RAGE – The Well Official Gameplay Trailer

RAGE’s newest gameplay clip takes you to The Well. The town of Wellspring is being terrorized by a bandit clan threatening to poison the town’s water supply and they need your help. The ransacked well must be infiltrated and the bandit threat of lethal contamination must be stopped.

We’ll have more gameplay videos for RAGE soon. And if you missed them, watch the gameplay videos for Dead City and The Shrouded Clan.

Reader Comments

  1. it’s so cool to see some street & casual indoor scenes, especially to see how character interaction and plot advance works.

    the characters look really good – at least, their models do. the lip-synch is mediocre, and the body animations are a little melodramatic. i hope these are still a little rough, because they look it.

    i still can’t get over how excellent the combat animations are, though! the localized movement effects add a ton to the game, such as staggering a running enemy by shooting them in the leg.

    the weapons look like a ton of fun, too. explosive, shock… mind control?! i do love how iD games will have a number of realistic weapons, then just enough wacky, whimsical ones to make stuff extra fun. and the “Authority Pulse Cannon” looks awfully BFG-ish!

    love the “Quayola” and “Pinkies” with the classic iD game sounds!

  2. hahahah omg i thought all the TES freaks had scurried back in to their caves to await November, but apparently they’re still making a nuisance of themselves.

  3. Haha @ emilio

    Also nice, pretty different endeavour for iD. Should be a fun romp and much better than the competition.

    Save for Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

  4. @emilio
    TES freaks? nuisance ? it was just a question, they’re keeping the game under pretty tight lock, it’s normal to ask about the game of the year.


  6. It’s really horrible to watch that bad-aim-console-controller sequence. I hope the game is not to easy on the PC.

    Apart from that it looks pretty awesome, the graphics are gorgeous and I really fall for such small details like the Quayolas :).

    I’m looking forward for the Linux port.

  7. Emilio, Iirc they have said a few times animations often look bad in the trailers due to them being 25 fps instead of the games 60.

    Showing off some of the pre order stuff there. Also, I wonder what the doom and quake things are for.

  8. When will there be any official Linux availability statement?
    I so want to preorder RAGE, but not without confirmation that I’ll be able to play on my Linux box of course.

  9. Still no word on whats become of the Mac version that first debuted on a Mac. Bethesda, John and Tim, are doing a huge dis-service to all the Mac id fans waiting in limbo.

    Man up and say yes or no, it’s not a lot to ask for a little respect for the Mac fan base.