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  1. Hey Bethesda!
    What about the idea to make a special version of Fallout game in style of Fallout2 (view from the 3rd person) but with new graphics especially for the current smartphones?

  2. Users base on the iPhone alone is 73.5 million sold devices (total for today) not counting iPod Touch and Android OS devices…
    Why are you ignoring this big pile of money?
    After all you can cook up new game suitable for smartphone display using new instruments and old materials from previous Fallouts very fast…

  3. @Niamh

    Sarsaparilla is one of the main ingredients in Root Beer. Sunset Sarsaparilla would, inevitably, taste like Root Beer.

  4. This is very unrelated but when are you coming out with a patch for the “I Fought the Law” quest? Whenever I clear NCRCF Mr. New Vegas still says that the convicts won, when they were clearly vanquished even without NCR casualties.

  5. GTSAFF, when is the ED-E & HH patch that Nick Breckon promised going to be released?

    Also, when is that next comprehensive patch for quests coming out? You said it would be after HH was released, so can we an we get an update already?

  6. FAIL! star goes under lid… & yeah… all this shows is a drunk thinks he’s clever. the pew-pew is awsum. & the holotape was funny… u know how quick i ran out after reading it lawl. Fallout NV is epic… plz blog release date of Old world blues DLC. 30 min to 14th. im gonna b checking PSN ever hour 4 it. got the 7.99 reserved since HH & DM lol. all i want off PSN.

  7. I just attempted fast travelling to Vault 34 and it has been stuck on this loading screen for the past 15 minutes. Please release a patch or something to alleviate this. Also the Brotherhood of Steel Bunker at Hidden Valley has to be the choppiest location in the game. Also, why no mods for the Police Pistol?

  8. “all this shows is a drunk thinks he’s clever.”
    Wow, thanks dude, I’m not a drunk, I work in a bar actually, so I serve a lot of these. The guys at Bethesda seemed to enjoy it. I’m not sure there is a mass produced bottle cap with the star underneath, but these seemed like they’d be just as relevent to the cause. I was kind of annoyed by your comment, but Bethesda liked it so much they sent me a really awesome poster/print, and now I’m happy again.