Update on Brink: DLC, title updates, and new screenshots (Updated)

Update 6/24: To be clear, as long as you download Agents of Change during the first two weeks it’s available, you’ll always be able to play for free. It’s only after the first two weeks that folks will have to purchase the content on Xbox LIVE, PSN, or Steam.  Hope that clears up any confusion.

Original Post: We’re back with new details on Brink DLC and the upcoming title updates for the game.

The game’s first DLC, Agents of Change, will be a FREE DOWNLOAD for two weeks on Xbox LIVE, PSN, and Steam! The content is currently in submission at Microsoft and Sony, and we expect it to release in early July. As previously mentioned, the DLC features two all-new environments, five new player abilities, two new outfits, and two new weapon attachments. You can find more details in our previous post, and be sure to check out the screenshots above.

In tandem with the DLC, the teams at Splash Damage and Bethesda have been hard at work on the next major title update for Brink. The update is highlighted by online optimizations, AI enhancements, and weapon balance tweaks based on player feedback. A separate, incremental update is now available on PC, while players of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 version of Brink can expect the full title update alongside the release of Agents of Change.

On behalf of everyone at Bethesda and Splash Damage, I want to thank all of you for your continued support of Brink. We’ll be sharing more information as soon as possible.


Reader Comments

  1. Wtf happened to early June? Wow. Why are the games i was most excited about last year becoming huge disappointments? Try harder jerks.

  2. Well, here’s me giving up. Our LAN party is today and we’re still waiting for proper LAN support.

    Sad to see what Splash Damage (and a big part of the industry) has become. Gamers are now last in the list of priorities.

    Bye bye, Splash. No longer will I preorder a game the moment you announce it just because it comes from you. And you lost 20 sales today. Your loss.

  3. cant wait for the DLC, but my only “problem” is that i have seen reports of early july, about now, and i have heard that they have sumbitted it already. but, I have also heard july 30th, and i just want to know so i can be prepared. the wait is killing me. Brink is a really great game and very fun.

    But, if i may offer a suggestion, the weapon customization options arent super robust, if others havent noticed. I think Bethesda & Splash should look toward Army of 2. they have the best weapon customization system i have ever seen. Adding of a few different types of each part would be very nice, as well as possibly barrel and stock parts

  4. Firstly I think it’s great they have already got a DLC coming out and imm loving the idea of getting it free (but i’m a cheapskate). But there are some things that I think are more important than just adding a new outfit or two. For example the operative is massively under powered comepared to the other classes in terms of buffs and things (hopefully maybe fixed with the new player abilities they mentioned) and the multiplayer matchmaking is slightly deplorable with no lobby to easily match with friends (although inviting them is an option it is very cumbersome). Finally would it be a bit much to ask for somesorrt of purelyh multiplayer mode (deathmathc comes to mind). Something that will give it a bit more replay value racking up a personal or team score to rub in everyone elses face.

    Anyway thats my rant over with. Just thought I should offer some suggestions.

  5. When this shit coming out, I’m tired of waiting. Love this game, but this game will sink or swim based on the post release support. So far, sink. And no one is sadder then I am to hear this truth.

  6. whats that clicking…….. oh im out of ammo. dot really now why i wrote that but i like this game its cool

  7. Well early Juli is over i’d say and still not even a release date …
    I really want to like this game because it’s not the same stuff we see in 90% of other games, but there are just too many issues to really enjoy playing so far. And if you take so long for the DLCs you’ll loose even more players…(and the lack of players is noticable growing)

  8. Ok you can download it 4 free with in the first two weeks & you can keep it 4ever but after the two weeks are up any one else who didn’t download them with in those two weeks have to pay 4 it to keep it.

  9. Actually, Beinomat, the DLC has been announced for release on July 30. Why Splash Damage decided to announce it as ‘early July’ confuses me, but many other sources have said to look at it for the end of July.

  10. why is it taking so long to bring the new DLC out the game is losing players everyday cus there is no new content it was bad enough the games online was broken on launch now your taking your sweet time with the DLC a releses date would be nice just do people know when to expect it.

    and few more game modes would be nice to capture the flag would be great fun maybe even a domitation mode dont see team death match working very well though

  11. I, for one, love Brink. I hope you guys fix the issues. I’ll be playing it again as soon as the DLC comes out (I got bored with what little there is to do already and so few other players to do it with). Until then, it’s Oblivion 5th Anniversary Edition!

  12. Too little too late. I was a brink fanatic when it came out and I persevered through the bad metascore and terrible gameplay. I had to quit one day though, I wanted my £10 back.

  13. Everyone says theres lots of bugs, but ive had the game since release and have played the hell out of it and had no problems what so ever

  14. @thrall: exactely…
    I was hoping the Dlc would boost a little hype again to get more players but it seems bethesda has already given up hope with Brink :/

  15. Ok….I’ve downloaded the DLC on my Xbox…..but my STEAM account on my PC says there’s no DLC availible. So…..WHERE IS it? Is this going to be another case of people getting screwed over because we use a PC? Lets get on the ball here. I’m Assuming that the 2 week time limit will be extended for the PC users after havin’t had to Wait for it while other platforms already Have the DLC.

