Brink: An Update on Updates

Just wanted to give everyone an update on where we’re currently at with our upcoming game updates for Brink.

Xbox 360

We’ve been hard at work investigating the lag issues some players of the Xbox 360 version of Brink have reported. We’ve now completed modifications to improve network performance and will be rolling these out in a title update for the game.

This update has been submitted to Microsoft, and we expect it to be available next week.

This title update is also going to fix an isolated freezing issue reported by some German players who should no longer experience that problem once the update has been installed.

Details on PC and PS3 after the break…


A game update for the PC version of Brink is in final testing and we’re planning to release it early next week. This update contains a host of fixes and improvements including the following:

We’ve identified the cause of sound dropping out on certain maps when playing networked games for a prolonged amount of time. This will no longer occur.

Graphical performance has been improved, especially when using Ambient Occlusion. We’ve worked closely with both AMD and NVIDIA, and you should see performance and stability improvements in future driver revisions from both parties.

The server browser is tweaked in this update, as well; among other things, a new filter allows you to display only servers with a certain number of players on them, and full servers will no longer be filtered out completely.

There are some smaller fixes for minor issues including your character’s voice occasionally resetting when deleting another character, and a memory leak when alt-tabbing out of the game.

Finally, the dedicated server is set to get an update at the same time as the main game, which will result in improved CPU performance. We’ve protected certain cvars that previously allowed server admins to accidentally break objectives involving NPCs.

The full changelog will be released alongside the update, so keep an eye out for that.

PlayStation 3

With PSN back online, we’re able to resume multiplayer testing on the PlayStation 3. We’re preparing to bring the changes in the upcoming Xbox 360 title update to the PlayStation 3 version of Brink quickly and we expect to have it out next week. Stay tuned!

In the Meantime…

Until these updates roll out, here’s what you can do to improve your multiplayer experience if you encounter problems:

  • Check your opponent’s network connection / ping:
    • One player with very low bandwidth connections can have a negative impact on the overall network performance of the game for the team.
    • You are able to view other player’s connection quality easily by viewing the scoreboard and determining if this is the likely cause of lag.
    • To view other player’s connection quality, press Start during a match and select the Scoreboard option to display all other players
    • Other human player bandwidth values are shown on the right hand side of their name as a traffic light value. Anyone that is showing orange or red means they have a bad connection and could potentially be causing the match to become disrupted…

Note: You can also view the opposing team scoreboard since the problem may be with a player on the opposite team. To do this press R1 for PS3 or RB for XBOX 360 while on the scoreboard

  • Should you see more players showing RED than GREEN on their status, you should exit this game, return to the main menu and join another game on a new connection.
  • The matchmaking system will place you in a more suitable game

Finally, if you have the German Xbox 360 version of Brink and are experiencing freezing issues, you can use the following workaround until the title update is released:

  • Turn the Dialogue Volume down completely. You can do this from the main menu or by pressing Start during a match and selecting:
    • Optionen > Audio > Lautstärke der Dialoge
    • Move the dialogue volume slider all the way to the left

That’s it for this blog update. More will be coming your way, and in the meantime, we’ll see you online!

The teams at Splash Damage and Bethesda Softworks

Reader Comments

  1. Guys, I think your game is great, I bought it with trust because of the innovation in fps, the SMART system, the great style….I got 3 stars in every challenge and I’m doing the campaign alone, even if bots are not as helpful and team-oriented as they should. But…I bought the game with one of my friends to play online on Xbox 360 and the best matches we can do are the ones when we are alone. Yesterday we tried again to play online, we met 2 people in 4 matches, of which 3 of them were UNplayable. Trust me, this is very very annoying, even after 2 updates problems are still there. Please, try to solve this asap, for as much as I can I’m spamming the game because I’d like people to play something different than COD, but servers are empty and when you enter the match it lags as hell. I’m searching for other friends to play with, but everyone has already left or sold Brink.
    Thanks for what you will do.

  2. Great, i have a 360 and i cannot wait for this lag to be fixed

    can’t wait to hear about the info about map packs too… only 8 maps so far and still hasnt filled up the entire ark yet =)

  3. I was so excited for this game like literally I waited 2 years….watched video after video about it told all my friends to get it i was so hyped…..this by far is the worst game purchase I’ve ever made….the update for 360 didn’t even work it still lags so bad its horrible…like did Bethesda really make this?? …It’s really sad like I loved the idea of the objective wheel I thought it was Brilliant….but its really not all that great….I don’t know im very upset with this game and it needs MAJOR upgrades I’m honestly speechless about this game and really hope they fix it but there seems to be way to many problems….Kinda funny I walked into gamestop to buy the game and a man walks in behind me furious and says, “This is by far the worst game I ever played I want a full refund NOW.” I thought he was crazy but sadly he was kinda right : /

  4. So, you were unaware players with bad connections might have a detrimental effect upon network play? Really? Seriously? Well at least you’re fixing it. Maybe I’ll try to play online some day even.

    Now if only the Single Player had bots on the other team that weren’t spastic uber aimbot lag cheater hackers and the bots on your team weren’t tactically moronic unable to aim fools that ran in circles and got stuck on world objects. Bots made “difficult” by making them chaotic and unpredictable isn’t particularly effective. Are you fixing that too?

  5. Please Please Please!!!!! Fix the bad AI on the xbox 360 Campaign and challenges. I’m sick of being the only person capturing things. The AI bots focus on getting the stupid command posts instead of THE MAIN OBJECTIVE!!!!!

  6. hmm i’m finding all this a bit strange , i play on the 360 and have had very little lag even before the updates ! no graphics problems, no freezing, no sound issues! whats going on ?
    i dont have exceptional internet connection or anything so… just weird really!
    my only issues are : no lobbys very hard to get in a game with friends on the same team, a lobby system would be nice, cant play with friends as i’m a level 20 engineer and they are lower rank, nice idea but are all your friends going to level up at the same rate ? no.
    also would have loved split screen so i could play with my gf as we both loved tf 2.
    more maps as went through all of them very quickly. but we getting free dlc (cool)
    um… female characters (eventually), apart from that its fantastic loving your game sd wicked gameplay, gunplay, smart, objectives , everything ! dont understand why people bitch so much this game was never meant to be a c.o.d clone so just stfu ffs!

  7. Hey i love brink and i jst have a few questions…could you possibly work on a deathmatch like mode please because playing the same game over and over again get a little boring, also could we get more character customization items and if possible release avatar items such as The Bug outfit, or The Anger outfit


  8. I read the newspaper about a week ago. Someone was really screwing up the face of your game which made me disappointed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They were talking about how impossable the control of the aiming of the gun was and other crap. Im going to blockbuster this weekend and renting it,im hoping for good turn outs. I will post if anything terrible goes on.(by the way i will be playing on ps3)

  9. This game in its roots are great, however lag after lag in every game and no easy way to join up with people that you want to play with makes this game par at best.It cant be that difficult to make a way to party up with friends prior to games that alone would increase the multiplayer experience. Games great hope i dont have to turn it in for minor issues =(.