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  1. i sorta regret seeing this video. dont get me wrong its all good. when the dragons showed up i got this wow feeling. since it wasnt on a big screen and i wasnt playing, it was close to the feeling when i first walked out of the vault in fo3. i want the experience to be a surprise. that dragon showing up like that would have definatelty been a surprise!! to me this video kinda spoiled that . he stopped counting at 300hrs? means it will take me 1200 hrs to finish.

  2. The game played look breath taking and 300 hour that bigger than oblivion can’t wait to see more. Only problem is I’ve got to wait five months to get my hands on the game

  3. Hey,

    realy good video and great features.
    But what I miss is, that the landscape seems to be empty. There should be more eye-catcher, ambient-animals, altars/shrines and more topological variety.

    The dungeons are realy great and looks like Morrowind 🙂

    I hope to see a better graphics on the PC-Version like The Witcher 2 🙂

  4. FYI, all of the gametrailers videos I’ve tried are NOT working at all for iPad. Just get a generic NOT FOUND web error.

  5. So much happiness, I can’t wait.

    But damn, Bethesda, you have to release it in the middle of my final exam period, don’t you?

    Well, I have priorities. Skyrim > everything else.
    Goodbye, graduation.

    (Also, tripped out when I saw iJustine in this video…)

  6. I won’t lie, I was squeaking like a little school girl from excitement while watching that.

    When he was looking at that mammoth I was saying to myself “Please attack it!” and he did.. I got all excited to see what a finishing move with a mace might be like on a mammoth or a giant then BAM! Out of nowhere that freaking Dragon comes and ninja’s the whole thing. That was amazing.

    I can’t wait to play it! It’s hard to believe it’s only six months away now.

  7. Cool, I’ll take 150 unique dungeons over 250 cookie-cutter dungeons any day! (According to UESP, Oblivion had about 250 dungeons including all the forts, mines, caves, and Ayleid ruins.)

  8. Really Excited by this, one question though, if you really wanted to showcase how it looks, why are you running it on a 360 instead of a PC? you’ve already confirmed better Textures on PC.

  9. @Bethesda

    When are you going to announce the collectors edition!? Ive been waiting to preorder just for this reason.. I want the collectors edition for my PS3 so bad xD

  10. SKYRIM is definitely the rpg of a new century. The amount of detail is staggering. Guess my curiousity has been enlightened with much joy of what approaches.

    Thanks for the fantastic gameplay straight from E3 😀

  11. Love everything I’ve seen so far… except the falling giant that looked a bit rough, hopefully some flailing limbs animation will be added before the game retails.

    …and please release the full 30 minutes behind-closed-doors-demo.

  12. I must say, I was skeptical, but looks like you guys have nailed it. The quick select is great addition and I think way better solution over the 10 number hotkey selecting. Also loved the fact you brought horses back. Awesome. Maybe mounted combat is too much to ask?
    Dragons looked great and I hurt my jaw while it dropped when the dragon out-of-the-blue picked up the giant the player was fighting with. That was great, although I think you guys should add an animation for the creatures when they are picked up. The giant was too static and didn’t look like he cared much about being dropped to his death.

    I have some issues with the hud though. I think the font you use in the hud is too “out there”. The hud looks like it’s something on your space helmet with all the bright text flashing through.
    What really stood out was indeed the sneak text and the enemy names for me. I thought they were out of place. Maybe something to think about.

    I will buy the game, but I will be very, very sad if Jeff Baker isn’t doing the dunmer male voices.

  13. not sure myself on this game..not saying its not a great game..but couldn’t get into oblivion..but maybe this will be different

  14. wow man, ive watched this trailer over 10 times, this will be my 11th time xD
    i alrdy have pre-ordered this game, but if the collectors edition is getting announced, ill scrap the pre-order and get the collectors edition:P does anybody know btw how much the average price will be ?

    FUS RU DAH!!!!!!