Skyrim E3 2011 Roundup (Updated)

Updated (6/17): We continue to add new interviews and previews below…

You couldn’t escape Skyrim discussion at E3, and now that appears to be the case online. The following is a mass overload of previews, interviews, and more.

First up, sit back and watch some of the video content we’ve found so far:


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  1. Can’t say I care for g4 anymore, by the time my satellite service stopped carrying it all their were showing was cops all day and campus pd. Still good info though and I can’t wait to play Skyrim.

  2. Thanks for all that. Now we’re sitting and waiting for your answers on recent fan interview stuff. Hmm, the ones, that you didn’t save for M’aiq in Skyrim. 😉

    Russia awaits. *______*

  3. We have been following most of that over at the Guild and found it very interesting, lots of highs, and a few lows. We liked most of what we heard except for the “developed on the console” thing. Though I think if the interface and controls are right for the PC version, then the rest should be fine too.

    We ran a poll last year asking if people would be happy if the next Elder Scrolls game after Oblivion had the same graphics and capabilities and most said yes. So they will like Skyrim, but it already looks very dated in the promo shots of it on the xbox.

    Having said that, your limiting your self to Directx 9 which was released in 2002 and adopted by the Xbox in 2006 just as Directx 10 got released. So it is already 9 years old. The Wii U has adopted Directx 10 which dates back to 2006 and will be using a GPU thats 3 generations old already.

    So the technology behind Skyrim is as old as the Dwemer due to the console connection it seems and I think that has left PC users more than a little disappointed. Especially the ones that have enjoyed Directx 10 or 11 games so far and know the difference between them and Directx 9 games.

    Still if you want to see good directx 10 game, take a look at Stalker Clear Skies from 2008, not the last stalker game, that was not too good. Just walk around the swamp near the start at dawn and dusk and if your not impressed, then you are probably blind.

    All the best 🙂

  4. We need a creation kit for the 360 pleeeeeease I’m not a pc person I was talking about this with a friend they can have an add on site for modders like uplay for assassin greed that would be cool but Todd will find away and 300 hour I plan to get everything out of that game when it comes out 300 more like 3000

  5. Hey and when is the fan interview, if you guys are delaying it longer than please confirm atleast if theres werewolves in the game, and if theres not than I’m not buying it. It ticked me off there were no werecreatures in Oblivion. Skyrim looks like a next gen daggerfall so I’m hoping there’s werecreatures.

  6. @Alex

    M’Aiq couldn’t possibly return, this is set 300 (+?) years after Oblivion.

    That is unless M’Aiq is an Aerdra no one knew existed….

  7. Cuirass and greaves in one armor piece? Eww… hopefully modders will adress that to allow mix and mesh
    with all 5 armor pieces again like in Oblivion.
    Hopefully that general trend doesn’t throw something as nasty as the da II companion armor at us
    (armor is single piece, has 4 upgrade slots without visual change after upgrades and can’t be replaced ingame) – what, you don’t like Isabela running around like anasylum inmate (boots, bikini slip, shirt – no pair of throusers / skirt) – tough luck….

  8. @Spatz – hey, he’s the M’Aiq of the Khajiiti, a mere title like pendragon or merlin
    So we’ll see another M’Aiq in Skyrim

    Just kidding 😉

  9. Loved all that footage. Heart skipped a beat when I saw it first hand. Todd does an excellent job @ talking. That may sound weird, but many developers/PR people just look really goofy, uncomfortable or try too hard and end up ruining an interview. Todd always seems well in his comfort zone. Also as a side note, that interview with Notch was great.

    Now to just sit and wait for that Q&A post. Don’t let us down!

  10. I couldn’t stop noticing that in the main poster of Skyrim behind Craig, the main character actually has a dragon tail.

  11. What I want more than anything now, is for a snapshot or two of an argonian. Maybe when I see one of those, I’ll be able to handle the wait until November 11th.

  12. It’s disappointing that you cant combine a combat spell with a combat weapon in the opposite hand to make the weapon more powerful. i.e. using a fire spell with a sword to catch the sword on fire to dish out more damage.

  13. As a modder of Oblivion I have to make a quick statement about the change in armor sets from having tops and bottoms, to having one consolidated “armor piece”. I STRONGLY suggest that you keep the option for tops and bottoms due to how tedious it becomes for a modder to create variations for clothing if you keep this new method of “one piece” armors/clothes.

    At first glance it does seem simpler to make an armor/clothing “set”. If a modder wants to make an armor set, with just one shirt and one pants, then all they have to do is make one armor set mesh instead of making one shirt mesh and one pants mesh. Simple. However this is not variation friendly at all.

