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  1. Nice. Should be good. I hope more focus is on the weight of narrative and how writers hae improved or the hiring of new writers. A bit love and hate towards Bethesda due to Fallout 3 but hearing Howard I have a bit of hope.

    Skyrim should be an impressive outing

  2. Man can’t wait till E3, can’t wait till 11/11/11. Wonder just how much info in this magazine is actually going to be new.

  3. Treyster, Bethesda never lets ya down with The Elder Scrolls. I have all the faith in the world that they will not only manage to meet my expectations, but to surpass them in ways that I currently (sadly) can’t be witness to.

  4. I just cant wait for the game, i think this time around im going to actually avoid all this new information about the gameplay and possilbe spoilers. I want when the game finally comes out, to be a huge suprise to me and i dont want to know anything about the game that i already heard of (Dragons, in Skyrim)

  5. Oh no! The Dovahkiin is shown to be a male. Now all the feminists will continue flaming Bethesda for the lack of female representation. Feminists were complaining on the official Bethesda Skyrim forums about the Dovahkiin being shown as a male… It’s ridiculous really. How does anyone even go and refer to the gender of a protagonist as a neutral gender? Call the Dovahkiin “it”? Yea that would make the trailer so much better (sarcasm). Aside from the feminist issue, I love this shot of the Dovahkiin; he looks sort of like Boromir from the Lord of the Rings movie.

  6. Good to see only ps3 lovers will be getting new information on a game that was part of an xbox-exclusive franchise. Sick of companies not just letting everyone know the details through Gameinformer or some multiplatform magazine instead of JUST PS3 lovers.

  7. You can’t actually wind the staring contest because that image never changes. The eyes always stay open. Don’t bother trying to win.