TES Modding: Check out the trailer for Andoran: Prologue

Above is the newly-released (and awesome) trailer for Andoran: Prologue — the second part of a Russian mod trilogy for Oblivion (part 1, Axis, is already available for download).

The mod is planned to be completed later this year. For more details on the project, visit the Andoran website. Just be ready to use Google translate if you’re not fluent in Russian.

Thanks to forum member Mehrunes Artem for pointing me to the trailer.

Reader Comments

  1. Looks Really nice. I don’t understand Russian and they probably won’t release the englsih version before after Skyrim so i won’t be playing this.

    Nehrim buggy oh you don’t say ;-). Still loved it though.

    Well I know a lot of Germans. Both from the former east and the western part, and they have a good age spread too. (I’ve been on exchanges there a few times in fact) I must say I don’t recognize the scenario written in this thread. Generally the English language skills of the Germans are bad. And most of their TV and movies are lip-synced in German, as a standard (We have German TV here). True a section of the younger generations speak some English, but not enough for it to give meaning not having German versions of most things. Here in DK we really do have most movies in the original language and with subtexts not just English spoken ones. Well you might say that most ppl. that want to play this don’t speak Russian. I say think about it for a moment. Russia has a population of about 143 million ppl. A lot of them don’t speak anything but Russian or Russian and whatever native language they speak in the part of Russia they come from. A lot of ppl. don’t have a computer, but even if we were talking only a few % (we are not really) that still makes a lot of gamers and I assure you Russia is a gaming nation!

    On another note I just ordered some new parts to upgrade my rig so I say; Skyrim just give it your best shot 🙂

  2. That trailer blew me away, especially those animations. The whole feel of it was great, and I am excited for the story. I loved the main quest of Morrowind, and this looks like very promising continuation of sorts.

  3. Although the website is russian, you can get it translated with google chrome.

    So the mod is free? website mentions its a non profit mod that requires licensed copy of oblivion.

  4. This looks fantastic! Seeing the Ordinators on the ship was extremely epic! I have a nearly full modlist for Oblivion and wasn’t planning on adding much more, but this trailer certainly gives me pause! Heres hoping for a swift English translation!

  5. does anybody know what song, or what version of the theme is playing in the background, either throughout the entire thing or towards the end?

  6. Idk what the narrator said but I just saw morrowind and it was awsome. almost looks better than the original game.. LOL.

  7. Looks awesome. Great being able to understand Russian too 🙂 although for all those people wondering what it’s saying it’s nothing special. You probably get more from it by just listening to the foreboding voice of doom haha.

  8. It does look amazing… but i just cant get past the whole not english part… im sure its awesome, but i would only get it/play it if it were in English =/

  9. & this is why in Elder Scrolls V, there needs to be a way, almost like how the Sims 3 console version has the exchange or how Ubisoft does U-play, where us whom are playing on consoles can download content such as these mods, it would keep the game open-ended and make people come back for more & more 🙂

  10. mods are never shown as dlc for game systems. I would like something like this on my PS3. However, the PSN store is still under maintenance.

  11. This is pretty cool, but i would be apprehensive to play something like this that was player created because i feel like it would just be made up game lore instead of lore created by the creators of TES series. Something i would like to see tho, (even tho i know this kinda contradicts what i just said lol) is an expansion based on the book that was recently written. I really enjoyed the idea behind the book and i could only imagine the game that would house all of that content! 😀

  12. Epic Morrowind revamps!! Those Durzogs look simply AMAZING and those Ordinators are freakin BA. I would love to play both Morrowind and Oblivion like this, that would make my life.

  13. Too bad Bethesda wont do like what Valve is doing with L4D 1-2, and Portal 2 with releasing user made content as dlc after they touched it up a bit :/

  14. Don’t worry, guys. As a russain TES-community user I’m 99,9% sure that there will be an english version of this mod someday. But later than russian one, thats obvious.

  15. Hi all, I’m designer of the Andoran: Prologue and I want to answer some questions in the name of Vikart, our team leader, I hope that I’m not too late here 🙂

    1. As you can see the website now has english version.

    2. You shouldn’t worry, we’ve planned translation of the Andoran: Prologue itself (at least subtitles) on the English language (as gstaff said before).

    3. By the known reasons we can’t release Andoran: Prologue for the consoles.

    4. You can think the Andoran: Prologue as an add-on for Oblivion, it expands world of the Elder Scrolls by adding new lands – the Andoran island. You can continue play with your old Oblivion character just in the same way as it was in the Andoran: Axis mod.

    5. Andoran was originally planned as russian mod first of all, and far not all members of our team clearly know english language. Not every russian nor even every 10th russian knows. When new game is coming out, most of our fellows waiting for the russian translation. We have relations with the professional translators group though and those guys will start to work shortly before the finish line.

    6. I can’t say anything about date of release of the english or russian versions now. This kind of questions lies on the our leader’s shoulders. 🙂

    Good luck everyone and wait for Andoran: Prologue!

    P.S. This is the translation of the conversation that is presented in the trailer:

    1: The Tamriel Empire is falling. Old rulers which are loyal to the ?enter are dying. New ones come on their place, and they aren’t always content with the situation.