    If for example, the modder wants to make 5 different color variations for both pants and shirt of this set: lets say Red, Black, Brown, Green, and Teal as the colors. They would have to only make 5 meshes with this new method in order to make those 5 armor sets. This contrasts with making 5 shirts and 5 pants (10 meshes total with the old method) which is “easier” supposedly… But lets look more closely:

    What if the modder decides he wants the player to be able to mix and match these clothes? Lets say he wants the player to be able to wear a Red shirt with Brown Pants, or a Brown Shirt with Black Pants…all of a sudden the modder doesnt have to make just 5 or 10 mesh variations…but actually has to make _25_ mesh variations in order to handle all the color options. This is problematic for a modder, as changing the upper and lower body textures for 25 different meshes is hard work for one person. But that’s not the end of it…

    Lets take it a step further. What if the modder decides he wants his shirts to come in two other variations, one with a magical look and the other with a warrior look. The magical set will have some special gear on it like potions, vials, amulets, and scrolls on the shirt and pants. The warrior set will have small bags, knives, and a rucksack and belt to make it look more rugged. These also come in those same 5 color variations as before. Giving a total of 10 different shirts and 10 different pants.

    This gives the player a lot of clothing to choose from. They can really get in the nitty gritty and dress their character up to fit the part they want: They can choose what color armor they want to wear, along with what accessories to have on it, and plus they are able to mix and match these things in order to fit their role play scenarios. This is all great for the player…but what about the modder?

    By the current Oblivion method the modder would have to just make 10 shirt meshes and 10 pants meshes: 5 warrior shirts, 5 warrior pants, 5 mage shirts, and 5 mage pants. 20 meshes in total. The player can then easily mix and match the things any way they want.

    But with this new consolidated armor method, in order for the modder to give that same functionality, they have to make a staggering _100_ meshes!!! They have to sit there tediously making 100~200 texture changes just to give the user the functionality they planned for their mod, as opposed to just making 20 meshes and slapping it out there. The work necessary to give the user the mod they desire is just way too much, and the time just isn’t spent wisely. So what will the modder do?

    As a modder myself, I will realistically say that rather than actually make 100~200 variations of the same stuff… most modders will just not bother with that process at all, and only make 1 armor set, or only a small number of them. But it will never give the user the same level of customization and connection to their character as the Oblivion method or even close to the planned functionality…which is a huge problem.

    In a nutshell, you stifle the creative potential and creative process involved in making clothing sets. Rather than see their mod not look the way they want, most modders will either give up/not bother and/or just work on another aspect of the game.

    Fallout 3’s modding community shows a lot of this. Most of the clothing in FO3 was one piece stuff (actually all of it was iirc), and because of that you wont really see a lot of clothing mods for Fallout 3. Most of the mods for Fallout 3 deal with gameplay changes, or addition of new content like monsters, or NPCs, but very few mods affect clothing.

    Personally I think for a game like Fallout 3, having a consolidated armor set is perfectly fine. There’s not really much dressing to be done in a post apocalyptic wasteland after all. But in a game like Skyrim where social aspects take precedence, and you have to stare at your character for 300+ hours…it doesn’t really work. At least if you want to create longevity for the game… Stuff like how you dress and how you mix and match is really important. I mean, who wants to look at the same armor set for 100 hours in the game? C’mon. Mix and match helps a lot with that.

    I personally believe that the modding community is a large portion of Oblivion’s success. In order to keep that success in Skyrim I think it is of ABSOLUTE necessity to keep customization a healthy part of the game, especially in the realm of modding.

    Because even if I simplify the example above: What if the modder doesn’t even want to make some pants… just a shirt. They just want to test out making an armor top for the player to wear that they think is cool. For whatever reason, they don’t really like pants or cant visualize any cool pants….then what? Now they can’t make their mod anymore.

    Rather than give a half assed product, most people will just not bother to make anything clothing/armor related, or just work on something else. Thus lowering the richness of the modding community by a large margin.

    So yeah…making one consolidated armor set for upper and lower body has volumes and volumes of negative effects. Its bigger than just “we’re simplifying it for the player”, you effectively remove creativity on both the player’s end and the modder’s end, and that eventually removes a huge level of depth for the Skyrim community’s end…and then everyone suffers.

    So please make top and bottom armors separate.

    That is all.

  14. Admittedly, I realize that I am not a member of the crew used to build this game, nor do I have any say in what the game designers have chosen to do and I will buy the game anyway after seeing this review. That said, my comment.
    In fallout 4 making the armor into a single outfit and helmet worked, it was simple. But here I don’t see why on earth one would think that it is a good idea! In ES3: Morrowind you could mix and match between a whopping 8 separate pieces of armor to make your character truly customized, and while 5 in ES4: Oblivion was less, it was acceptable (and it kept the character symmetrical at any rate), although I do miss being able to mess about with my pauldrons (shoulder-pads for those of you who haven’t played Morrowind). Making the armor into a single piece is downright foolhardy, I know that if you wanted the best of the best in either of the previous two games you would end up with essentially the same outfit and the same look, but at least between game start and game end your outfit would be unique. Even if you had hundreds of different available armors available you would have a character wearing something that is not necessarily “him” it’s not even “for somebody like him” it’s “armor.” Armor plays a big role in a game like this and I am astounded that with such attention to detail in every other aspect that the designers have failed this crucial department.

