Xbox LIVE savings for Oblivion and Fallout

Xbox LIVE’s Deal of the Week brings 1/2-off savings to Xbox LIVE Gold subscribers on select Fallout 3 and Oblivion content. The following content is included in this week’s promotion::

Fallout 3 Content

Mothership Zeta – 400 points

Broken Steel — 400 points

Operation: Anchorage — 400 points

Vault Boy Head Avatar item — 80 points

Vault 101 Suit avatar item — 120 points

Oblivion Content

Shivering Isles – 1200 points

Knights of the Nine — 400 points

Horse Armor — 100 points

Reader Comments

  1. Aw.. Those come with the game of the year editions.. I have them already. ‘Cept horse armor. That’s cool. My Shadowmere will be riding in style. 😀

  2. Wow, they have a sale, and they make Horse Armor now 100 Gamerpoints, as opposed to free…

    In my opinion they should have it as free in general, and they shouldn’t have to have it on sale, or just take it out entirely…

    Maybe it’s some ongoing joke of some sort of Bethesda’s, seeing as they realize that Horse Armor is the most useless thing to ever hit The Elder Scrolls.

    Looks kind of neat…………. Though…………

  3. I think the best thing ever for new vegas would be raiders who go around on full sized “Giddy up, Buttercup” mechanical horses.

  4. How about releasing some new Avatar Marketplace stuff? *hint hint*

    Not just for Skyrim, but for Fallout too! I’d love to dress my avatar in Brotherhood power armor.