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  1. Aside from having aliens in it what does this have to do with Prey?

    It looks awesome but it’d be way better if this was just a new IP.

  2. Looks like it will use SMART from brink, nice reuse of an awesome tech Bethsoft, plus the IDTECH Engine. Very explosive use of your assets. Can’t wait.

  3. Pretty entertaining trailer.

    Also I’m sure you’ll see some things to Prey 1, along with its protagonist, somewhere in the game. For now the focus of these trailers is the large untapped demographic.

    Also Prey 1 outside of flashes of brilliance wasn’t all that special. And some people just think it’s great because it has a main character of non-caucasian ethnicity.

    I wouldn’t be too worried though. This probably isn’t a Far Cry 1 to Far Cry 2 moment.

  4. Will we see this beauty on Macintosh, iPad or maybe Win 8 on ARM-architecture???
    Or the developers today didn’t think about future at all and so conservative that prefer to make games only for old platforms and ancient equipment?

  5. Looks great as a location, expanding on the universe you created with P1. I was wondering what you guys had in store since the sphere waa destroyed in that game. Gllad to see you Human Head taking a bold step,

  6. Al alexon – Win 8 arm is a maybe. If this game is using OpenGL as its graphics API then a mac version is a possibility. Im curious though, what ancient hardware are you talking about? Intel cpu’s and chipsets? The same cpu’s and chipsets apple uses? People who own macs are trying to make a statement – and that statement is : I love paying 2x more for the exact same hardware and having minimal software support. Mac and iOS are ancient and need to die already. Apple is far to closed. In the mobile space android will be king and in the desktop Microsoft will continue to dominate. You should really refrain from parroting fanboi garbage around like it is an original thought. But what would I know – I’m only a programmer at DICE.

    On an unrelated note – I really hope that this trailer has been done in engine with game assets. It looks amazing. I will be buying this for sure.

  7. wow, cgkingsomething.
    Yeah, apple is so lame because its sold 200 million devices of their iOs (more than PS3 and Xbox360 combined)… I just forgot about that. Thank you, some anonymous programmer from somewhere – you put all details in one place so perfectly… {sarcasm is progressing}

  8. That trailer is awesome, Johnny Cash + Prey 2 = Awesome IMO. Worked perfectly. Cannot wait for Prey 2, looks awesome.

  9. Sweet trailer. I picked up the first prey a while back, So I gotta play that before this one. I also loved the music. Johnny Cash doing Soundgardens Rusty Cage. Anyway, I liked the trailer, And will be looking for more videos once I start getting into the first Prey.
    One more thing, The name “Bethesda” is a bit similar to the biblical “Bethsaida”. You know where Jesus Feeds 5000 people. Any connection?