TES Modding: Check out the trailer for Andoran: Prologue

Above is the newly-released (and awesome) trailer for Andoran: Prologue — the second part of a Russian mod trilogy for Oblivion (part 1, Axis, is already available for download).

The mod is planned to be completed later this year. For more details on the project, visit the Andoran website. Just be ready to use Google translate if you’re not fluent in Russian.

Thanks to forum member Mehrunes Artem for pointing me to the trailer.

Reader Comments

  1. Greetings, Andrus.
    The vast majority of animations in Andoran: Prologue is done by our (Andoran Team) animators. Some of them have been used in this video and have been made only for this video, many others are presented in the game too. Thanks for asking. 😉

  2. Amazing fellow countryman’s work makes me proud of Russian modding community. Also it makes me ashame of beeing so lazy and untalented to be able to give them a hand.