Brink: An Update on Updates

Just wanted to give everyone an update on where we’re currently at with our upcoming game updates for Brink.

Xbox 360

We’ve been hard at work investigating the lag issues some players of the Xbox 360 version of Brink have reported. We’ve now completed modifications to improve network performance and will be rolling these out in a title update for the game.

This update has been submitted to Microsoft, and we expect it to be available next week.

This title update is also going to fix an isolated freezing issue reported by some German players who should no longer experience that problem once the update has been installed.

Details on PC and PS3 after the break…


A game update for the PC version of Brink is in final testing and we’re planning to release it early next week. This update contains a host of fixes and improvements including the following:

We’ve identified the cause of sound dropping out on certain maps when playing networked games for a prolonged amount of time. This will no longer occur.

Graphical performance has been improved, especially when using Ambient Occlusion. We’ve worked closely with both AMD and NVIDIA, and you should see performance and stability improvements in future driver revisions from both parties.

The server browser is tweaked in this update, as well; among other things, a new filter allows you to display only servers with a certain number of players on them, and full servers will no longer be filtered out completely.

There are some smaller fixes for minor issues including your character’s voice occasionally resetting when deleting another character, and a memory leak when alt-tabbing out of the game.

Finally, the dedicated server is set to get an update at the same time as the main game, which will result in improved CPU performance. We’ve protected certain cvars that previously allowed server admins to accidentally break objectives involving NPCs.

The full changelog will be released alongside the update, so keep an eye out for that.

PlayStation 3

With PSN back online, we’re able to resume multiplayer testing on the PlayStation 3. We’re preparing to bring the changes in the upcoming Xbox 360 title update to the PlayStation 3 version of Brink quickly and we expect to have it out next week. Stay tuned!

In the Meantime…

Until these updates roll out, here’s what you can do to improve your multiplayer experience if you encounter problems:

  • Check your opponent’s network connection / ping:
    • One player with very low bandwidth connections can have a negative impact on the overall network performance of the game for the team.
    • You are able to view other player’s connection quality easily by viewing the scoreboard and determining if this is the likely cause of lag.
    • To view other player’s connection quality, press Start during a match and select the Scoreboard option to display all other players
    • Other human player bandwidth values are shown on the right hand side of their name as a traffic light value. Anyone that is showing orange or red means they have a bad connection and could potentially be causing the match to become disrupted…

Note: You can also view the opposing team scoreboard since the problem may be with a player on the opposite team. To do this press R1 for PS3 or RB for XBOX 360 while on the scoreboard

  • Should you see more players showing RED than GREEN on their status, you should exit this game, return to the main menu and join another game on a new connection.
  • The matchmaking system will place you in a more suitable game

Finally, if you have the German Xbox 360 version of Brink and are experiencing freezing issues, you can use the following workaround until the title update is released:

  • Turn the Dialogue Volume down completely. You can do this from the main menu or by pressing Start during a match and selecting:
    • Optionen > Audio > Lautstärke der Dialoge
    • Move the dialogue volume slider all the way to the left

That’s it for this blog update. More will be coming your way, and in the meantime, we’ll see you online!

The teams at Splash Damage and Bethesda Softworks

Reader Comments

  1. The “freezing issue” is not isolated to German players. I am in the US and Brink locks up my 360 on occassion. I hope that you are not detracting from the game further to increase performance. From what I understand the PC version is more detailed then the 360 and ps3. We dont need to degrade game quality more to increase performance. We need to you make it work and look the way it should. Also, please fix the rain on the Security Tower map on 360. You can hear the rain falling, thunder clapping and see the clouds. Obviously it is suposed to be raining on that map. Was it nixed due to lag issues created by the rain visually falling?

  2. I dont usually rant on these things, seems pointless most of the time. I’m anxious to see where this game ends up. Its by far one of the best games i have played on console despite the bugs and bad press. I dont know why people keep whining about the graphics and textures, most games do this to some extent, the graphics are still great. I think i could find something way more useful to do with my time than to turn on my console, fire up a game, and stare at a wall just to see how long it takes for a texture to pop in. If you spent more time playing, you probably wouldn’t notice! But hey i started with Atari, back in the day when graphics didn’t matter, it was all about how good or fun a game was. Keep up the good work, can’t wait to see whats in store.

