One week left in RAGE’s Graffiti Contest and Sweeps

There’s one week left in our RAGE Graffiti Contest and Sweepstakes on Facebook, so I thought I’d make my best attempt to get Blake Griffin in RAGE. That’s not going to happen because:

  1. I’m not eligible to win
  2. Saying “I’m not eligible to win” is giving me too much credit. I’ve upset everyone around my desk with my terrible “attempt”

But that doesn’t mean you can’t win. For a chance at getting your artwork in the final copy of RAGE (plus a new iPad and a trip to QuakeCon), head to our Facebook Graffiti App. And if you’re drawing skills are on par or worse than mine (who am I kidding??), you can simply fill out the Sweepstakes form for a chance to win.

Anyone know the number for that art test you see on TV? I need help.

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