Old World Blues releasing on July 19th

We’ve received plenty of inquiries asking when we’ll be releasing Fallout: New Vegas’s third DLC, Old World Blues. Today I can confirm the content will release on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 on Tuesday, July 19th.

Prior to release, we will release a new title update for New Vegas. Along with adding support for Old World Blues, the update will bring improvements to performance and stability in major areas.

We’ll also be releasing a new trailer for Old World Blues in the coming weeks. I’ve already seen an early version, and it’s crazy awesome. Until then, today we’re releasing new screenshots on our Facebook or Flickr pages.

Reader Comments

  1. Are there any plans to come out with an update to Fallout 3 to reduce the lockups, other bugs, etc?


  2. I think its stupid if they dont put a open world DLC in. Because I just finished the game at lvl 40 on hardcore mode and I think its a little unfair that now I have to start over from lvl one and fight my way back up to the top just to do old world blues. Just cary the story on like in Fallout: 3, that was a great idea. And now I can go back whenever on that game and just free roam with everything done and all the best gear.

  3. Sorry folks, Vegas was amazing, but Dead Money made me want to stop playing. I still haven’t found any fun in that. Honest Hearts was to be honest slap dash, like an abridge book, missing half the story. It could have been it’s own full release.
    So yeah, I finished the game, sorry, it ended, no going back. That power point presentation at the end was really cool.
    Oh, and one more thing I needed to get out there. How can we continue the suspension of reality necessary when the “Courier” just sort of buggers off to Utah for a few weeks? So, did he text Caesar and ask him to hold off attacking the dam until he got back? Or was it “Srry, bsy @ Sierra Madre bk in wk, pls wait.” no, no, no, it was “trapped in UT with your old bff. Back ASAP, don’t blow up Dam w/o me”

  4. I wonder if the title update is going to fix the glitch that happened to me: during the quest where you have to protect the president, I did so and tried finishing the quest, but I can’t talk to anyone at the site, because they’re all stuck fleeing.

  5. y doesent anyone get it I’ve read over 10 coments about the open ended game continuing dlc what is your problem they said it’s not going to happen stop FRIGGEN complaining and it’s only like 3 weeks until old world blues come on if your just going to complain go complain to some one who cares

  6. @Gameguy115. They had about 5 months between Dead Money and Honest Hearts and they still managed to make it terrible. A couple weeks isn’t going to fix this DLC.

  7. I don’t know if any of you remember fallout 3 but they said the same thing about a ” definitive ending in it as well and then they released another ” dlc after all the ones they announced at game release were already out and poof open ended world just because a company says something doesn’t mean they aren’t going to change it and for everyone who says they wont change it they are in the process of making an additional 1 possibly 2 more dlc for this game because there’s money for them to make from it do your homework and remember its a business they’re in it for the money

  8. cool thanks for the relaese date sucks its not in june also you should make a dlc with area 51 that would be awesome love the aleins

  9. I don’t care if it’s a bit late. I mean, the more time it takes, the more stable and reliable it’s bound to be. You know what they say, “Patience is a virtue”, and for good reason.
    As a diehard fan, I’m definitely eagerly awaiting this release. I’ve actually been prolonging my game by trying to complete as much of the game as I possibly can while waiting for DLCs so I get the entire experience before I finish the game. Granted, like many, I would like the ability to finish the battle at Hoover Dam and be able to continue, but I understand the end of the story is pretty final in many cases. So what if there’s no after the story continuation? It’s still fine by me to finish it all beforehand. Some folks need to let it be.

    Anyway, if this DLC is as amazing as it looks, I can stand to wait a little longer. I’m just hoping some more of the game’s issues get ironed out.

  10. As I read this post. I have seen many posts that say open end the game. As you did in F03 and from what I have seen folks keep playing it. Then there are those who say don’t do it. It will do this or that. Just from my point of view I go by and run around in F03 all the time and still have a great time. I get to go to all places I did not get too or went thru so fast I missed a lot. I have come to love F03 more just for that reason. The point I see that all these folks that say don’t open end the game are missing is just what happened to F03. It just stopped no more add-ons, updates, patches etc. folks are still playing and loving it.
    Yes I heard it was so they could make Vegas and all the DLC’s that go with it. But are you all missing the facts it will be the same as F03. The add-ons, patches etc will also stop. So I guess what I am getting to is why not let them open end it for all the rest of us? If you don’t want to replay it then don’t. I know after the last DLC patch etc comes out I will still want to play. I see the closed end folks bashing the other gamers like myself all the time when this is brought up. To me it’s just like a song on the radio that gets played over and over. Get a clue if you don’t like it change the channel. But there are a lot of us that will keep coming back time and time again. Just for the love of the game. Or if you want to look at it in a different light we paid for this game to play the game. What’s the big issue with wanting to run around after the last DLC comes out for it. All the hard work the game writers and programmers put into it at both sides Bethesda and others. Should not just be tossed aside and forgotten. I have seen all these talks about the fan base etc. hey get a clue fan bases are made up of all types of gamers with all kinds of likes and dislikes. But with one main thing in common the love of the game. So if the last DLC for this chapter of fallout comes out open ended. a lot of folks will be happy and for the others that are not. Just don’t play on how hard is that?. I myself can’t wait to see where they are going to take us with the next in the fallout story. Yes I will buy all of them too and while I am waiting for the DLC’s and patches ill go back and run around in the others. In closing all I am trying to say is we are all lovers of the fallout game. Some just like to keep the dream alive.

