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  1. i would love to hang with the brink team cause i would tell them how awsome the game is and that it’s totally wild and crazy. cause the person that you have created you can choose what side he can be on either the arch side or the other side. the weapons that you create are da-bomb cause they do the most damage in any way shape or form. it all depends on how you make the weapon of you’re choice. but what is really important is that you have to stick with you’re team no matter what is going on around you or what is going to happen (to you) and the moves that you do are just completely sick cause you are jumping from one platform to the next and trying to out perfrorm you’re opponent. but all-in-all i think that brink is one of the best games ever made hands down.

  2. Somehow I don’t think this would work in the UK :p

    And well, let’s face it, since Brink came out everyone else has had less sunlight 😀

    @David Actually I find nearly everyone opts for the Carb-9 SMG cos it does such absurd damage at a decent RoF and has decent Accuracy.

  3. gosh, and my house with a big, grill party-friendly backyard is just a couple blocks from my GameStop…

    and, yes, the CARB has become the no-brainer SMG choice. i think it’s boring and somewhat inflexible – it’s absurdly effective up close, but not much further out. i still prefer the Bulpdaun – the thinking man’s SMG!

  4. this game is GREAT!!!!!! i love it soo much cant wait for the free dlc this month keep bringing out more maps and raise the lv cap and im HAPPY 😀 !!!

  5. @Emilio Yeah I like the Bulpdaun, I usually use that or the Galactic cos they’re both quite accurate and thinking men’s guns 😀

  6. Dizgruntll here. Currently playing brink on Xbox. Didn’t know how to get this through, but how about adding a bot for online purposes to each class thus enhancing their skills. Ie operatives bot would be the spotter for him and would gain levels for better skills, medic. Ewould have a bot to enhance Med skill etc. Love ur game just food for thought. Didn’t want anything just love ur game and wanted to share thoughts for dlc