Oblivion 5th Anniversary Edition coming to North America on July 12th!

Hot off the press! This afternoon we’ve officially announced The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion 5th Anniversary Edition — coming to North America (more details on Europe soon) on Tuesday, July 12. Read the full release below:

The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion 5th Anniversary Edition Available July 12th!

We are pleased to announce that The Elder Scrolls IV™: Oblivion® 5th Anniversary Edition will available in North America on Tuesday, July 12, 2011.

The anniversary edition, which has a suggested retail price of $29.99, is the complete collection of the original award-winning game as well as the Knights of the Nine® and Shivering Isles® expansions. With countless ‘Game of the Year’ awards and overwhelming critical praise, Oblivion still remains a defining game in the role-playing genre. Celebrate one of the most expansive next-generation titles ever to be released on the Xbox®360, PlayStation®3, and PC platforms with this definitive, limited-edition compilation.

The Elder Scrolls IV™: Oblivion® 5th Anniversary Edition includes:

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: With the empire ready to crumble, the gates of Oblivion open and demons march upon the land. You must find the lost heir to the throne and unravel the sinister plot that threatens to destroy all of Tamriel.

Knights of the Nine: A fallen King has been unchained from the darkness of Oblivion to seek vengeance upon the Gods who banished him. Only a champion pure of heart can vanquish the evil that has been released.

Shivering Isles: Enter the torn realm of Sheogorath – a world where Mania and Dementia reign. Do you have the strength to survive his trials, to tame a realm fraught with paranoia and despair, and wear the mantle of a God?

The North American 5th Anniversary Edition also includes:

Collector’s Steelbook: A beautiful collectible metal case masterfully embossed with Daedric symbols.

Making of Oblivion: A behind-the-scenes documentary on the making of Oblivion.

Oblivion Game Map: A full-color map of Cyrodiil and the Shivering Isles.

Save on Skyrim: Contains a $10 mail-in rebate offer for the purchase of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and a Skyrim strategy guide.

Details on the versions that will be available in the rest of the world and their contents will be released soon.

Reader Comments

  1. I bought this today under the impression there were going to be trophies. I looked it up ahead of time and saw the cover art which stated trophies. I immediately preordered it for this very reason. On the ride home I opened the game and read in the booklet for the fifth anniversary edition, “Trophies: Earn, compare and share trophies by making specific in-game accomplisments. Trophies access requires a Playstation Network account.” Now imagine my disapointment right this very moment when I put the game in and then checked the trophies list to finally see Oblivion in it’s rightful place. It wasn’t there. I feel cheated and tricked into buying this game. I love Oblivion and I love Bethesda Game studios but I truly feel betrayed. I honestly can’t believe this happened.

  2. Man 5th annv. doesnt get trophies or the xtras the 360 got!!!! makes me wonder how shitty theyre gonna treat us with Skyrims release, seriously thinking why support a company that treats its PS3 fan base like we are lesser than the other side, kinda bummer…..

  3. What a buzzkill. I was all set to get the PS3 version of this game (i have the 360 version and every DLC and add on you can get for it), then I start reading and it only comes with the 2 expansions and a metal case??? OH and lets not forget the $10 mail in rebate ONLY if you spend the $80 for the game and guide! Seriously, Bethesda, you have millions of loyal Elder Scrolls fans. You repay that loyalty with a cheap marketing ploy wrapped up in a metal case. THANKS… A… LOT.

  4. Well, Troy L. Barner has admitted posting here on four different names. There are a lot of other posts complaining about the same PS3 bugs using the same writing style too. You still got 500 hours of entertainment out of your 30 bucks. Not saying you have no case, but don’t spam up the thread.

    Clearly Bethesda is sticking in the exact same disc from GOTY into this new release. Kind of cheap, but hardly boycott material. They must be fully occupied with Skyrim and not have enough time to sort out a new pressing or new programming.

    I just wish Skyrim was coming tomorrow!

  5. Just adding my name to the list of people who disappointed that there are no bug fixes, DLC or PS3 trophies. I won’t be buying the product purely because of these missing features.

  6. It’s like everyone else said, but for different reasons. I don’t live anywhere where Xbox Live is possible (i.e. dialup internet) and the reason that I waited for this to be released was because I love oblivion and hoped that the official add-on DLC’s would be installed with it. But, as people said, it seems that they are not. Since Skyrim is coming out soon, I would have thought that you would want to really show the best of Oblivion so that it can go out with a bang as your new RPG arrives. It just doesn’t make sense not to put them in.

