells me that I have a retail version and they are only allowed to sell to me the “localized” content. And “localized” content will not work on my “retail” version. Steam does not sell me any other version. D2D US site has this DLC on sale but again, it is restricted by region. And D2D UK/EU site does not have it on sale still. So there ya go, for shelling out $120 (with transport), for pre-ordering the game I am being now punished. And not just me but countless other customers. I should point out that there were no such problems with Dead Money DLC, it was released on Steam, D2D US and D2D UK pretty much at the same time and I bought it from D2D UK.

    So yeah, “thank you Bethesda” for screwing me and so many others over. Good work. Way to go with your customers who pre-order your software on the very first day it is announced, who buy CE packs to show how they like this software and what not. You really showed how you care about all of your customers.