The Hunt is On: Hunted Now Available!

Co-op fantasy action has arrived with Hunted: The Demon’s Forge, which has now launched in North America on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC!

To get in the mood for some dungeon diving, check out the launch trailer above. Also be sure to read up on our recent Hunted game guide blogs: part one and part two. Of course, for more info on Hunted, is also a good place to look.

The first reviews are in — 84/100 from German site Spieletipps and 4/5 from the Examiner! We’ll have more as they come in.

Reader Comments

  1. Look, love Brian Fargo’s(Founder of Interplay, and now inXile) and inXile’s work but I’ll be holding off on this. That said it’s a full blown dungeon crawler and that’s great. Should be a game to support.

    I’ll probably pick it up later. I’m willing to get a fun RPG while also putting money into inXile and Bethesda Softwork’s pockets.

    Hopefully it insures a indepth and non-Copy&Paste 1 and 2 iconic factions and etc. To introduce new players to FO as 3.

    And of coarse inXile’s Wasteland 2.

    Get to it Fargo and crew.

  2. Clarification, when I said

    “Hopefully it insures a indepth and non-Copy&Paste 1 and 2 iconic factions and etc. to introduce new players to FO as 3”

    I ment that all pertaining to the future Fallout 4

  3. Hey! Come on! What happen with the users reviews in metacritic! Who wrote it? InXile people? Like the cheaters of Bioware? Totally innecesary… Dishonest!!!

  4. Can Hunted be played as a single-player game, or is it ONLY a co-op game? Can’t seem to find the answer to this question anywhere online. Considering the recent PSN outage, I would like to know if this game is playable if online isn’t an option.

  5. Wow, you sure Silicius? I can’t see Fargo pushing his employees to do something like that. Could be individual actions?

  6. This game is absolutely terrible. I really think Bethesda is an amazing company. BUT after New Vegas, Brink, and then this garbage! It really is just a crappy game. The graphics look extremely dated. You barely get to explore your environment. For a dungeon crawler I would expect choices to be available but its all rubbled in track work. Two staircases which one should I take? Oh yeah I have to take one because they rubbled in the other. Whoever gave this game an 84 must have been paid off. This game deserves less than a 5 out of 10. Bethesda you should be ashamed you put your name on this garbage.