Old World Blues releasing on July 19th

We’ve received plenty of inquiries asking when we’ll be releasing Fallout: New Vegas’s third DLC, Old World Blues. Today I can confirm the content will release on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 on Tuesday, July 19th.

Prior to release, we will release a new title update for New Vegas. Along with adding support for Old World Blues, the update will bring improvements to performance and stability in major areas.

We’ll also be releasing a new trailer for Old World Blues in the coming weeks. I’ve already seen an early version, and it’s crazy awesome. Until then, today we’re releasing new screenshots on our Facebook or Flickr pages.

Reader Comments

  1. Every gaming website I’ve checked still says OWB’s is to be released on June 28th. WTH, someone needs to get their crap straight. So I guess this means Lonesome road will be August or September now. What you guys need to do is fix the bugs on NV and the make the DLC’s more interesting, then make the game open ended like Fallout 3 (Which NV will not ever beat). These are the thing many gamers are looking for in this and all fallout games. If these problems can be fixed, I will always buy these games.

  2. Well in the mean time I can strategically play the game as too set up for it. I have plans to go good karma all the way through the game, playing all missions, challenges, and side quests.

    Is there any word on fixing the grey screen you get with going to the gunrunners? I would like to be able to go there and see where the vendortron is. I do believe it is caused by a patch because when I first got the game it did not do that. I also found a weird black-grey screen when wearing combat armor and looking in third person, behind your character.

    I can not wait for this to come out. You guys have done well with the story. I cannot wait to play through this part of the story.

  3. ROBOscorps! neato! and more REPCONN/RobCo secrets! this reminds me that i’ve got to play Honest Hearts – i haven’t heard much about it, but it deserves a go.

    i’ve said it before, i’ll say it again:
    real Fallout fans don’t care about the game ending, they just start another character.

  4. It’s kind of depressing knowing that there will be no end to the Fallout NV storyline. After all most of us will have already spent $100 on the game…

  5. I just hope the stability patch works. Love this game and FO3 but SO sick of them both crashing every few minutes it doesn’t make me hopeful for Skyrims stability.

  6. What friggin bugs, why does every1 always say they have bugs with their games, yet I never do, but I always have to wait while you prima donnas get some imaginary bug fixed, when it must be you just dont know how to play a friggin game without messin it up, just like you must mess up every wet dream, any1 else has, I play on a 360 and NEVER repeat NEVER have problems , what is up with you people !!!

  7. So much for the May-June-July releases of all three DLCs. Oh well, I am still incredibly looking forward to playing this next one. I just hope it gives a better playthrough than Honest Hearts did. While that DLC had a beautiful sandbox, the characterization wasn’t as good as it should have been, and I hope that improves in Old World Blues as well as keeping an amazing sandbox.

  8. Honestly im just not that excited anymore for Old World Blues, thats ridicoulous how they just had to give it a release date when its not ready and push it back a month… And probably wont be seeing Lonesome Road until August or even September… But i am happy that they are fixing bugs.

  9. Bethesda, you will need to make brittleness in the Fallout game – this is one of the main thing which absent in the current game graphics engine – destroyable world – fully destroyable of all objects – large and small inside it.
    If the Fallout will have fully destroyable objects – it will allow user to make a real fun in the game – for example to destroy the main fence of the Vegas city or some large building and to free hundreds of angry local citizens which afterwards run with anger and weapons on the user..oh well, not with current graphics engine.
    And the much more scalable than current world in the game will be perfect too.

  10. well i now hate bethesda and obsidian…..DONT give us a month if you dnt plan to release it within that month…..LR and OWB come in the same package? that would be nice.

  11. Honest Hearts was the biggest waste of money. It was a total of an 2 hours long, and all the quests gave you basically an entire level.. If this isn’t better, you might as well just keep focusing on Skyrim. 🙂

  12. While I’m disappointed that the release of Old World Blues is being pushed back a month, I’m willing to wait so long as it builds a more fulfilling story and game-play than Honest Hearts. All of the DLCs for Fallout 3 were amazing as was Dead Money. I hope you guys get back to the high standard that has been set that Honest Hearts fell short of.

  13. I guess since you guys wont be extending the main questline you guys may as well remove the ability to gain Lanius’ weapon and helmet from the game then and replace it with something else somewhere else, shouldn’t ya?

