Honest Hearts now available on Xbox Live, PSN and Steam

Update (6/2): Honest Hearts is now available on PSN worldwide!

The second add-on pack for Fallout: New Vegas, Honest Hearts, is now available on PC and Xbox 360.

PC players can grab Honest Hearts on the Steam store, while 360 owners can head to Xbox.com and queue up the download.

As we mentioned yesterday, Honest Hearts on PlayStation 3 has been pushed back due to the recent problems with the PlayStation Network. We’ll keep you updated on when you can expect it

Reader Comments

  1. “There seems to have been an error initializing or updating your transaction. Please wait a minute and try again or contact support for assistance.”

    is what I get when I try to buy it on Steam.

  2. I’m having some trouble with the new add-on on Xbox 360. When I start up the game it shows the “Loading Downloadable Content” message, but it never goes away. I have tried deleting and re-installing Honest Hearts several times, but this always happens. Without Honest Hearts it works fine but with it the game ceases to load additional content.

  3. Can anyone tell me if the add-ons to Fallout NLV will be out on CD. I live in France so anything I download has to be in French not English which is a not compatible with my main game which is in English.

  4. Bethesda! How do you see yourself in Post-PC era which starts already when everyone will buy not bulky and expensive PCs and one-purpose game consoles – but tablets, iPads and smartphones, iPhones?
    All future tablets will combine the current PC’s and game consoles in one device and all future game projects need to be developed considering the growing numbers of sold tablets and impressive fast improvements in ARM processors – as the example the Sony NGP on ARM proc’s and next iPads.
    Intel and Microsoft already proclaim that their work with ARM much more closely…the game developers need to say something about it too.

  5. When will Honest Hearts be available on Direct2Drive? Steam puts regional restrictions on many people. I have no other way than buy it this way. It’s already one day late. Does that mean you change your mind, Bethesda? You promised it would be available! That’s kinda unprofessional. I cannot understand why you can’t handle things as simple as digital distribution.

  6. GSTAFF, when are numerous issues with the ED-E quest going to be fixed? As you already know it’s now preventing people from even starting Honest Hearts.

    Can you please patch the numerous reported quest issues on your support forums before releasing any more DLC? Continuing to ignore this is now creating problems with DLC itself. Make quest fixing a priority already.

  7. Frank — we are aware of the issue and are working on a fix for the next patch.

    That said, if you already have a save game where the bug is occurring, the fix will not apply and you’ll need to revert to an earlier save prior to ED-E leaving in order to play through Honest Hearts.

  8. Why am I being punished because I live overseas? I have the English version of the game. If it wasn’t for Steam, I would be able to buy it normally like I do with every other game. I’m a long time fan. Please put the DLC on Direct2Drive.

  9. Hi! When russian steam (not 1c-cenega) customers could BUY this DLC? Or you prefer that we simply download it? And there will be not our decision but for now this is only way to play Honest Hearts. And I didn’t see nothing good in this situation – steam WAS able to help playing game with all other peoples and without endless waiting of 1c support. 1 YEAR for making patch and DLC for F3 – 1YEAR!!!! Why are You still working with them? And for now – last patch for FNV delayed for Russian steam community -Dead Money delayed for a month – whats next??? And how I could preorder game from Steam if I know for sure – that it will be later in Russia???? You didn’t like my money – ok – I will spend it on GOG (like with Witcher 2) or D2D. (Dead money – I couldnt link it to my account – so just found ESM file)

  10. When can we expect this patch and what exactly will it fix? Just this or other reported issues?

    How many earlier saves are you expecting us to keep? With a game as large as this, with so much going on, and only so many save spots for multiple playthroughs, how can you honestly keep expecting people to have a back up of moments before an issue may have taken place? Understand that for many this is not an acceptable solution and we need real fixes before any more DLC.

  11. I am so upset about not being able to play the new download for PS3 for Fallout New Vegas. It would be really nice if a cd version of it was available since PS3 is probably not going to be ever functioning again online. Some of us dont want to start our entire profile over on XBOX 360, when we love to play on PS3. Please at least on your site make it available for us to beable to buy a version for PS3. It sucks having to hear how great it is from XBOX 360 players. The same thing happened before xbox 360 players got it long before and its not our fault that sony did what they did. Hopefully you can come with some kind of resolution, since they have an indefinite idea if or ever they are going to be online again. Im sooooooo disapointed this is my most favorite game in the world and I have to miss out on the additional download.

  12. Wow, maybe Dead Money raised my expectations but Honest Hearts was just really a weak effort. The only person(s) I want to compliment on this was the team who did the Survivalist diary entries. Those were actually moving. Every other aspect was just weak-sauce. 2-hours to breeze through the game? Yeah I can go revisit the area, unlike DM, but why on Earth would I want to?

