More fun from E3 (updated)

Update (6/16): Watch Snoop make a cameo in Matt Hooper’s interview with GameReactor UK.

As we prepare E3 roundups for Prey 2 and Skyrim, here’s more photos from last week’s E3 adventure. This time around we’ve got more from the Figueroa Hotel, interviews, awards, and Snoop Dogg!! That’s right, Snoop made his way to the B Double-O TH to check out RAGE.

For more Bethesda pics, check out our Flickr page.

Reader Comments

  1. Can you guys just update us on the Fallout New Vegas DLC already?! Its already the 13th, no trailer, no date announced, not even pictures…nothing…

  2. Lulz the asian womens face is hilarious. Also she isn’t really hot. Snoop likes RAGE I guess? A ton of people like video games though. Ice-T bought New Vegas day 1.