    I’m really disappointed to see that the release date got moved back for Old World Blues… I hope this add-on is well worth the extra wait, otherwise I may stop recommending this game to other players. Between this and all the other problems with Fallout: New Vegas… It’s getting to be a little bit annoying. By the way, next time you guys have someone else make a game for you like this, try to make sure they don’t just throw around a bunch of random barriers… It was nice in Fallout 3 to actually be able to go OVER mountain ranges instead of having to go AROUND them, way out of your way, to get to your destination.

  14. People have been saying that obsidian/bethesda will not have a dlc that continues the game which is very poor(although would be hard to make considering u cant be saved from radiation with no radiation to turn u unconcious)but anyways is it true u wont and if so y?

  15. I hope this bloody dlc update will fix veronicas quest “I could make you care”. you can’t get past the bit when you have to get the gun. when you get it it won’t progress. plus the so called drop the gun for serveral seconds and pick it back up again solution doesnt work. i hope its fixed

  16. I hope that they update the house and add a camp fire like thing in there they do have a oven in there, they do need to convert though like they did in dead money with the hot plate. I also hope they add a reloading bench in there to i think they can fit it in the pool hall.

  17. When are you going to fix the PS3 version of Fallout: New Vegas?

    I bought Fallout 3 on both Xbox 360 and PC, along with every DLC for both versions. The game is just that good! Thinking my newly purchased PS3 would be a great home for my next Bethesda title, I purchased New Vegas immediately. Unfortunately, this has brought some struggles. After multiple patches, the game still freezes on a very regular basis. This is not only causing frustration, but breaks the experience…especially when I could explore freely in Fallout 3 for 8+ hours at a time. My 180+ hour saves on Fallout 3 are unequivocally dwarfing the 6 hour save my 4 months with New Vegas has reaped. Friends of mine who have purchased some of the DLC for New Vegas on PS3 say its even worse now with the new content!

    I would love nothing more then to enjoy your games, and all DLC for them. Please fix this game for PS3 and allow my continued support of Bethesda and the wonderful worlds you work so hard to create.

  18. I really don’t care if none of the DLC’s make it so you can continue after the endgame….if your playing on a PC that’s what mods are for. Dear Developers I reject your reality and substitute my own….lol

  19. WOW…. really had to push it back another month? don’t you think you should post your dlc’s as tba rather than labeling them with a quota you can’t fill? I don’t care what business your in that’s false advertisement and very off puting. good day sir… I BELIEVE I SAID GOOD DAY SIR!

  20. And I thought Halo fanboys where bad. :rollseyes:

    Shame it’s not this month. Still looking forward to it. Which character to run throught it with first…?

  21. Will this expansion pack finally enable me to continue playing off the file i have already beaten or will i have to start yet another new file in order to play this DLC?

  22. @Al alexon
    Why? Fully ‘destructable’ items and scenery is way, WAY beyond the average PCs ability to cope with, and even top end PCs would probably slow down to a flickbook even in a small, single room area. Maybe in 10 years when the hardware’s caught up and we have next, NEXT gen consoles too… Until then, you’ll have to make do with smashing up the real world (if that’s what floats your boat), 🙂

    No more caffeine for you today… seriously, you need to calm down… Given that one of the two F:NV actually INTRODUCED a real game breaking bug, it’s probably best that they delay this until after the stability patch, just in case they break that too. Just be thankful that we’re actually getting ANY DLC from Bethesda for F:NV – look at BioWare’s last efforts; they got bored doing it for ME2, and with DA2 they quite frankly couldn’t be bothered….

  23. Is it really that hard to make a save game just before the final mission??
    I did it with 3 characters so far.. do the DLC’s then go run around.. it does not take anything from the experience and the amount of content they would need to continue the story should be the beginning of FO’s next game. if you have played the game once your missing alot, i found all new quests with a different build.
    I am glad to see a date atleast..that “soon” crap was getting old fast. sounds reasonable now that have stopped leaving us hanging.

  24. I’m glad there’s going to be a patch because my ps3 version crashes about once every 30 mins. but i love the game so much that i don’t really mind, still the bugs do need to be fixed. I also cant wait until old world blues but i hope lonesome road doesn’t get pushed back too far. What month will lonesome road be released?

