Update on Skyrim fan interview

As it’s been about a month since we announced our Skyrim fan interview, we wanted to give a quick status update. Todd and other members of BGS are working through the selected questions, and we expect to share answers soon after E3. For your patience, today we’re releasing a new wallpaper (above) and two new screenshots on The Elder Council.

In the meantime, you can expect to see and hear plenty on the game at next week’s big show. For starters, Todd Howard will be showing the game at the following:

  • GameTrailers.com – In the hour following Microsoft’s Monday press conference
  • IGN Live Show – Wednesday at 5:00 pm PST
  • G4TV – Tuesday at 1 pm PST on their E3 2011 LIVE Show

Since we’ll be busy at our booth next week, keep an eye out for additional updates across Twitter and Facebook… should be fun!

Reader Comments

  1. Love the wallpaper but why am I unable to access “The Elder Council” facebook link? I just get redirected to the facebook homepage? 🙁

  2. Seeing that one guy in the screenshot makes me wonder just how awesome the character customization is going to be. I absolutely can’t wait to find out. On that note, WOOLY MAMMOTHS OH MY GOD

    By the way, thanks for posting when info on Skyrim is going to be released. I plan to be watching when it happens. In fact, that may be the only reason why I’ll tune in to E3…besides Mass Effect 3, perhaps.

  3. Where can we get the full resolution versions of those screenshots? The ones on the elderscrolls.com website are 1280×720, these are 720×405.

  4. Can you post the pictures anywhere but facebook? I had to axe it to study properly for comp exams and you apparently need to sign in to even look at the screenies.

  5. That one screenshot of the guy standing in the hall looking towards the camera with the tattoo and the blind eye, what race is he, does anyone know?I can’t decide whether he’s a nord or an imperial, and some people have suggested that it might be a redguard.

  6. By the way that is probably the best wallpaper I have ever seen.It’s so beautiful and detailed it almost looks like you could walk right in it.It is THE wallpaper to end all wallpapers.

  7. @Corakus

    Vsions (A dev) confirmed that the guy in the screen shot with one eye, and the guy sitting at the table in the background are both Nords.

  8. @Outlander

    Thanks for that.I kind of figured he was a Nord, but I thought he might be an Imperial as well.I was fairly sure he wasn’t a Redguard though.

  9. So what’s the point in releasing screenshots on a site that requires registration? It’s not like facebook gets the exclusive rights or anything right?

    I mean, you’ve got this blog on which you tell me that you released some new wallpapers and another site dedicated to the elder scrolls games, and yet you decide to publish them on facebook only?

    (sure you’ll probably get some more traffic with the like button and all that shabang, but I’m not sharing my personal information with facebook just to see the remaining two wallpapers that won’t fit nicely on my 1280×1024 screen anyway, so thanks for making me search around instead)

    Sorry for the rant, just being an exited fan here.. nothing personal.

  10. Actually this is good news. Usually I’m pretty bummed out after E3 since all the news is over and I won’t hear anything about my favorite games for awhile. This time however, I’ll have the fan interview to look forward to!

  11. Ach, I know you guys are working as hard as you can, you all got a lot of work to do. Just wondering though, do you have a better idea of when you’ll be answering the Skyrim questions?