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  1. Oh, it’s very awesome. What’s the purpose of that scroll? It contains information about the future or about the Heroes? Or maybe about the Enantiomorph or Shezarrines? Or C0DA?

  2. Amazing. Just amazing.

    I also find it really interesting that WETA made it. I’ve been re-going through The Lord of the Rings special extended edition features for the millionth time. It is really fantastic how they went from this small studio, to a BIG DEAL thanks to Lord of the Rings.

  3. @Outlander Weta, and wingnut films, were already a big studio and had done lots of work on lots of other films and TV shows before LOTR. Clearly these are the films that made them what they are now but to call them small is way off the mark.
    On another note if they have that in the Weta cave next time I visit Wellywood I’m stealing it. Or trying to buy it. 😉

  4. we are looking at the king’s of the gaming industry I think we need to see this as a collectors item as well as some other awsome swag. ( can’t wait to see what bethesda has to haul home in their bags this year.)

  5. I hope something as awesome as this comes with the collectors edition. I also hope the collectors edition actually exists for Skyrim…

  6. It’d be awesome if Bethesda either included a miniature one with Skyrim or auctioned off that one for some charity (AKA gave me a reason to buy it :P)

  7. I have mad an almost exact copy of this and im going to sell it on ebay withing a month i hope. (there are still some things im not finnished with). Send me a message if youre interested in the price

    millions of dollars for that
    is that actually gold?
    I want to open one of that! at least see what is write inside…