  11. @darkman people who don’t want the game to be continued still want to play at the end of the game. You just save before the last mission and then reload it to play the game with all the best weapons and armor (or your favorite weapons and armors). The only unique weapon obtained in the final quest is the blade of the east which can be obtained early by doing a legion playthrough. I have always saved before the final quest and it has worked out great, i can always reload and then explore the map to my hearts content or play a new DLC. Although it would be cool to play after the final quest i just dont see it happening, so stick with reloading a save game.

  12. I was just thinking in old world blues not only will there be robo scorpians but other robo creatures like robo ants, nightstalker robos an maybe even deathclaw robos tha would be good got to have something abit harder. Im lookin forward to it tho scavanging loads of cool weapons 🙂

  13. another thought on this ………with the DLC side of the house (stop i am not saying to open end it) if you look at it this way….> look at all the different DLC’S they could make and can make its almost endless

    1. one for if you help the ncr
    2. one if you did yes man
    3. one if you did Caesar’s Legion

    i think you get the point it .it would allow each gamer to choose which DLC to take (me i would buy them all hint hint) just think of all the different dlc’s they could make and make money with?
    is it silly maybe? but the would keep thier jobs for a long time.for the gamers look at the many more hours of play time just throwing these thoughts out to see what all you folks think

  14. I really think it would be awesome if you open ended the game with a area 51 dlc to be honest i thought it would of been on the map in the first place love the game no matter what you do with it but i hope you will take into thought what you fans think. also do you think you will make a new fallout with your new engine your using with the elder scrolls it would be awesome if you did please hit me back with some news thanks keep up the good work

  15. I HATE BETHESDA!! I was really excited this month about OWB!!! But bethesda sure knows how to be a disappointment 🙁 they ruined my excitement im not going to buy OWB anymore 🙁

  16. Bethesda is great at being a disappointment! First they make a buggy, glitchy game and i hate how short their DLCs are. And now they can’t make up their minds on the OWB release date! I was really looking forward to playing it this month but now i don’t want to buy it no more. Great job bethesda you are a big disappointment! 🙁

  17. So Angry at FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont Advertise that each month starting in June there is going to be a DLC if there isnt going to be one. I mean they shouldve had there bugs worked out to make a release date that people were expecting. Not pushing it back another three weeks. Unless they are planning on having the last two DLCs come out in July. Sorely dissappointed in Bethesda. They shouldve had this stuff fixed to meet the release date.

  18. Open ending to the game would be cool. But dont expect it since they cant even meet their release dates for DLC that they promised. If they were going to make it open ended and slate it for november it would be pushed back til next year, just seems like thats the way things seem to be done at bethesda. Get you all pumped for something then just one let down after another.

  19. don’t listen to them, Obsidian! i stand with your decision to have a true last mission: all great stories have an end. New Vegas may have been a rocky, controversial ride for the player, but the core plot was excellent storytelling.

    also, remember that a good 50% of your customers are immature, narrow-minded consumers that wouldn’t know good writing if someone shoved a Pulitzer down their throat.

    if you don’t want the game to end, don’t finish it. it’s YOUR fault it ends!

  20. I finished the mainstory and in fact, I didn’t know it was the defenitive END.
    Now I don’t want to start again (115 hours spent on this game) and I see 2 DLC on the PS3.
    But what is the interest to buy it if I can’t continue my final save ?!
    I’m not crazy to pay it and start the game again. I suceeded many things, hardly done some quests.
    Please re-consider your point of view as you did it for Fallout 3.
    We just don’t care if there are some bugs in the storyline, the game is full of bugs anyway ah ah.
    Just do it and I buy like many others who are waiting for this -frustrated.

  21. @nick i read some were that bethesda have 2 games in the pipe line that will have the new game engine one being skyrim another other the next fallout. On another note tho the new game rage thats comin out looks amazing jus like fallout but better graphics due to there new game engine theres dune buggys an i sware i seen an enemy with a jet pack hope u can get one of them. Hopefully lonesome roads out b4 rage tho 🙂

  22. us dont worry about making a new save , I have 19 saves and I have played it almost the end 6 times but always I go through diferent ways example: be bad[bad karma] be good , kill anyone who crosses in my way , etc. but I save when i will go to the POINT OF NO RETURN , then when i finish, I load again and go wander again!!! ( IM A FALLOUT series FAN !! ) and FALLOUT devs keep that good job ,im waiting another FALLOUT !!!

