Get Blake Griffin in RAGE

Los Angeles Clippers power forward Blake Griffin has already distinguished himself in the NBA by becoming Rookie of the Year, being selected as an All-Star and famously winning the 2011 NBA Slam Dunk Contest. Now he has a new goal: to land a starring role — or any role — in id Software’s upcoming shooter, RAGE.

Watch the above video that chronicles Blake’s attempt to make it as a digital actor, and head to to see why he wants in.

Reader Comments

  1. This was actually really funny. I can’t wait for this game. I’m wondering if this game/new engines is kind of a test run for the next Fallout game. It would be awesome to have Fallout with these graphics. Also about the anarchy edition, is that available at all retailers such as amazon?

  2. @gstaff (or whatever): I didn’t see anything saying why he wants in at, did I miss something? And put him in!

  3. Awesome! I’d like to see Blake Griffin in the game as a badmutha, hilarious NPC. Or maybe he assists in quests or something. Put him in the game! ;o)