Prey 2: The Making of a Teaser

If you’ve read any of the many Prey 2 previews, you know the developers at Human Head aren’t taking the easy road with the sci-fi shooter sequel. The new game expands on the Prey universe in a big way, placing you in the boots of a marshal-turned-bounty hunter in an open, alien world.

With such an ambitious game in the works, a different kind of announcement was required for its unveiling. In the end, the solution was to be equally ambitious with the teaser trailer, bringing the universe of Prey to life in a live-action setting.

“We wanted to do something that would announce the game in a unique way, while also adding in a few throwbacks to the first Prey,” explains Bethesda’s Rakhi Gupta.

Fans of the original game will remember the scene that sees an entire jetliner plucked from the sky by an alien ship. In Prey 2, the hero’s journey begins on that same plane, serving as a junction point between the two games.

“When the aliens initially invaded Earth during the events of Prey 1, they abducted people, grabbed buildings, and even pulled airplanes out of the sky,” said Chris Rhinehart, project lead at Human Head. “Our hero in Prey 2, Killian Samuels, was on one of the abducted airplanes. You see glimpses of him in the trailer.”

After several ideas were pitched, a script was developed around the concept of footage taken from inside the doomed plane. Storyboards were drawn up detailing every shot of Flight 6401’s final moments, and plans were set for a multi-day, live-action shoot, to be followed by plenty of special effects work.

Key to the concept was the on-set realization of Prey’s alien Hunters. In the days leading up to the shoot, special effects artists crafted a wearable Hunter mask and armor set, paying especially close attention to the warrior’s distinctive dagger-like teeth.

In the end, the teaser accomplished its goals as an announcement, while also serving as a fun way to connect the two games.

“It’s one of the best live-action video games teaser trailers I’ve seen,” added Rhinehart. “It shows some of the Prey 1 to Prey 2 connections, it’s action-packed and ends with a huge mystery box.”

Prey fans have a lot more to look forward to in the near future, but for now, take a look at the final product:

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