Get a premium Skyrim map with your preorder

Get a premium Skyrim map with your preorder

Making real maps of our fantasy worlds is an Elder Scrolls tradition. As Todd Howard said all the way back in a Morrowind blog post, “There’s something about having a physical object in your hands that feels like it’s part of this other world, that you are that person in the game, finding your way among the hills.”

With that in mind, today we are announcing that anyone who preorders Skyrim will automatically receive a premium quality world map with their copy as a no-extra-cost-to-you bonus.

To guarantee your copy of your premium quality world map, please pre-order today.

Update: We’ve received plenty of questions about the map. So you know, it’s a high-grade material that has a feel similar to burlap, and will be available in North America and European territories. There will be a regular paper map included in all copies of the game, but if you want to get the premium map, we recommend pre-ordering the game.

Reader Comments

  1. So, is it confirmed that places like will offer this too? Because usually we Canadians get shafted hard on preorder bonuses in an attempt to, well, shaft Canadians I guess.

  2. Will the map be delivered when we pre-order the game, or will it be packaged with the game on the release delivery?

  3. I preordered on, hope that’s not something that only affects people who preorder in the USA… 😀

  4. So since Canadians always get shafted when it comes to preorders, will we get this too? I preordered from when the E3 sales was on. I know one might assue that since it say North American preorders that we would be included, but I’ve seen plenty of instances where we’re just not.

  5. AWESOME!!! I’m playing Oblivion just now – a bit slow getting into it. I printed off A3 copies of the map so I could find all the cities, dungeons etc. This’ll be great! Oh, I’ve already ordered the game so to discover there’s at least one bonus is cool.

  6. –>1st of all: WE WANT COLLECTORS EDITION! It has been said now, but nothing has been said about it yet. We all just need to be PATIENT, I understand thats hard for some of you, but as the saying goes “Good things come to those who wait!”
    –>2nd: IF you do not pre-order the game, you will get a standard paper map in the game case as usual.

    So until 11-11-11, (if the world isn’t going to end again Oct 21st… actually even then,) keep your pants on! 😛

  7. Thank you for making this special map available – as if we long time TES fans needed an incentive to pre-order!

    3 questions:

    I pre-ordered from when Skyrim was first announced. Will the map come with pre-orders?

    Do you have a cut off date for deciding if there will be a Collector’s Edition and will this map be part of that deal, if you have a CE or limited edition?

    Have you thought about selling a miniature of the WETA Skyrim scroll or including it in a CE?


  8. OK so I preordered mine. Now I’m just wondering – when can we expect answers to the fan interview questions?

  9. Perhaps I’ve missed something, or perhaps I am merely having a moment: Will the map be included with ANY pre-order? That is to say, regardless of where it is pre-ordered, whether it be Gamestop, Best Buy, ect.?

  10. Hi,

    Like most people I’m wanting to know if i have to pre-order with a certain retailer to get this map, i pre-ordered this game as soon as the release date was announced with my local GAME store in the UK. I have emailed their customer services and they seem to be totally unaware of this offer???

    Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE confirm if i need to pre-order with a specific retailer to recieve this map as I want to do the ASAP so i still recieve a map!

  11. I’m not complaining about this pre-order, but since when was the game not enough for people? personally for pre-ordering i’d be happy getting the game the day it’s released

  12. @Hills have eyes
    you get a paper map with the default box. but if you preorder you get a bonus fabric-esc map that would feel much like that you would expect a nord map to look and feel like

    I also want it to be released(the preorder map that is) in australia. but odds are since we are not that important to “north america and the european territories” we wont get them

  13. @Kaiselius

    You know that the last two CoD games said Games for Windows (I think Left4Dead might have said that as well), too, right? They work through Steam, so they’ve still not answered that question in regards to Skyrim.

    Will Skyrim be redeemable on Steam with the DVD key?

  14. What I really want is advance access to the game editor! I loved modding Oblivion and had great success there. Now I want to get early access to the toolkit and start practicing my mod skills on Skyrim…

    Let the feast begin!

    -Jumonji, for Rhianna.

  15. I will pre-order when a limited or collectors edition becomes available. I hope that they will also be doing the good ol’ collectors guide (in hardback!) by that legend David SJ Hodgson. The guides he did for Fallout 3 and FNV were superb. I sure as hell WILL NOT be playing £15 for an ‘online only’ guide though, like the kind that appear on Steam.

  16. Is Canada included in “North America”? I see no option for pre-ordering from Canada on your site, and so I wonder if the offer is availlable in Canada and if so, how? Is it through a certain retailer? Are the retailers aware of this offer?

    Thanks in advance for any answer!

  17. Fantastic! This will be one to frame for sure! In material too..Now that’s special, I just can’t wait until November! Skyrim is going to be my Holidays! I’m still playing Oblivion from the fantastic Modding Community using the TES Construction Set, Many Thanks!

  18. I’m echoing everyone else: a lot of good games coming out at the same time. We’re ready for our minds to be blown with the CE info. My cash is itching to go towards the most awesome CE!!! (*cough *cough… I’m looking at you Uncharted 3).

  19. When does the collectors edition for skyrim come out? I already preorderd it but then i herd there might be a collectors edition i just wanted to know.

  20. A paper map does come with the game for those concerned. I wish my country was included in the premium map deal considering I pre-ordered the day it hit the EB/Gamestop website, :(.

  21. To get more preorders you guys should sell the maps and have the sale price go toward the game. That way you can’t return the map and everyone will rush out and buy one. Just an idea.

    I know a lot of guys who preorder everything then only buy 3 or 4 games a year. They cancel the rest and get their money back.

    Plus, I want study that map NOW. I don’t want to get lost my first day out.

  22. Just wondering when the announcement for the collectors edition is going to happen!
    I’m ridiculously excited for this game and really looking forward to getting it, but I badly want the collectors edition!
    Though this awesome map does help

  23. While a clothe map would be great, i am wait to see what GameStop has to advertise. I won’t bother with anything else, unless it comes with things like when i got the Fallout New Vegas C.E.

  24. I’m in the UK, and I’ve tried to pre-order this game as a gift for a friend in Russia. The only problems are, he isn’t allowed to even view the game because he’s in the wrong region, and I’m not being allowed to pre-order it, even for myself.

    Will ‘Bethesda’ please say why some of their customers are being denied the chance to purchase one of their products?
    I might get my entertainment from another game producer in future…

  25. I pre-ordered Skyrim a few weeks ago through a local GameStop and I didn’t get no special map. Will it be included with my copy of the game?

  26. what kind of joke are you playing on us. You aren’t letting us even pre-order it in the UK so we can’t get the TF2 hat.
    this is a real joke to you guys

  27. Where can I pre-order a digital download for the UK?
    At the moment it’s not on direct2drive, and we Brits can’t buy it from Steam.

  28. the collectors editions are sold out (the pre orders i mean) in australia??? eb are making some anouncement tomorrow but i dont know if that has anything to do with skyrim. have i missed out?

  29. They are giving this map for free now? I actually felt better when I thought I had to pay for it. Kinda makes a 90 dollar dragon statue in the collectors edition seem so much more not worth it

  30. Sadly I will not be able to get this game or Rage and Prey 2, shame since I was looking forward to it and becaue it is using steam and I can only get a really slow and expensive internet connection in my area so I am screwed. Games are the last thing I can look forward to in my hard unfair life and now their being taken away from me, I really see no point in living any further. 🙁