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  1. Well deserved for Skyrim!

    I believe Skyrim is one of the most, if not, the most anticipated game of 2011 (at least it is for me). I’ve been waiting for this game for years! I really love Oblivion and I can’t wait to play Skyrim.

    Keep up the good work, guys!

    Kind Regards,

  2. Not suprised at all, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will be absolutely amazing! I’ve known about it since 2008 somehow, I’ve had it pre-ordered as soon as it was available. Keep up the good work! πŸ™‚

    Oh.. and is there any chance we’ll ever get to explore Akavir?

  3. Bethesda Game Studios is full of awesome people who eat whale meat and drink oil. The games they produce are works of art that need to be consumed and digested slowly. Only then will you see how detail oriented their team is, producing landscapes that tell stories and intrigue minds. Unlike many other open world games, Bethesda’s games have a heavy feel to them, giving weight and value to the characters you play as. I’ll laugh when I see Skyrim priced at 60 bucks along side the other games.

    Job well done!


  4. Congratulations with all my heart! Let’s hope that the PC version of the game is basic and it will be given the maximum amount of time.

    Bethesda great company in all respects, thank you! I bought all the games, despite the fact that but before that they downloaded a demo version of a place that would look before you buy.

  5. @ Alex because their too focused on xbox nowadays… maybe if they showed off the elite PC graphics on a mega computer then Skyrim would of won every single award at E3 πŸ˜€ haha
    I say a mega computer because we all know the graphics would KILL any other kind of computer.

    But congratz Bethesda, im still waiting on that Collectors Edition πŸ™‚ ill be preordering for PS3 and maybe even PC if i get myself a ‘mega computer’ πŸ˜‰

  6. @ Alex
    Yea i agree, plus TES has so many mods that are user generated and Bethesda endorsed, its great.

    @ Gambit Why is Bioshock even that great? I’ve never played it nor know anyone thats a fan…

    @Brett That’s true, Computers are multitask tools and Consoles are solely for game processing.

  7. the reason they showed it on xbox is so that when they do show on computer peoples graphical standards will be raised and as apposed to pc first then lowering standards for consoles

  8. Very nice and well deserved. =]

    Off topic: Will Shivering Isles receive a price-drop after the 5th anniversary edition of Oblivion is released? =/

  9. You guys deserve every little applause you get, you have created one of the most exciting games for me this year, I’m just excited to see a new world plus I’ve preordered the game so I can get the burlap map, I dont know why but they should make this into a film

  10. KEEP ON WINNING THEM AWARDS GUYS!! Nice job Bethesda, congratulations! In my opinion, you deserve Best in Show but I am but a mere mortal and not a “game critic” xD hahaha. The games you guys make are epic to say the least and truly quality, QUALITY role playing experiences. So keep on bringing home them awards Bethesda you guys deserve them! GO BETHESDA! GO ELDER SCROLLS! GO SKYRIM!!!

  11. Good on you.
    I just hope you’re going to take advantage of the Ps3’s disc capacity as you can store uncompressed textures on it. There’s loads of space, I expect the graphics to be worse that the 360’s but ought to be better. I’ll probably also buy it on pc, eventually.

  12. Congrats guys, no idea why Bioshock got such a rev up and won best game, I mean, how much of the actual gameplay did people see? As a series Bioshock is ok, I have played through them, the last being a bit short. I would have thaught the Epic and apparently already successful Skyrim should have won best game even if not on the amount of gameplay time and content alone! Games like Bioshock are released every couple of years and are lucky to have a tenth of the content and gameplay time!

  13. Congratulations and thanks for showing us all the power of consoles which for pc gamers like me is a great thing. Good to see technology being used to its fullest and beyond unlike the old days when something powerful came along only to be made obsolete and never reach its potential due to a newer model coming out.

  14. @ Brett – oh, come on, my “megaPC” now is about $500 (Phenom 820, 4gb DDR3, GTS450) and it will run Skyrim with no problems, i’m sure, because it handles Witcher 2 and Crysis (in 720p) OK. πŸ™‚

  15. Congratulations to all at Bethesda. If they’re winning awards on a 30-minute demo, how amazing is the actual game going to be?! Will we be able to call in friendly dragons against other dragons? Now that would rock.

  16. Congrats Bethesda team! Deserved that and more (*cough* Best of Show). Easily my most anticipated game for this year. Thank you for the passion you’ve continued to put in The Elder Scrolls. We await 11.11.11.

  17. Congratulations! I knew you could do it… you have continued to develop , caress and enamour your creation each time in ways that touch deep parts of the soul of your fans and for this you have my warm and continued praise , many more years ahead! and I actually cant wait!

  18. Skyrim should have won every single award. “Best Console Game. Best In Show. Best RPG. Best PC Game. Best Shooter.”
    “What? Skyrim isn’t a shooter.”
    “SHUT UP THEY’RE ARROWS. Best Sports Game…”

  19. Extremely well deserved, waiting to hear about collector’s edition, and if Skyrim loses Game of the year to MW3 it will be a crime against gaming. Bethesda make the BEST bar none RPGs!!!!!!

  20. lol I’m kinda happy that something I will always consider a PC Game beat all the console games out there. Game of the Year awards for 2011 after all of these are finally released are going to be interesting…

  21. I can’t wait for skyrim. It will be incredible. I hope it is as good a story as oblivion had. I am playing oblivion right now. still good all these years later. Hey, does anyone know how to send an email to Todd? I am a screenplay writer and would love to submit a screenplay idea for oblivion. I see a great movie idea. Same with fallout 3, but, oblivion has movie written all over it.
    ps, i would need to submit the screenplay b4 11/11/11 b/c i won’t see anything but skyrim afterwards.

  22. This game looks epic!! I will probably get the whole week off work once it comes out.

    I no the release date is 11-11-11 however in future shop and best buy in Canada its says 15th of November?? anyone no why?

  23. Will be very good experience if you make a patch for Directx 11 suport. And Hd textures like people of team Crytek Uk do for Crysis 2.

  24. once this comes out im gonna quite black ops and mw2 or 3 because 11 11 11 is the end of my penis and the start of my boner FOR SKYRIM!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  25. preordering this on steam to download a day early and then play it the second it comes out, no sleep for me on 11-11-11

  26. ok so ive been searching up every tiny little piece of skyrim i can find. and i now know when it comes out i wont be leaving my room for atleat a month. i did read a post were some one was talking about wanting more epicness in sirten things like Oblivion manimarco shoulda seen him transform into his litch form and he should held u up on the celing or wall and had a dialog with u. and fleeing from a caving in dungion would be realy fun to i think btw i read those ideas from some one i cant remimber but i just wanted to make shure u knew it wasnt from me. and here latly ive been playing oblivion and notcing alot of hidden in game stuff for skyrim i found a book that talked about skyrim in great detail plus i found skyrim guantlets in a dungion that resisted cold not to long ago so ive comented a room in rosethorn hall for all the skyrim stuff i find and its getting pretty full =). no doubt in my mind skyrim best game of 2011 and behond…atleast untill bethstida comes out with a new elder scrolls.

    Knights of the nine assemble!!!