  7. Let us know if the glitches are fixed for real instead of ignoring them and you will get many more sales.
    Just going on like they don’t exist isn’t going to work this time. It’s gonna hurt your Skyrim sales also, especially if it comes out glitchy and you say it’s not. Love the game can’t stand the glitches on PS3.
    Not going to buy a 360 to play any of them.

  8. Picked it up today, used $7 in trade $, $10 off reward coupon, so I paid $13 even for it, this after having spent a thousand hours total on it over the years, anyway I’m replaying it in anticipation of Skyrim and “yeah” I am that bored with the current game selection, that said, Bethesda will you do me a couple favors?
    A: Fix the PS3 glitch matrix, esp. the vampire one.
    B: Publish the 360 DLC material for the PS3.
    C: Though I don’t care, there is apparently aHUGE outcry for the trophies.
    A and B I’m sure could be knocked out in a week or two…
    :::shrug:::: You should have done this for the “re-release” 5 YAE anyway… and while I knew what I was buying (getting into) it’s still disappointing that you didn’t give your fans something to chew on. Ya Know?
    PS. If you’re trapped in vamp land on the PS3 get an original Oblivion – non GOTY edition, play a character to vampville cure it, you will never be vamp again, and then play from the expanded discs, GLITCH SOLVED, and it was only a royal pain in the Bethesda to do it. 🙂

  9. Bathesda
    Guess you decided to end postings with some kind of positive note instead of listening to fan base.
    Glitches will eventually end your sales all over the world if they continue and that would be a shame.
    Learn from the feed back of your customers, give honest answers! We give honest concerns and are not as some (who must have more money than sense, shown by willingness to buy more broken things) like to say “whiners”.
    I wish you well, but won’t be buying any more of your products until you accept responsibility, give apologies to PS3 owners and others with problems, and put out real fixes (preferrably free, since we already paid for something that works) for an otherwise great game. You might want to do the same for your other broken games.
    Until then you, like @ Gary above, are the ones who need to “move on; get over it; suck it up; get a life” and get ready for lower sales and maybe a new line of work as your company declines.

  10. just wanted to add that i hope that you have fixed the issue about having to download an update to play si/kotn content on 360 e.t.c as i have just bought a 2nd hand copy of both oblivion and the si/kotn expansion disc,and cannot for the life of me get the 1.2.1 update for the extra content to work (do not have a phone line/no xbox live) the update on the disc doesn’t work (doesn’t install) from reading all the threads about this (whilst trying to find a cure to fix the issue) will be a big mistake if you haven’t fixed this issue.

  11. Normally i am a big fan of bethesda games. Yes even with the bloodgrass glitch i still enjoyed oblivion on ps3. Even with the odd game ending glitch here and there i enjoyed fallout 3. And im not gonna say anything bad about new vegas other than shoulda allowed us to continue so we can see the impact our choices made. But this 5th anniversary edition has got my goat. 5years? At least and no trophies for ps3 just xbox? And no dlc for ps3 except for pc and xbox? I recently bought goty for 2$ from a friend who hated glitches. Too bad my original copy broke. But this is wrong. You guys have had plenty of time to make a dlc patch or trophy patch for ps3 and yet havent. I really liked the trailer for Skyrim, but now i am wondering if i should get it for ps3 or just buy somethng else. I hate every system except PS3 and my comp is so low grade skyrim would die being in its disc drive. So unless skyrim and all its patches trophies or dlc is available on ps3 im skipping it.

  12. I have the The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion 5 Anniversary Edition the problem the company should have a strategy guide to download off there web page.

    But here is a another idea that I have but this is about skyrim.
    The dowloadable content should be on a disk but they will need the game to use it.
    Or they should make skyrim with the downloadable content.

    They talk like they want to make it like a Expansion.

  13. Once Again there is no fix for the PS3 Cure For Vampirism…. Considering its all over the web and you have done nothing to solve this problem for PS3 and released a 360 patch… help me understand i have the version and the same issue happens as the GOTY version… Bloodgrass not accepted

  14. when i came to this page i was expecting a lot of compliments and kind words to u guys,and find a lot of angry comments ,i am very sad with this,i have so much love for this game…i’m aways assumed the Bethesda producers as a bunch of smart people so this hole trophy issue doesn’t make any sense ,its like trow away money…i hope this don’t stain the ES reputation,this serie is an icon and don’t deserve to be remembered by its flaws.

