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  1. O.O
    You actually had the wall and a dragon?!
    Can I have either one now that you’re done with them? Please? 😛

  2. Who’s the guy to the left of Todd in the first picture? I’m not sure I agree with his design choices in Oblivion. In this Oblivion making of video ( ) at about the 9 minute mark he says something that made me cringe. There is 1 major improvement I’d like to see in Skyrim it’s the return of completely unique and handplaced items/loot. Lots of cool and unique items in Morrowind was the driving force of my want to explore the world. Oblivion failed for me in that aspect. For example Brusef Amelion’s Armor was just a re-textured ebony set (actually just looks like a grayscale version of the ebony sets texture). /rant on how Oblivion disappointed me

  3. Guess you’ll have to visit the Bethesda hq to see it, Lady N
    I seriously doubt they’ll sell it.

  4. Todd Howard looks out of place with the rest in the team. I’m sorry Bethesda, Todd needs to be in Brian Fargo’s team.

  5. unless all of those pieces of foam figures came out of that large box then i feel sorry for the people who had to put all those things together and then set it all up.

  6. “Ahrk Ond Drey
    Meiz Nolhevno
    Brom Med Strun
    O Uz Nahgaar
    Nahkriin Nol

    Is that right? Could you reveal the translation, please? 🙂

  7. Did Bethesda somewhat use the huge board with details about the rise of the Dovakhin & etc. in the reveal trailer of Skyrim?

  8. Can we see a picture of the 7 foot Dovahkiin statue? Without realising I entered a competition to win one, and wouldn’t mind seeing what I probably won’t be winning.