  3. Glad to see the continued support Beth. Its definitely getting better for us 360 players. Only things I would really like to see now are a little better AI so its not so painfully noticeable when there is a lack of human players on the enemy team. Some re-balancing of the weapons damage and accuracy would also be GREATLY appreciated, as well as a few new perhaps more unique and exciting introductions to the arsenal with the DLC.

    P.S Adding the option to turn off the color outlines of enemy characters and remove some things from the HUD would also be sweet.


  4. I reserved the game and had an access code to special stuff, I reserved it from walmart and tried to redeem the code on x-box 360 but it said the code was invalid.. I have been cheated it feels like and I would really like to get my stuff I paid for.. also a game type just with slayer woulds be cool and make head shots

  5. hey ummm you all know that the challenges are easier on a lower leveled account/new account right? well if not you do now. and i think but i am not sure if you get an extra level credit when you de-level yourself can someone confirm this cuz i got 22 level credits. and when are the online stats coming out?


  7. its a great game ive got it on xbox but it needs more stuff ive done all i can do and getting abit bored we need dlc asap or it could be another game for trade in 🙁

  8. Man this game is nothing like the video’s showed when you watch the clips it looked like alot of fun looked like you had team deathmatch free for all and some objective type stuff but looks like you made a game that belongs in xbox atcade or as a beta i really hope the dlc is awesome otherwise you have made a piece of clay of a game i mean you guys made enemy territory qiake wats so maybethat was all the warning i should of listened to but hey what i seen in your clips eas awesome but thats not what we got

  9. will there be an update to increase the level cap? it took me a day to reach the cap on my first player and now im almost done with my second character. why did u guys make only to level 20 toooooo short

  10. This game is CONTRADICTORY at its finest.

    I get that your suppose to go online, but with all the lag … i really cant be bovered to pay ££ a month to play online, when I have a brother who would want to play it with me.

    Teamwork? Its 1 PLAYER!!

    This DLC has to have an OFFLINE CO-OP mode…

  11. I CANT invite friends over to play this awesome game.
    I CANT play this game with my brother.

    I have to play by myself, taking turns with my brother and watch him or play with the worst AI i’ve ever seen… in a game, that is suppose to be about COOPERATION and TEAMWORK!…The only teamwork I get is verbal teamwork from my brother WATCHING me play, cos this co-op game is 1player

    You SERIOUSLY need to put in a splitscreen mode in the DLC. Is it really that hard??

  12. I play Brink for the PS3. How do I play online VS. other players?!? I have explored the main menu and still can not find an option that lets me join an online game! Is it even possible to join a game on PSN?

  13. Hey BETHESDA AND SPLASH LOOK HERE!!!!! just a few thoughts for maps and stuff on upcomin dlc could you possibly make a founders tower map where u can fight inside the actual tower + a few others and maybe some more capaign missions + More guns and abilities would be cool and a ctf and teamdeath match and if u could make it so ur actually playing with all humans online and make live mutiplayer a bit more easy to find and i w as wondering how many dlc packs would come out and if there is going to be a brink 2 PLEASE GET BACK TO ME AT [email protected]

  14. I play Brink for the PS3. How do i Join games thats Player VS. Player? I have no Idea how to do this! I have explored the menus and can not find an option that gives me to choice to play online!!! Somebody please help me because I would love to play this game online versus other people. 🙁

  15. Every time I try to start brink this message comes up and closes the game. My system, is new and tweaked to the max, plays everything well and I do not understand why this crash’s.