  15. There is a way to minimize the aleatory bugs on Oblivion and Fallout,you might have notice that the size of your save file is constantly encreasing in the measure you evolve the story,character and collect itens,most of the errors are save/load related,so if u turn off the [save on travel]option the game will work a lot better,this works on both fallout and oblivion.
    If u playing for more than 5/6 hours there is a chance the game will became unstable(heavy load sceens,loss of frame rate)than you save and exit the game,not to the main menu,you exit to your system interface,then you enter in the game again,with the memory reseted it should work fine now.

  16. It doesn’t really seem to be worth the money. There isn’t anything new in it, the PS3 version already comes with Knights of the Round and Shivering Isles…So maybe that will save you a few bucks on the 360 version but it seems like a quick cash grab to me….Maybe the horse armor is free

  17. This is GOTY edition. I already have GOTY. You already made more DLC you could have thrown in. New items wouldn’t have broken the engine. Way to milk a franchise.

  18. Thanks to everyone else who has spoken out to Bethesda, with special gratitude to still upset PS3 owner wrote on July 15th, 2011, BTA wrote on July 10th, 2011, Melissa wrote on June 28th, 2011, Jonathan wrote on June 27th, 2011, John wrote on June 25th, 2011, Theleo wrote on June 24th, 2011 and Willians Squall wrote on June 26th, 2011.

    At the very least, it appears we have been heard according to the announcement from gstaff wrote on July 10th, 2011, which is a complete turn around from the post staff wrote on June 22nd, 2011. However, it appears the assertions made therein still have yet to materialize. I am not able to find any new DLC at the Playstation Network Store, and since I no longer own a copy of Oblivion, I am unable to definitively verify a release of PS3 trophy patches, but there doesn’t seem to be any evidence of that either. Additionally, but most importantly, gstaff made no mention of bug fixes, which makes all else moot if you encounter game ending bugs and glitches.

    AS A SIDE NOTE TO A FEW SELECT OTHERS, don’t get it twisted. Any posts I’ve made bear my name, with the exception of two double postings I clearly stated could be deleted. Additionally, there is a bigger picture and principle behind the issues being raised that go beyond just a game. I make no apologies for pointing that out in the way that I have. Besides the fact gamers spend a premium for gaming hardware AND software, some of us also invest valuable time and energy into this pastime for various different reasons. All of which should be respected and appreciated by the industry. There is a certain level of trust and expectation made between buyer and seller when a product or service is purchased, that being, the product or service will perform as declared. Barring that, the company providing a remedy for any concerns or issues. It is not acceptable to wantonly disregard and neglect that trust and expectation. Companies receiving these premiums should deliver a comparable product, be it video game or automobile. PERIOD! It is unethical for a company to take money paid in good faith and deliver a defective or subpar product, not to mention the lack of moral integrity to keep selling it and refuse to produce a remedy. Customers warrant much better consideration and appreciation. Companies like this should know they are not self-made, self sufficient and above reproach, nor should they adopt the kind of loose concerns for their customers being expressed here. They should be reminded they are quite mistaken to slip into this way of doing business, le$t they forget it is the cu$tomers contribution$ that can ultimately determine their $ucce$$ or failure, contributions$ we alway$ have the choice to $top making.

  19. @troy… the comment bearing my name on July 10th is someone pulling your leg. If the comment claims to be from an admin but doesnt include the Bethesda logo on the right side, it’s someone pulling your leg. I’ve removed the comment.notice that there isnt’t a Bethesda icon next to the comment.

    Recent comments have included flamebait towards others members and those have been removed as well. If you want to speak your mind that’s fine, but not at the expense of others. We will disable comments if it continues.

