Old World Blues releasing on July 19th

We’ve received plenty of inquiries asking when we’ll be releasing Fallout: New Vegas’s third DLC, Old World Blues. Today I can confirm the content will release on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 on Tuesday, July 19th.

Prior to release, we will release a new title update for New Vegas. Along with adding support for Old World Blues, the update will bring improvements to performance and stability in major areas.

We’ll also be releasing a new trailer for Old World Blues in the coming weeks. I’ve already seen an early version, and it’s crazy awesome. Until then, today we’re releasing new screenshots on our Facebook or Flickr pages.

Reader Comments

  1. ok, wth, its the 19th, and not only can I not seem to find old world blues on my 360 dlc, but I cannot even find it on the live website, or even a trailer of the dang thing, what gives???????

  2. So, is it being released in Europe on steam on the 19th? Or will we have to sit and take being treated like second-class gamers again, and wait till the 20th? ;o
    As it looks right, i’m gathering it’s the latter of the two.

  3. Okay so, my son stayed up all night and waited all day on the 19th and we finally downloaded Old World Blues and just like Honest Hearts, it just dosn’t work. AT ALL. It shows that we bought it, you guys got your money but we did not get the game in New Vegas. It just isn’t there. After being on the phone for hours with playstation they said they cant figure out why it doesn’t work and gave us your number which you don;t answer. I swear, I am livid.

    I need to know how to fix this NOW or I want my damn money back.
    Angry mother of a PS3 kid.

  4. motherofaangrychild i’m having the same problem too and i’m like wtf I have crappy internet and wasted all my bandwidth on this dlc, just to find out that it doesn’t work im piss i mean it doesnt even show up in the downloadable content

  5. Let me just make this clear to all of you: there will NEVER be a dlc that makes the game open ended. they would have to make the game continue through 4 diffrent senarios and if they did, the dlc would be rediculously huge and take up as much space as the game itself.

  6. When I first got Fallout: New Vegas it had a lot of bugs.
    I do not know what your Warranty is but I got the game when it first came out and theirs bugs in it.
    They found this out the next day.

    When does you company honer there warranty when some people don’t have internet on there console.

    Here is another point you made Fallout 3 and it had bugs in it then you came out with Fallout: New Vegas.

    Is they Downloadable content going to have bugs in it.