RAGE hands-on preview gives a taste of what you’ll see at E3

Gamespot recently visited id’s new office for a chance to go hands on with RAGE. During the trip, they saw several areas showcasing the game’s varied gameplay — including a look at the game’s main faction, the Authority.

Read the preview here, and be sure to watch the embedded video featuring design director Matt Hooper, creative director Tim Willits, and plenty of action from the game.

Reader Comments

  1. I like the music in the background : D and it looks pretty good, I hope I can skip out on the car combat and racing becuase I find driving boring…..

  2. Mama Mia! Its like a true blue out of this world futuristic sequel of FALLOUT 3 completely original and standing on its own. They would definitely compliment each other if one were to play them back to back.

  3. The game looks great and I am intrested… My question is, is it going to be like fallout open world or is just you go here and do this, or is it gona have Borderlands type elments where you upgrade you guy maybe I am asking, is it going to be a RPS I love fallout 3 and New Vegas …. I would like to see more types of shooter games like this