Brink DLC Details and Stats Site Update

Update 5/29: The title update is live on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Original Post:Today we’ve got some exciting news to share about two big Brink updates in the works.

First up, the statistics site will be going live next Tuesday for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 players. PC players can look forward to it going up very soon. This site, located at, will be your hub for in-depth stats, including data on matches, players and the overall progress in the weekly Battle for the Ark. Check out the screenshot above for a sneak peek and dig up that VIP code as you’ll need it to register once the stats page is live.

On top of that, the Agents of Change DLC is just on the horizon, slated for release in June. The pack will bring new maps, abilities, character customization options and weapon attachments to Brink, while also raising the level cap to 24. Here’s a full list of the DLC content:

New Maps

  • Founders’ Tower – The revolution finally reaches the island’s iconic spire and takes the battle for the Ark to dizzying heights.
  • Labs – Venture into the depths of the Ark’s original research and development laboratories, a submerged high-tech facility so far untouched by the civil war.

New Player Abilities

  • UAV – This stealthy and lethal device allows Operatives to automatically mark nearby enemies on their radar. For more explosive fun, they can even take direct control of the UAV and detonate it near unsuspecting foes.
  • Napalm Grenade – Soldiers can use this new grenade to cover an area in a sea of deadly flames.
  • Pyro Mine – Engineers can plant these mines and leave enemies in the epicenter of a massive napalm explosion.
  • Field Regen Unit – Medics can deploy these units to increase the health regeneration of any nearby teammates.
  • Tactical Scanner – This universal ability allows players to reveal the active buffs of their opponents, allowing them to pick off enemies more strategically.

New Weapon Attachments

  • Bayonets – Gain the edge in melee combat and cause extra damage with these deadly blades.
  • Weapon Shields – Take cover from enemy fire and prevent headshot bonus damage behind riot-style shields.

New Character Outfits

  • The Sad Punk – Add a touch of Steampunk to your Resistance character.
  • The Limey – Bring order to the Ark with this outfit inspired by traditional European police.

In addition to these updates, we’re happy to let you know that the updates we described last week will be available for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this weekend.

Reader Comments

  1. i have yet to have a lag issue on the xbox 360 but ppl need to realize that they are working on it for you other less fortunate ppl so give it time and im sure the will hit with more dlc packs and maybe more game modes

  2. @Jermiah I’m very happy that you’re experiencing the best performance possible but many people aren’t. And since the last update, we’ve had no further info from either Bethesda or Splash Damage. The problem is, which will become your problem too, if they don’t fix this or at least tell us they’re working on it, people will stop playing the game. So you’ll be stuck by yourself with wonderful network performance but no networked game.

    I absolutely love this game but it has major issues, as I’ve outlined (and many others too) above. These major issues are hindering my enjoyment. I know another person which has given up on the game now. They need to implement a lobby (at the least) urgently. I wasted more than 10 minutes just to get into a game with 3 friends last night. That’s not good enough for something I spent £40 on.

  3. There is a glitch with the minigun.. sometimes it starts firing and loses no ammo but at the same time does no damage.. weird right?

  4. just outta curiousity, you said the updates would be out in June? any specific/general timing in June? or just somewhere between the 1st-30th?

  5. You really gonna walk up and shoot a girl in the face? Or slide under, knocking her down while you stand over and bash her in the face with your gun to finish her off? I don’t really think Bethesda is going to add a female option because of the above.

  6. No security member would bash a girl
    Bethesda hasn’t made a shooter for a while because fallout and elder scrolls are RPGs so cut en some slack
    To all those haters this is a wonderful game

  7. A little late in my opinion. There are still some major issues plaguing this game: lack of a friend lobby, horrible match making (how many games are filled with 3 players and 600 bots), no in-game stat tracker, and the fact that every gun is virtually the same as far as damage goes.

    The website will be up “soon”!? Release a game unfinished, this is the state of the gaming industry and companies are getting away with it.

    Selling it back in July for 20$ to Amazon.

  8. i like all of the stuff you guys and gals are putting into the game but (theres always a but) could you make the friendly ai smarter and enemy ai not mow you down so fast plus couldyou add a capture the flag and domination game modes cause it gives you a break from the other modes.

  9. Dude, this game is not going to be another cliched game. THERE WILL BE NO OTHER MODES. It’s meant to be a team-based game. There doesn’t need to be another COD game (COD is boring already). There is only a team-based game mode. Kudos to Bethesda in keeping this game true to it’s purpose. Screw Capture the flag and whatever (although Deathmatch would be cool and could fit in with the game well), it’s fun already.