    2: Their discontent is meaningless, even time is dwindles to nothing in the Dragons Breach.

    1: Imperial mages have lost control and this failure can worth much for us, as though we haven’t enough problems already. Vampire hunters intend to earn a little money on the problems. Let us see if they can hold the flows of blood. As the immortality is the bet.

    2: Immortality?

    1: Not only vampires, some dunmers trust that their gods aren’t dissapeared but they are going strong and will fight as well.

    2: And how could it finish?

    1: I don’t know, there are many variations… very many…

  16. TESAll.Ru:
    you may wish to examine who abuses your site ressources for phishing attacks @ Kosh and Petrovich

    –> Axis d/l site locked for me by my anti-phishing program

  17. I don’t speak Russin but I saw an excellent presentation of a Story that I’m hoping there will be some kind of English translation available so I will know what the Story is about! Prologue was amazing. It had the Morriwon feel and the newness of a fresh story.. The Graphics were awsome!.Cheers!

  18. I hope it come in english, because its amazing!
    This kind of mod show how Bethesda dont make worth his own TES Construction Set
    Looks like more great than Oblivion

  19. Hello:)
    So, here some info about Andoran.
    1. It’s not a total conversion or a brand-new world. Andoran: Prologue bring’s new island to the world of tamriel (south to the Blackmarsh).
    2. Andoran don’t break the Lore of elder scrolls. It’s very careful to the history of tamriel. You can find a lot of interesting things or rumors, related to the previous Elder Scrolls games.
    3. Yes, english version is planned, but after release of mod. Currently Andoran team is focused on the development.
    So, hope soon you can find more info about Andoran project on andoran.com.
    P.s. Sorry for my english :).

  20. Events will not take a place in Morrowind. It’s a completely new island with a new story. And you will be able to use your character like you did in “Shivering Isles”.

  21. Moderator can u delete my 2 previous coment and use this. Thx

    Google Translate

    Hi, I want to tell everyone a little bit detail as an outsider watcher the development of Andoran team. In far 2006, after my acquaintance with TES4 I plunged into “the improvement of my Oblivion” is how I stumbled on an interesting project for me to domestic production: TES4 Skyrim (its not mistake) they are working closely with the project Andoran.
    Project History Andoran
    Idea of this project has arisen at Vikart (founder of the project) while playing Morrowind. He invented a kind of island which is “really” existed all this time (with a history fit into the Lore), but it was hidden from all over the world (except for the right people xD) There, coexist among themselves Imperials, Dunmer and Nords (maybe it’s not all). For the project he took after the release of Oblivion starting from a simple mod Andoran skuuma that made you a drug addict, and not hurrying to finish these days (I think that the continuation of planning to do on the engine tes5)
    Where in 2010 a project TES4 Skyrim who 4 years reached approximately 1 / 3 planned, considering the prospects of unification with Andoran Team and direct all their achievements to the fact that convey the atmosphere of Nord. By the end of 2010 came the first part of the Axis some portal, and one of the ways to throw the hero from Cyrodiil at Andoran (I did not play like Oblivion at the past few years)

    More information can be found at http://www.andoran.com/indexen.html
    And watch the trailer with subtitles xD

    What I expect to see
    Not a linear RPG
    Living World
    Perhaps Werwolfs and changed system of Vampirism
    In site says that in Andoran can be a blacksmith if it means that I can craft items I will be delighted

  22. Simply- Badass

    Amazing trailer, I’d suggest these guys to Bethesda but Skyrim’s was heaps better than Oblivion’s trailer. And I don’t know a word that Russian narrator said but it sounded Epic. The whole video chimed with this sense of “Epic” for that matter. Keep up the work guys.

  23. Also DrewBoy, Bethesda is trying that. Todd Howard’s attempts at talks to present user made content on the console space was reported quite a while ago.

    Big issue is Valve’s small additions pale in comparison to how much content Skyrim players could potentially get FREE from a User Generated Content Store. This undermines the whole of nickel and diming DLC on PS3 and Xbox 360 that publishers like Activision, EA, and Ubisoft(EA And Ubi have a habit lately of selling 1/3 of the retail game’s content stripped back to you)

    Plus there’s Microsoft who ironically owns the PC platform yet lets Xbox 360 players miss out on content and cross multiplayer unlike PS3 and PC owners for Portal 2.

    But again, Valve’s content is pathetic in comparison to this potential goldmine.

    Question is, will Consumers win? Or the Publishers(Other than Bethesda. They already know even if user content is added their own Priced DLC if competitive will be bought by the droves. Evidenced by Horse Armor.)

  24. Dear american friends and others. If this mod become popular in my country (and I think it will) our modders offcourse will translate it to english. So don’t worry be happy))

  25. @Mike (The one Asking About Horses) That’s one of the illusions of the nexus. The nexus is a place in your mind where there is madness… Kinda like portable shivering isles but without a set location. It shows off the Imperial City Being Sunk Underwater…It’s just an illusion.. NOT real

  26. Hello there guys! Tell me did they use any mods in this video at all,Like graphics and animation mods


    1) He swam and he saw his hands,was it a mod?
    2) sun beaming or whatever in the 1.13?
    3)Dunmer faces