  16. Loving the free dlc but weird about the 2 weeks thought.
    But it’s already the 13, can’t really call it early July anymore, any word on when it’s coming?

  17. Hey quick question when the DLC coming out because i really like brink but playing on the same old maps since it came out it getting really boring

  18. yep… the other guys above me are right…
    i love this game, there are many things to love and sure there are problems but problems are anywhere and not just here…
    people relay on this dlc no one can play 8 maps over and over… comeon…
    and yes almost no players and you lose more and more by the hour…
    early julay is no more and im disapointed, do something pls…

  19. I hate checking your site every day to see if there is any new articles to check out.can u tell us anything i don’t care even if it that the dlc is not going to be out for another 2 months just tell us something damn even if it is that your dlc is not coming out and your working on a new one or maybe you gave up on this game and are not working on it at all so i can stop wasting my time by checking your site every day just say something.

    GT: acidic war axe

    if u gotta mike hit me up.

  20. So… uh, just saying, where’s the update? The DLC? here it is halfway through the month… I am sorry bethesda… but i think your game is amazing… but You’ve kinda dropped the ball with brink…

  21. the game is dead after 1 month and half… what do you think to do with a dlc? Dear bethesda you should first end the game not release a beta test and then let people believe your so gentle to give for 2 weeks free a dlc… We will remember on your next games dont worry 😀

  22. Well “early” July has passed.You can’t call it “early” if half the month is gone.So, do you have any more Predictions?

  23. When is the DLC coming??? they said it would come out in late June, and now its going to come out in early July?? come on, July is half way over. They should have it out by now. BRINK is an awsome game but im a little disappointed that it hasn’t come out yet because i’ve checked ever day to see if it came out, but of course it didn’t. I can’t wait till it comes out so I can get back to playing BRINK more.

  24. First off: I really like Brink, not an awesome game but certainly not a 13 in a dozen game like halo, cod ect.
    But this is insulting, first announced for end June, than beginning of July and that one has gone bye bye. And not a single reaction on their own blog, this earns a FACEPALM!
    Get your act together!

  25. This DLC is still not up on Xbox live. I am extremely dissapointed in this fact because in a previous post the dlc was slated for release in mid june it is now the 19th of july (in Australia) and this weeks microsoft schedule shows no brink DLC. I really enjoy playing this game but it does have a lot of problems, I have forgiven those problems until now this wait is to long and i will not being getting this dlc and for the first time ever i will be trading in a game and that game will be brink.

  26. Man ive been waiting for this dlc since late June as they stated last month then it was early July and thats come and gone next it will be next month and when next month is finished it still wont be out. I think that since we keep getting jerked around it should be free for life not just for 2 weeks.

  27. @Khan:

    Like this Brink looses it’s last bit of interest… First big announcment about a free DLC and then you just don’t deliver any info on what’s going on after delaying it 3 times?? Sry but that’s just weak…

  28. Like EeT MeeL, I have also heard the 30th of July. It was from Wikipedia, and I’m not sure where the person who wrote that got their info from, but that’s the only exact date I’ve seen mentioned so far. It’s better than nothing, though.

  29. Ya the dlc will be pretty sweet and good thing its free cuz I dont like to pay for stuff when I’ve already coughed up 60 bucks for a game..have u guys played dirt 3!? Effin annoying how they hav dlc everyweek…why do I have to pay 40 extra buck on top of the 60 I have already payed just to get the complete game! Piss off codemasters! But cant wait for the new dlc to come out for brink! But im not complaining bout how long its taken for the release cuz im not 10 years old! And plus its free!

  30. It means fro the first 2 weeks you have a chance to DL it for free. If you miss the chance to download the DLC in the first 2 weeks then you have to pay for it. I’m wondering if this DLC is ever going to come out because it’s way past the beginning of July.

  31. early Juli? early juli was like 2 and a half week ago!When does the DLC com out?
    And by the way it should be more weapons in the game, if I remember right (not 100% sure) you guys said it was around 40 different weapons in a review!
    The game needs:
    1 more light riles ( WA2000 )
    2 more shotguns 1 light ( M1887 modern ) and 1 medium ( AA-12 )
    1 more machine gun ( RPK )
    2 more Assault Rifles ( AK5C ) and ( F2000 )
    1 more heavy grenade launcher ( MGL 140 )
    2 more SMG ( UZI ) and ( P90 )
    3 more pistols/sidearms ( FIVE-SEVEN ) ( Desert Eagle) and (G18 with a 33 round mag like the real machine pistol and not a lame 20 round thats empty in a blinc of an eye!)