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  1. It says its private 🙁 And I watched the demo with Geoff and Todd and I have to say that was amazing, along with this ad. Whoever’s idea this was should be promoted.

  2. HOLY.CRAP. MIND BLOWN O= DUDE THIS IS AMAZING! I thought they just stuck a poster or something, but they actually painted it!!! HOLY SHIT!

  3. that is the most amazing thing ever cause it took those guys maybe a year or month just to paint that whole intire picture on three big buildings and to represent the game skyrim that will be comming out for the ps3 and the 360.

  4. Wow! Totally an amazing Video but even more is the beautiful painting created. Skyrim “is” bigger than life! Cheers for the hard work that the Painters did! It had to be a bit dangerous way up there too. Kudos! And a very big Thank-you!

  5. This looks just so epic. I can’t remember how long it has been since there has been creativity in the advertisement industry, but this is something that I find, will change the minds of every one.

  6. So, is this the reason video games are $60US? I mean, yes, fantastic job, very cool but will it really sell what is cost them to do this? Just saying, can’t wait till 11/11/11. It’s the beginning of a new realm for alot of fans.