  20. Wow. I can’t believe how the staff here disrespects (NotTooMuchLonger) loyal customers. Unbelievable. You are clearly CHOOSING not to apologize or address what 95% of this thread and others like it are telling you. You are turning into a self-righteous, greedy and despicable company. Which sadly happens to many companies that forget their roots. Remember Bethesda, the beginning where you were making games with love and dedicated to a flawless final product? I WAS going to pre-order Skyrim today, but after spending hours reading this and other threads today I most likely will not. What’s sad is you will still make millions. Even if you upset over 100,000 players and they decide not to buy Skyrim, you will still make millions. What you “oblivious”ly are failing to realize, is that an apology, or at least adding trophy support for this re-re-release (which I thought was required of new releases, I guess I need an Xbox for that customer appreciation) and maybe fixing game ending bugs and adding the same DLC that Xbox recieved would make you even MORE money (That is what you care about the most isn’t it? Not the satisfaction of customers by the looks of it). What you are showing by releasing this repackaged GOTY edition, is that you are greedy and lazy. Well guess what, be less lazy and address at least some of these issues. Or at least an apology would be half-decent of you. The couple weeks it would take to change the Xbox achievements into PS3 trophies shows how much you care right there. I am appalled at the lack of respect you have for your customers. Thank you for not responding, – The Black Horse Courier –

  21. I have another idea that you can use.
    I see your web page has podcast on it that talks about the game.
    But what if you ofter that with the game if it has the room on the disk.

  22. Well been playing the game for awhile with no problems on PS3 and game freezes. Restart then after 2 min freezes again. Have to restart console. WTF????

  23. @ The Black Horse Courier

    i couldnt agree more with what u have posted. iv been following this blog for awhile now hoping that bethesda would see the error in there ways and finally treat ALL there loyal customers equally. but after seeing the only recent comment from the beth staff was to harass another upset fan and not answer the the other 250+ angry fans its time for me to give up hope. un like you i HAD pre-ordered skyrim but as of today canceled that order and instead put the money towards modern warfare 3. now theres a company that looks after its fans.

    fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, well lets just say it wont be happening again. i look forward to seeing ur company name in the obituaries. at this rate it should’nt take 2 long

  24. Oblivion is my favorite game of all time. EVER!
    With that said, I would gladly pay 60 dollars again for this game, if it had PS3 TROPHIES!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE ADD TROPHIES. I would gladly hand over $1,000 for Oblivion with trophies. I’d do it with a smile on my face, knowing that I have a reason to log 200 more hours of my life away on the greatest game ever made. In fact, tears of joy would stream down my face at my lack of $1,000 dollars and my gain of everlasting happiness. Some might say that I am a loser, but most on this blog would understand that life doesn’t matter; Oblivion matters.

    Even Sythis is pissed off that there aren’t trophies on the PS3 version. Sythis be praised!

    It’s sad, I know, but in order to explain my need for trophies, you must understand a story about me. I once purchased an Xbox 360, bought Oblivion, played it for the achievements, then threw away the XBox. I threw it away. It had no more use to me. Everlasting happiness was no longer achievable after all was “achieved.”

    Sometimes, I like to think that I am wearing the thieve’s mask while I am amongst the living. My days are spent invisible, walking Quasimodo-like, alone in the park, amongst the trees.

    Seriously though, a re-re-release without anything new? The GOTY version is exactly the same? This is too weird. Something isn’t right. What is Tom Howard up to? What is Juwan Howard up to these days? Hmmm….. I wonder.

  25. “Details on the versions that will be available in the rest of the world and their contents will be released soon.”

    So it has been now 2 months with no info about EU realease of any kind.
    And the GOtY PC boxes have been sold out in all retails over EU years ago (i have searched), so there’s no way to buy Oblivion here.
    I was hoping to try it before Skyrim is out…

  26. So, I finally contracted the vampirism disease on my GOTY edition of Oblivion. Since I’m on a PS3, the only way to cure it is to find a copy of Oblivion that is not the GOTY edition then the witch will let me give the blood grass to her. Wow, you guys are unbelievable I had no idea the bug makes PS3 owners have to buy another copy of the game just to get past the vampire cure quest. Why don’t you guys care? I’ll tell you why; you make even MORE money this way… for now anyways. I really hope this company fails in the future, I love RPGs and Oblivion comes closer to the kind of RPG I’ve been waiting for all my life. However, I’m about to write Bethesda to send me an original copy of the game so I can get past this GAME ENDING BUG and beat it, and if they don’t, which they won’t I’m sure, I will be contacting the BBB and letting them know what’s really going on. I will try to start another class action suit as well against this thieving company. I will keep you guys up to date if they let me submit my posts here. Thank you for wasting my $80 and over 130 hours Bethesda. I hope you are happy with what you have achieved. I will pray to the nine that you burn for your crimes. – The Black Horse Courier –