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  1. guys i know this is frustrating, it is for me 2 i mean i cant even start the DLC, cuz of my problem just loads n goes black. I started playing again just for the DLC went all the way 2 35 and now thbbtb can’t even play i seriously hope you guys at bethesda are working on a 1.06 patch for those of us who need it and help whailor and ppl with the ED-E glitch so that they don’t have 2 start all over. I hope you are reading this bethesda

  2. Downloaded Honest hearts. Jed tells me i have to go alone. I let go of the Lillie, and even went back to 39 and permanently let go of another. Jed still telling me cant go forward. What am I missing? Am I supposed to travel around the entire map to see if there is anyone else I may be missing?
    Please help

  3. I just downloaded HH for PS3 from PSN, It didn’t show on my saved game so I started a new one, as soon as I left the doctors house, Bam it popped up, with pipboy message, all in.. SWEET! Lets go 🙂

  4. Can someone help me you will be a life saver if you do. When I go to the northen passage I go in, tell Lilly to go back to the 38 dump my stuff in the “Shipping Box” until I have 100 pounds left go to Jed, to the strong back thing so I can carry 100 pounds I say I wanna go to Utah the game loads for about 5 seconds and then it turns into a black screen. Someone please help out a confused frustrated gamer. P.S. I’m on Xbox.