    —— Initializing File System ——
    Loaded pak000.sdpk2
    Loaded pak001.sdpk2
    Loaded pak002.sdpk2
    Loaded pak003.sdpk2
    Loaded pak004.sdpk2
    Loaded zzzenglish000.sdpk2
    Loaded zzzenglish001.sdpk2
    Loaded zzzenglish002.sdpk2
    Loaded zzzenglish003.sdpk2
    Loaded zzzenglish004.sdpk2
    Current search path:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\74874563\22350\local/base
    C:\Users\Wolverine\AppData\Local\Splash Damage\Brink/base
    c:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\brink/base
    file system initialized.
    Loaded 3781 manifest elements in 6 ms – 192Kb
    Discarded 0 manifest elements
    Max filename length: 0 characters
    Brink 1.0.22823.47299 win-x86 May 18 2011 17:26:29
    couldn’t exec ‘brinkconfig.cfg’
    couldn’t exec ‘autoexec.cfg’
    Vendor: 10DE Device: 0E22
    Brink requires Windows 2000 or newer
    Shutting down OpenGL subsystem
    …releasing DC
    …shutting down QGL

    please help me I do not need another disappointment of blowing 50.00

  16. You really need to fix the low fps bug on the PC. Ever since I installed Brink and encountered this bug, it has been spreading to my other games. You NEED to patch this, it makes the game unplayable.

  17. I am very eager for the updates. However I am freezing constantly on the US version of Brink on the XBOX. I hope it is lag related, but I am worried this is an issue not on the list. Occasionally it even displays a specific corruption error message about the add-on for Brink which I did not purchase from Gamestop. (assuming that is the add-on it is referring to). I have cleared my XBOX cache numerous times, but this cycle continues over and over again.

  18. ok I have just got into the Brink Experience and I have been having trouble finding people on the xbox 360 live or multiplayer so if anyone could please reply back and let me know how to find more people online.

  19. So far we have a game with incredibly stupid AI on singleplayer, and a multiplayer system that’s broken and won’t find any matches for me anywhere on xboxlive and I can only play with friends, of which hardly any bought this game because of the 4/10 to 7/10 reviews. Interestingly the 7/10 reviews I’ve read were on the proviso that a patch would fix the broken elements of the game.


  21. the games good it would be better if u added some team death match capture the flag n other objectives to the online gameplay.

  22. Good to see you’re supporting the game!
    Any word on when you’ll be fixing the Tough As Nails achievement though? It doesn’t seem to be working for a few of us.

  23. hi, in my ps3 i can’t play brink online with people.Also when i try to find a public game i never join a game with other people i just play with computer. I hope to know how can i play online.

  24. how do i get a refund? seriously
    lag has been horrible, still not fixed, unplayable game online….when you add to that the very limited campaign… do i get a refund? seriously

  25. Was the update released today on the xbox 360? i was playing a game and i randomly got disconnected from xbox live and i was returned to the main menu. When i signed back in there was an update i had to download for the game. Was this update for the lag or is it for something else??

  26. This game had so much potential…just 3 things that were done terribly…
    1) AI in campaign is a complete joke…I hate them…just like everyone else…lol
    2) Matchmaking is a joke…there is no way (that I can find) to form a party and join public matches together (its a team based game!!!!) Seriously…add this feature and you guys will be on track.
    3) When playing multi there is no incentive to win or try to complete the objectives. You can gain just as much xp by just killing. At the end there is no real bonus for winning (that I can tell)

    These 3 issues are all agreed upon by the 5 other co-worker at my gamestop…we all play together. Sadly, by tomorrow, we will all have traded in the game. I am happy to see the first DLC is free (it should be) and that they are addressing bugs and fixes first…but I fret that they will never fix the issues I mentioned. Brink 2…I cant wait for you. In these times there is some serious competition for shooters of any kind…need to step it up Beth and Splash…but very good attempt. So close…

    …Just my 2 cents.

  27. I’ve been playing Brink for two weeks, and as a 36-year-old gamer I can say now this is the most disappointed I have ever been in a video game. Others have hit on the vast number of problems with the game, but more than anything else, you decided to release a game that was full of a stunning number of issues. My original hope for “Brink” was an updated “Return to Castle Wolfenstein”, with teamwork, communication, goals and replayability. Then I played the game for an hour, and found out the truth–this game wasn’t ready to be released.