  23. Will one of the bug fixes be for the unmarked Old School Ghoul quest? Hopefully to stop Loyal from disappearing from Nellis and all the other remaining glitches related to this.

  24. I think the core problem with the fallout 3 fans, and original fallout fans is the original fallout fans were expecting a survival game with a great story (this lacked in comparison to one/two..) and the fallout three fans were expecting a bethesda, open world game, with tons of crazy stuff to do and collect, and no real ending and be able to make an over powered pseudo God character (this clearly was not new vegas). Honestly all the whiners complaining about a dlc THAT YOU WOULD HAVE TO BUY TO EFFECT THE GAME that would extend it past the ending should silence themselves beyond restating what obsidian has already said about not making one, and while there would be hundreds of thousands, if not millions in profits, from a game extending dlc like broken steel, the game has a set story, playing after the story and seeing real change from your choices would be impossible, and if you expect things to stay the same after the cut-scene rolls, why even bother finishing it? This game is getting old anyway and obsidian probably has more important projects to work on..

  25. Also forgot to mention this to all the morons who seem to have forgotten what publishing and developing means, Bethesda funded Fallout New Vegas’ creation, Obsidian developed it or (built) the game. Stop expecting the same experience from a different company. Though if any of you should be complaining about anything, it is the fact the game lacks an option to make your character get a perk every level. 😛

  26. Bethesda you are always late. whenever you come up with a deadline you should add a month to it .And you shouldn’t keep pumping shit out because we all know it will be glitchy. laggy, and generally a pain to play until you come out with another patch a month afterwords

  27. Hey bethesda you guys should release old world blues on the 15th of july to shut all these cry babies up lol keep up the good work bethesda and obsidian you guys are awsome!!! P.s you guys should release armor and weapon dlc for fallout new vegas just like bioware does with mass effect 2 just a thought lol!!!

  28. More time to get my character to level 40? fine with me. BTW what is ur favorite weapon? Mine is This Machine! 😀

  29. What? robotic scorpions? what has the once great fallout come to? at first I was super excited for new vegas because of how much I loved fallout 3. it was, and remains the best game ever. i always knew that new vegas wouldnt be as good, but i never thought there would be such a great gap in between how good they were. new vegas is ok, but the many many bugs and boring storyline in terms of the gameplay make it much worse. I like how they fixed some of the few problems in fallout 3 like adding the companion wheel, multiple storylines, and reputation system. unfortunately, the dlc for this game looks like some sort of disney creation, desperatley trying to find anything to turn into a dlc.

  30. Wen is the the offical trailler for OWB out? Also wen is the new updated comin out will it be a day before OWB like with HH?? Please reply thanks

  31. The game doesn’t end though which is annoying it just says the courier buggered off “for now”, I think and I might be alone in this but ah well, there should be a DLC that actually finishes the story off (where the courier dies). In fallout 3 I wanted the lone wanderer to live and that’s why I rejoiced at the release of broken steel, but the story to fallout new Vegas, I dunno it just kinda feels that the death of the central character is how things should end… (Which in all fairness is what I was hoping lonesome road was going to be, a one on one epic battle where both Ulysses and the currier die. Or if they go in the direction where it is the currier and Ulysses fighting together against a whole mess of enemies, then maybe the currier dies saving his new friend… I dunno I’m just ranting, so please feel free to tell me to shove it…

  32. Looks very nice.

    as for all the ppl qq about not being able to play after endquest -> you should have gotten the pc-version and used a mod 😛

    1 of the most outstanding feature of Bethseda is its outstanding support of modding they’re games.

  33. I am very confused at the moment. I have read everywhere that OWB is set to release on the 19th which is a tuesday. Yet steam has this posted in the news section today.

    “The Old World Blues DLC for Fallout: New Vegas is out on FRIDAY. The Bethblog announes that a humongous patch is set to arrive alongside the expansion. The update will add make “massive world optimizations” and add a pre-ending sequence autosave for players who want to jump straight back into the New Vegas with all their gear. A swarm of miscellaneaous bugs have exterminated for good measure. You’ll find the full list of patch changes next to lots of little red boxes below.”

    notice it says Friday? Which happens to be July 8th

    could anyone clear up my confusion please? is it the 19th or the 8th as steam has stated?

  34. cant wait for patch still having gaming problems since new vegas release last year also think last DLC should be free as an apopolgy for all the problems we have had with the game, hopefully skyrim will have been tested properly before release in november. any world on the next fallout?,location? has anything been started yet?

  35. Well ive had a patch download today ( 11th july ) That probs wont mean its out tomorow but it would make sence since its a tuesday. Theres usually a patch before dlc. Who knows. We’ll see tomorow