  25. oh god no not the “SOON” word agian. say it isnt so my ears and hart cant take much more on a side note you know the folks at xbox are real friggen happy think of all the folks that went out and got the 1600 point cards just for the DLC and now creeps in COD and black ops with real big smiles cuz alot of these folks will just think ok i got some points and unlike this game thier map packs come out when they say they will. and there goes all the money to the other games. which is very sad as i see it beeing all the folks here are die harden vault freaks. . so to all my fellow Fallout lovers i say keep the faith i will save my points and wait with you too.

    xxxxx BUT xxxx
    i understand the dlc getting pushed back but give us the patch now so we can play what we have,,,,,,,,
    also you realy might want to change your thoughts about changing LR to be open ended after all of this and before we go through all the drama agian why dont you just go ahead and tell us LR release is getting moved also i truly love the game but in no means dont missunderstand my love of the game.for my willness to hear or accept this huge lack of info from you. i am sure the die hard Fallout players are willing to take these moves of these dlc’s in stride as long as you all are up front with us. but going back to the issue of this patch it was well posted in the fourms about all the bug fixes that have already been done why not give that patch to us now while we wait.????. i am sure your team is working hard to chase down the rest of them or most of them before you send the dlc out. it would go a long way i am sure with the huge fan base even if you release the bug fix patch now and then a 2nd one just before the dlc…..your call…but this time pick the dam phone up so to speak.

  26. @darkman, we’ll share more info on Lonesome Road as we get closer to its release. With Old World Blues’ release shifting, you can expect a similar shift for Lonesome Road.

  27. outstanding reply thats why i stay and no thats not a smart xss statement .i am sure it means alot to others as it dose me to see a replay to a QA ……ok now stop typing and get back to work .
    keep up the good work pls. pass that on the the rest of the folks

  28. WTF, why cant u stick to the relase of in june 2011 instead of july, and just delay it for ps3, theyre the ones that were stupid for getting their system hacked

  29. I’m curious if it’ll fix my buddies issue which is –

    “I’ve reached the final act of New Vegas and am unable to beat the game because of a bug.

    I’ve been granted the mark of Caesar by the legion which should grant me clemency from all the wrong doings towards them. Early on in the game I had a mission where I freed a prisoner from the legion and had to kill a large number of them. However, with the Mark of Caesar, all of this should be forgotten. My quest is to go to the Legion camp, take a ferry and enter the main camp. Upon entering the camp, I am attacked. If I kill the guy in private, I can take his armor and this hides me for awhile. I can even take the ferry and get as far as right before Caesar’s tent. But the dogs always attack me. There’s no way for me to beat this game. The Mark of Caesar is doing nothing for me. I have no idea what to do.”

    Any idea?

  30. Azirius, why haven’t you done any research before posting that comment? It seems a little…ignorant. They’ve stated on multiple instances that there will never be an add-on like that, especially seeing how the game has 4 different story-lines, and a couple hundred ways to end the game. Unlike FO3, so much stuff happens at the end of New Vegas, that they might as well just make 4 new games to add on to the end of the game. Have you ever even visited “The Vault” (the Fallout.Wikia)? Just read there and you’ll never have to ask a question again.

    Anyways, really looking forward to this. REALLY looking forward. I need it, now!

  31. i have to say that Bethesda is really failing NV would rather play fallout 3 then this. Also they always say one thing then do the other like pushing dlc a month back sadly they arent making a open ending dlc they should but they are either lazy or stupid. cause they totally dont want to make more money.

  32. Seriously, why do so many people want the game to continue after the ending, i mean it just wouldn’t make sense especially if you did the independent vegas or the legion ending. think about it, if you were in charge of New Vegas your character would have to just sit around New Vegas all day giving orders. As for the legion ending the whole map would have to be changed since 85% of the mojave wasteland is controlled by the NCR. They might as well make a whole new game for each ending.

  33. Wow, stop complaining about a small wait… Just wait. I’m sure they are working hard to fix whatever they need to!

  34. I am in the army and I ship out to boot camp the 13th. I was hoping to play this before I go but now it looks like I’m waiting 7 months. Good job making a game that fails in comparison to fallout 3 in every way. I won’t have anything left to do in FNV now, so i guess I’ll go play a game that DOESN’T freeze every 20 mins.

  35. I am a huge fan and i dont think that developing games is an easy job but where is the info for old world blues is it only the six lines i see above.I am not happy that i have to wait another month but i can do it. Pleas give us more updates about what is going on more often.