    Yeah when I eventually do another playthrough I’ll hit up Zion early on in my game to get a good holdout gun but at this point in my playing with my current char I have absolutely no need for what this game has to offer.

    This is a $5 DLC, tops. More likely something to bundle with two or three similar quality works.

  13. I have FNV for xbox 360 and since downloading the last patch, my game won’t load the save at all, i just see the spinning roulette wheel with no sound. So i delete the patch and redownloaded because i heard it was sorted but im still get the same problem. Any ideas?

  14. I am also unable to get Honest Hearts to load, does the bug with Eddie leaving refer to the fact that he can turn hostile after dismissing him?

    What exactly is the Eddie bug so that I can attempt to see if DLC will actually load, as my Honest Hearts just crashes at the load screen and recruited Eddie v.early in the game.

    As a result will have to play it ALL again including Dead Money, not impressed.

    Got the latest patch when is there another one due?

  15. would like a discount on STEAM to Fallout New Vegas, cause i live in Brazil, and the tax is very expensive to games here, and i love all saga of Fallout!

  16. Well everyone else here is complaining about everything here with steam and ps3 and glitches. so ill just say that this was a awesome dlc, loved the new survival and melee stuff, the sotry was great if a bit short, and the zone is awesome if lacking human enemies and post-quest playability. all in all very good DLC probably a 4 out of 5 in my book. Great job guys keep making these awesome DLC’s, cant wait for the next one.

  17. Hi, I just bought Honest Hearts yesterday. The level cap expanded to 40 but the radio signal to the northern passage never came on. I travelled to the Northern passage and entered it, but all there is a passage with no way to exit the opposite end. Do I need to do something to activate the quest?

  18. Don’t waste your caps on this DLC. IT is too easy with very poor mapping and a dull lifeless storyline. I feel very let down.

  19. NICK, when is the ED-E & HH patch that you promised going to be released?

    Also, when is that next comprehensive patch for quests coming out? You said it would be after HH was released, so can we an we get an update already?

  20. Honest Hearts DLC Beautiful!Good work!!!E-DE My Love Quest=126 hours game play lost!!
    Azért még mindig a Fallout3 és Fallout New Wegas a kedvenc játékom remélem megoldjátok a problémát nincs harag!!!Hali!!

  21. I have a similar problem to Gavin’s. I have access to all my previous saves made in the Wasteland and the Sierra Madre, but none of the saves I make in Zion will load. I only get the perpetually spinning roulette wheel.

    This essentially makes the DLC unplayable because I have yet to get past the first few missions without a crash.

    Is there a forthcoming patch to address these issues, and when can we expect it?

  22. Please make more updates / announcements on updates or where you are in making them like 1-2 a week at least please. Secondly, please add the ability to pick a perk each level, or don’t patch the mantis leg glitch. I don’t think it’s asking much to be able to play a game the way I’d like to play it especially if you’re profiting from my purchases, I know the majority of my friends who play the game would love this feature and if I owned it for pc, I would have already done this myself. Thanks.

  23. If I don’t have a save prior to the ED-E quest am I ever going to be able to play Honest Hearts on PS3 without starting over and losing my 36 levels of experience ? If not then how do I get my $10 back? Dead Money has also disappeared, will I be able to get that back?

  24. @nick–when are we looking at a release date for the ed-e fix my friend? just downloaded the latest honest hearts dlc and can`t start it. seems a few of us are having this problem. cheers

  25. This game is a joke, i spend hours completing and then spend more money on the game to buy the Honest Hearts expansion pack only to find i cant play it due to the game designers fault. I find it hard to understand how they cannot fix the actions of one small robot, and how they can give a solution of you must start again. This is not a solution, its a quick fix so that they can respond to complaints casued by a pathetic error.

  26. i have psn and every time i download honest hearts it never lets me play it i wasted 9.99 for something i dont even get to use and i dont have ede in my party. and Nick is the next patch going to let psn users play Honest Hearts

  27. Fine! – I bought Honest Hearts 5 minute ago only to see that i got the EDE problem- 9.99 Eu for nothing. why are you selling a product that doesn´t work? You know that for weeks! Steam= F… Raiders

  28. I just bought the Honest Hearts DLC. It will not work and I have never even done the ED-E, My Love quest. I think you should for all the people that have spent the money on this DLC either be REFUNDED our money , or at least get a WORKING copy of Honest Hearts DLC!!!!!!!!!

  29. just wait some years until you even touch the game. that’s what i did with fallout 3. im just now playing it and downloaded all the dlc off of the marketplace xbox360. and im having a flawless playthrough with exception freezing every so often