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    Bethesda has created or published some of the most popular and engrossing video games ever made, and the future seems to be moving in the same direction. the growing family of publishing agreements and acquisitions has brought more top-quality production houses in to the fold, and Bethesda seems to be nurturing them nicely.

    my advice is to drive towards being a leader in customer satisfaction, and particularly game QA. the whole industry has been taking some bruises and waves of customer dissatisfaction for buggy releases, underwhelming titles, and platform politics. make it a policy to give in-development titles as much time as they reasonably need to make that really solid 1.0. delay launch date decisions until a real picture of the bug list and estimated labor emerges. invest in robust testing staff and procedures, even one that can be shared among titles. avoid platform exclusives and “creative” revenue streams, as these accomplish nothing but bad PR. build quality as part of your brand!

    and something i would suggest very highly: cultivate groups of trusted, quality external beta testers! just when you think all your internal testers have found every bug, turn the title over to your external testers for them to find the other 25% of bugs that the internals missed because they work in a structured environment. this wouldn’t be a public beta, just unstructured testing with a group of intelligent gamers (ahem). you can do no better test than to try software in an uncontrolled environment.

  2. Congrats guys!

    Just wondering, why are some of the game you’ve developed missing from that case? Such as all of your racing games, like IHRA Drag Racing and XCar?

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I still remember playing The Terminator Future Shock… A long long time ago… Thanks and thanks for the thousand of hours of fun and entertainment… Hurry up 11/11/11!!!!!!!

  4. Thank you so much for posting this I have been looking for images of the redguad and daggerfall figurines for a long time along with the daggerfall dagger. And wow congradualtions on makeing it this far. Lets hope for another 25 years and hopefully more.

  5. I wish I could go on a tour at the studio someday and meet all the developers maybe play a game with them ๐Ÿ™ haha like that would ever happen…

  6. Yeeea Bethesda Haappy Birthday! Haappy Birthday! Is tooday 25 years already??? And thank you for all the one of kind happiness you have brought to my gaming time which has always shown the potential and future of gaming not only on computers but consoles and who knows what else that shall come down the road of opportunity and fortune.

    Truly you have brought DnD board games of old to life in motion and flowing story animated form.

  7. @ ub3rman123,

    Yes that is a mini-Ordinator. It was a freebie with the collector’s edition of Morrowind. I have one. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. WOW Daggerfall Letter Opener me WANT!!!

    Seriously though, congrats, you guys are easily my favorite developer in the industry. Keep on wowing everyone with how much bigger and bolder your games are than anyone else’s.

    I still have my Ordinator figurine…ah memories.

  9. Bethesda, what about perspective for the tomorrow, for the future after these 25 years?
    Do you plan to go on the new platforms (mac) and the new growing gigantic markets (mobile phones)??? Xbox, PS3 and PC is already the past and yesterday.
    Anyway, congratulations.

  10. correction: by the rising markets i mean of course – smartphones and tablets.
    Also Bethesda, start using the community of fans and users already.
    This helps to make a better quality games – for example to use the community power for making the little 3D objects which will be placed inside the game universe by some type of contest – Draw a good and interesting Kettle, table and etc.
    Identical households, dishes and many little details in the game is really boring.
    You can’t make a whole unique game universe yourself, but with our help it’s possible.

  11. @ Al alexon

    I would hardly call Macs “new”, and Bethesda has commented that they are basing a portion of Skyrim’s mechanics on community concepts.

    In addition, Apple is not really open to software which they do not either produce or distribute.

    Oh, and the Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii are not obsolete. What did you extrapolate that consensus from?

    Also, good job Bethesda! You’ve lasted longer than most companies do by far, without spontaneously creating shoddy games!

  12. Congrats Bethesda! I admire you guys so much! You guys are epic. Keep creating the best games out there! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. [ Zoopster wrote on June 29th, 2011

    @ ub3rman123,

    Yes that is a mini-Ordinator. It was a freebie with the collectorโ€™s edition of Morrowind. I have one. ]

    Me too, standing right in front of me underneath my monitor next to my WITCHER 2 metal coin. I still have the art book which also came with the MORROWIND Collectors Edition though a bit wrinkly due to all the humidity of the years ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. From the moment I found the smugglers cave in Seyda Neen and fought its inhabitants, to building the mining settlement at raven rock, witnessing what at the time was the most dramatic improvement in video game graphics I had ever seen in Oblivion (and subsequently spending around 700-1000 hours over the last few years since its launch, playing all the expansions and revisiting the game from time to time) I have been held captive by the quality and depth of Bethesda games.

    Fallout was an AMAZING new addition, The game really did capture my imagination, and I went on to play the heck out of it. It really doesnt have (for me) the same amount of content as the Elder Scrolls though. Put the same amount of time in as Morrowind or Oblivion (or Skyrim!) and it would be a game I could invest hundreds and hundreds of hours in.

    However, you took the creativity of the creators of the Fallout series and put it in to your ecosystem, which is my favourite RPG system (In terms of the interface and the first person view+engine, general layout and presentation), resulting in a completely original and engrossing game. I wanted to say this because (if anyone is reading) that game would probably be the best game ever made and Bethesda, given enough time and money, could certainly make it.

    The bugs on New Vegas are a lot worse than fallout 3 or oblivion, as well (xbox 360), so I agree with other posters who say more bug testing would be good. Other than that I must defer to the best game developer around to decide how next to capture my imagination, time and money. Happy 25th!


    you are perhaps the greatest devolopers ever I first discovered the genius of your work with Obliivion spent hundreds of hours of my life in Cyrodiil and I must say those were well spent I then later moved onto Fallout 3 wich was brilliant once again about 3 to 4 hundred hours spent in the world of Fallout Then I got my hands on the GOTY edition of morrowind (wich I personally reckon was better than Oblivion) And Im still tryin to get the first two ES games

    but anyways yeah Happy Birthday and Im looking forward to spending several hundred hours of my life in Tamriel once again with Skyrim

    keep up the Outstanding work

  16. Happy birthday bethesda! you will always be in my heart. I would buy you guys a round of beers but in that case you would have to pay for the flight ticket. deal?

  17. Happy Birthday Bethesda!
    Thanks for all of the awesome games you guys have made over the last 25 years! And while I’m at it I might aswell thank you for the future games you will make. ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. Bethesda has my trust as one of the few game developers that I can expect to make a great game every time. Congratulations on a great 25 years, and please keep up the amazing work!

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    Enormous thanks, for the fact that you there is. ๐Ÿ™‚ My gametoday and my love for RPG began in Morrowind. With the impatience I wait the output Of skyrim. Successes to you in everything and thanks.

  20. Congradulations bethesda,from a gamer that started on daggerfall at age 9 or ten(can’t recall). Heres to hoping for another 50 to 100 yrs.
    Your loyal assassin