    Everyone else has highlighted the issues with lag, amazingly terrible AI, sound that constantly cuts out, breaks in the graphics and character models that constantly use the wrong voices attached to the players. How about this–a team-based game that, over 20 hours of playtime into it, still has left me with an experience where I have only played with TWO other players that had a mic? I almost miss the verbal abuse, racism, and profanity tied to playing COD or Halo games online, because at least then, I was sure I was playing with other players…

    …which ties into the problem with Brink’s games always defaulting into lobbies where I am one of three human players surrounding by multiple bots. Or, worse, when I’m the only human on my team of seven other bots, and getting objectives completed always comes down to me. SMART was a bust, the AI is terrible, the maps have the worst choke points in the history of multiplayer gaming (Container City is officially the cautionary tale other dev teams will study before making their future games), and the game simply feels unfinished. I am very confident that your staff recognized that the game was terrible and released it early just to get it off the books. Knowing that your team members won’t really be able to use Brink as a resume builder is a testiment to how awful this game is.

    If I hadn’t convinced three other friends to buy this game, I would have already traded it in. But, with mud all over my face, I had to soldier on through the first couple of weeks before giving up and writing this rant. Hopefully, others will build on all of the mistakes this product has provided.

  28. I see the 360 finally got the update. Now you need to work on the UNBALANCED AI in this game. Tell me why it takes a half a clip to kill the enemy, but it takes them about 2-3 shots to kill you??? Now that is some serious BULL****. What the Hell are you guys doing to fix this broken game?

    p.s. Ironically, I’m enjoying this game but please fix these problems!!!!!

  29. I have NEVER been so disappointed with a game in my life. It is SHOCKING that Bethesda had anything to do with this game. This is NOT a full price retail game. This would be a decent game for $20, but for full retail it is nothing short of atrocious.

    It is as if there was no lead game designer involved in the process. If some person rakes in a salary claiming to be the lead, they failed in all aspects of their role. In one work day (8 hours), a mildly experienced player could write a novel about all the problems with this game. To save me time, see the Angry Joe review. He hits the nail on the head with every shortcoming of this game.

    We all know it is a massive task to put out a game that the masses enjoy, but that is no reason to phone-in mediocre releases like this. Splash Damage might want to scale back operations and focus on arcade games for a while and leave top-tier development to those with more experience, thoroughness, and credibility.

    Update came out today and may have fixed lag.. and thats it. Thanks for the two week wait. Bethesda might be in disaster recovery mode for a while after this release and may want to consider dissolving their relationship with Splash Damage. This is not on par with other Bethesda projects and I hope they do not suffer in the long run due to this steaming pile of a video game.

    Splash Damage, listen to the gamers and take their problems/issues/complaints/recommendations/etc seriously or they will never spend another dime on anything. Otherwise, you will be a flash in the pan and this game will go down as one of the biggest disappointments in this era of gaming.

  30. I dont know what the one above me is whining about.This game is more fun than all COD combined.TEAMPLAY is the key.If you’re no teamplayer or dont have the capacity to be one then it’s your problem,not the game’s.

  31. A very good reflex and fast reaction time you also need to have.This is definitely not the game for the LAME ones.

  32. There is a poblem with my Characters voice. my First character i created had a voice actor(can’t remember the name we’ll call him #1) and my Second character had a different voice actor. Something happened that my First Characters voice actor, and all the other characters I have, now have the Second characters voice actor. How can i fix this?

  33. My complaints have nothing to do with teamwork… I don’t know where that assumption came from. Nor do they have anything to do with other games. My problem is that the game is not really finished. I like the direction they are going with the game, but Brink feels like a game that still has a few months of testing before it’s ready for release.

    Either QC doesn’t exist at Splash Damage or that department phoned it in.

  34. What if i cant play online?

    i keep playing alone with bots all the time and im starting 2 think no one plays online in ps3

  35. Lobbies would be nice, considering its a team based game, and I can’t play with MY team, if you get me.
    But otherwise great game, can’t wait for the DLC and possible updates to keep it going!