    In response ShinGouki (scroll down), it’s not that big a deal, all you have to do is wait for SKSE (Skyrim Script Extender) to come out (or make it) and then split the armor sets into separate pieces yourself. You would even get to pick how many pieces that the armor was split into, you could have a separate boot for each foot, that would be something new to Bethesda. Yes you would have to go through each individual armor set and make meshes for the body parts, but (I’m not really familiar with meshes yet) can’t you just, say, copy-paste the part you want to the part of armor to where you want it to be? The only problem I can really foresee here is crossover, if one pair of boot come up to your ankle and the other comes up to you thighs, the armor and boots would either phase into one another and defy the laws of physics or show off your leg fuzz.

  15. @ShinGouki
    Didn’t I see the “Apprentice Hood of Magika” and the “Apprentice Robe of Conjuration”? I think thats a little more than just Bottom and top…

  16. The big questions for me is if can you block while duall wielding? and if you can choose to be left-handed?

  17. OK. That one armor piece thing seems to be a problem for you but consider that they will propibly be releasing a new creation kit for skyrim because its a diferent game and probibly reqires the creation kit to be programed differently. So maybe this problem will be fixed somehow with a new tool or option or feature in said new creation kit.

  18. Step 1: Create wood elf ranger.
    Step 2: Find green pointy hat and matching tunic.
    Step 3: Find badass sword and shield, the former preferably lodged in a stone.
    Step 4: Go to third person mode, and play “Skyward Sword” several months before it is released. /winning.

  19. During the beginning the guy said. “I mean obviously A: I would not have thought the 360 when I first looked at it.” ….sounds like he wants to start sumthen…

    <3 all consoles.
    <3 the haterz ~~

  20. is it just me or is the enthusiasm the two women show seem…unusual or fake? plus Todd is the only one on the stage who is not a giant douche…

  21. Good
    • Strong quest branches
    • Relationships with the characters
    • Dragon armors
    • Oblivion style recharge system
    • Some game-play locks
    • Tavern brawls
    • Companions
    • Dragons leave marks and scars everywhere
    • Improving and creating weapons, finding raw materials
    • Dragon shouts support all character types
    • You can carry on after the main story
    • Two handed features
    • Improved bows
    • Improved stealth
    • Dragon shouts have a cool down
    • Perks
    • Keeping guilds and fast travel
    • Skills for enchanting, crafting, etc.
    • Dragons are not scripted
    • Feels like you are fighting for your life
    • Radiant Story and Radiant AI
    • Awesome Music
    • Class creates itself
    • No separate upper and lower armor
    • Not very leveled terrain
    • Dungeons scale to the level that you originally entered them with
    • No spears or medium armor
    • All Nordic
    • No number to fame and infamy
    • Dragon shouts (storm call, really?)
    • Losing spreadsheet like feeling of Oblivion
    • Dragon word mechanics
    • Smaller world with more mountains
    • Less dungeons than Oblivion
    • More gore
    • Shout to see your way out of dungeons
    • No mounted combat
    • Only 5 cities?
    • No Class creation
    • Bow sneak-shots are too easy
    • Character customization (facial features, etc.)
    • Unique racial perks
    • Gender specific animations
    • Marriage
    • 3D view of items in inventory

  22. I guess it will be alright. I like how it will have the crafting. I like the concept of one trigger for one hand and the other for the other. but man i hope i don’t make human pincushions out of my enemies with arrows again. and Im very sad that the way you do quests by following a green arrow instead of actually reading and finding where i have to go. and i really don’t like the armor set thing being dumbed down. now i wonder if there will ever be another game like morrowind. ehhhh 3 stars guys. im gonna pre-order battlefield 3.

  23. @Yrwrstngtmre

    Dungeons locking to your level is a good thing, not a bad thing, it means the world will be more static, which Skyrim needs.Skyrim also does not have fewer dungeons than oblivion, Oblivion didn’t have 150, it was more around 100.The loss of the spreadsheet feeling is what they were going for too.Also in your statement you contradict yourself, you list improved bows and improved stealth as Good, but then list that the bow sneak attacks are too easy as Bad, you can’t have both.And the clairvoyance spell isn’t a dragon shout, it’s a spell, and it’s completely optional.Character customization is not a gimmick either, neither is race-specific perks, if you think those are gimmicks then you don’t play TES in the first place, racial destinction and character customization are some of the best features of TES games.

  24. A “Satchel O Dragon souls, that’s a bummer” how much of an ignorant a%$hole do you have to be to ask a question like that? The second male interviewer is a real douche bag with douche bag questions. If i was Todd Howard i would’ve asked that guy what the H3LL his F%cking problem is..That guy doesn’t know or give a Sh*t about skyrim. Stupid bro douche bag.