Where to find RAGE’s Anarchy Edition in Europe/Australia

A few weeks ago we told you about the Anarchy Edition of RAGE, which includes a set of in-game items (see above) provided for free to anyone that preorders the game. While we had store details for US and Canadian folks then, we’re now getting info on where European and Australian fans can look to grab their copies.

For links to where you can preorder the Anarchy Edition in the UK, Germany and Australia, click through below. We’ll update the post soon with details on stores in France and Benelux.




Reader Comments

  1. Waiting for the France info 🙂

    Also this is probably not the place but, could anyone say what the difference is with Fallout? Or is it more of the same (which is fine by me)

  2. I don’t like the direction this is going. It seems Skyrim will inevitably and unfortunately have these ridiculous pre-order packages.

  3. I don’t like in-game pre-order bonuses either, they seem cheap and nasty. I hope Skyrim doesn’t have them. Having them in the game is a constant reminder of real world marketing and will take away from it feeling special and being a believable world. How do you explain your character suddenly getting items for no reason?

    I’m fine with material real world bonuses though, like how some stores local to me are giving out keyrings or rings with Hunted: The Demons Forge. They don’t interfere with your gameplay, and are ways to connect you to the game instead of bringing you out of it.

  4. I sometimes like pre order bonuses. But truthfully; I don’t know why people complain about this.

    In real life we get all sorts of ‘bonuses’ all the time. Such as once in a lifetime premium, sales, extras, services and provisions.

    But what’s it any different than video game bonuses?

    You’d be more dissappointed in RL than you do in videogames. I mean seriously, they’ll even throw in extra prices if you want to get a whole pack of cologne to get a bag to go with it. Or maybe they give you sales that they gurantee won’t be there in the future. And such premiums in RL you get are also more limited than what you have in games.

    Or like when you go into museums for special exhibit; their often once in a lifetime experience too. Like Cleopatra (for a little while.) You pay to get whatever you desired, all the history as well as the merchandises inside the gift shops.You’ll might not find them elsewhere.

    Don’t dis preorder bonuses. Because in Real Life, things tend to cash in a little extra money off of you.

  5. Not worth the £8 more it costs to get the game from those places.

    Mastersarge: Think of it like this. Imagine going to see a film, but theres a scene missing unless you go to certain places that you don’t like/charge extra for a scene that should be in the film anyway.

    What if you go that cleopatra exhibit, but there are bit’s missing with a little sign saying “See this exhibit at museum x for the full experience”. Most people won’t care, but if you are a fan of cleopatra it’s still a bit of a downer on a day you were looking forward to. Pre order DLC only harms the fans by limiting where they can buy from, in order to get stuff that should be in the game anyway.