  10. That’s pretty nice but i wondered if there was any plan of making new game modes like Team deathmatch (would be great), search and destroy (With the smart … delicious!!!) or any kind of capture the flag or domination like in Modern warfare 2, medal of honor or crysis 2. I really LOVE playing the campaign against people, it really adds a twist to the first person shooters but i keep hoping you would release an update full of game modes. Otherwise, sick job, I’ve waited since july 2010 for this game and i’m very pleased by the result!!! Keep working, I WANT MORE!!!

  11. when i watched the trailer to this game i was excited cause of the guy jumping on his back with 2 pistols shooting and the guy in the anger with the swords. I really love this game alot but i really thought the whole dual pistols and swords would of been epic. will you guys ever add those into the game? like make holding 2 pistols take the place of your primary so there will be some balance atleast. and make the swords take place of your secondary and just have really insane melee damage. other then that i love this game its like cod ninja style (:

  12. @brotherchen

    If you want those game types, play a different game that’s not based on team objectives… No tdm, FDA, or ctf. This game is different and needs to stay as such.

  13. i enjoy this game alot its out standing with the movement controls. customization is really intense and fun. but its consistence because all the modes are the same campaign etc. i think it would be a great improvement to the game if you add like a death match mode or free for all. try focusing on the area of play game modes things like that.

  14. Everbody needs to quit comparing this game and quit tryimg to get game types like search and destroy like CRAP OF DUTY.

    Yes there still needs a few more updates but you know they will be here shortley. Its been awhile since there has been a awesome fast paced shooter. Unreal tournment was the last one i realy know of.

    And there is a few weird things ive seen in the last week. Ive had a light body type run past and killed me and it showed that he did it with a heavy type weapon, and jumping on high ledges with a heavy weapon in his hands when i cant even get to those levels with a medium type.

  15. Awesome, new skills + attachments. Can’t wait to try out the bayonet; Only problem is I’ll have to use that sell skill thing a couple times, decreasing my main’s level, but it’s no problem. Keep up the good work with Brink; Wish there were more weapons though.

  16. Hi it is July 16th and I have a X-box 360 and you haven’t yet released “Agent’s of Change”. When are you going to relase it for the X-box. I have been checking every day and acording to the game section it still lists 15 items which are all videos for bring. Also when are you going to do a Brink theam for X-box 360.

    thank-you for you time Cary

  17. It’s well past the first half of July and I still haven’t seen the DLC. If the release date/period is not correct, don’t give a release at all.

  18. Hey, Bethesda/Splash Damage,

    What’s up? Haven’t heard much from you lately. It’s about a week off from August, just thought I’d let you know. Hope you’re having a fun summer, I’ve beens spending more time outdoors lately and playing videogames less. Feels good man. It’s easier to spend more time outside staying fit and active without that Agents of Change DLC, let me tell you. Those certification guys sure have been dragging their feet, huh? Ha ha, those crazy guys.

    Well, anyways, I’m peacin’ out. Take care of yourselves, and don’t push yourselves too hard.

    -brink fan

  19. this game is what i’ve been waiting for a step up in the first person shooter im glad that this game was introduce to the community of gameing i’ve had so much more fun than the classic shooter this is the game that requries team work thank you

  20. These skill up grades are just perfect for defending. I would like the abillity to pick up and move my turret though and all those asking for team death match just shut up. This is more then a run n’ gun it has stratigy. So go back to COD you noob.

  21. its 12 in the afternoon and i still dont see the dlc are you guys waiting until night time to put it out or whats up, I thought after this being the 4th time when it was suppose to be out that it would be out at 10 am like all dlcs so does this mean that its not today and will be the 5th time that its suppose to be coming. I just dont get why a 2 map dlc is being so long there are games that have come out in june that have two dlc already, you guys are hurting yourselfs by doing this i meet alot of people on this game that either traded it in or dont play it any more because of the mixed promises or all the problems and also taking so long for a dlc pack. This was my favorite game but after having 4 guys at rank 20 getting nothing new for so long just gots old. I think if you guys make a second brink and make a game lobby , higher rank , make the campaign and the multiplayer different not almost 100 percent the same, make it harder to unlock weopons and attachments i mean you can easily have a guy maxed out in one day from scratch thats crazy and you need more modes . I love how brink is different but you guys put the game out way to early you could have had a game that could have been game of the year , but with all the screw ups theres know way now i think if you guys listen to the forums a BRINK 2 could be way better then the first, but keep it like the first one with the different classes anmd abilities and workin together it was a great idea that was released way too early. But i do hope to see the DLC today it would be nice

  22. Hey splash damage and bethseda, im experiencing some problems with the dlc. I already downloaded the dlc, and when i start the game, it doesent appear. Like when i put the game, it just show the old maps with the same guns. And one of your updates got me down to rank 1 and lvl 1 and lost all my data on the game. If you have recieved one of these before, please contact me if you know what to do with this problem. Thank you!!!