Happy Social Media Day!

It’s only fitting that I discovered today is Social Media Day while looking at my Facebook newsfeed. To celebrate the affair… we’ll be randomly giving out swag on our Twitter and Facebook pages today.

If you need a roll call of all our pages, visit the “Command Bar” on the top of this blog. That’ll help in your search for our secret giveaways. You’ll need lightning-fast reflexes to win… good luck!

Reader Comments

  1. nice prizes but as always the entry methods suck donkeys.
    Be 1st to RT this mes… Too late we picked a winner
    First to commen… Done, comp over thanks
    F… We have a winner.
    Not a comp for people with slow internet, kids who distract you or access via cell. Thankyou for treating fans like crap once again

  2. This is like a little kid screaming, “Its FREE CANDY day in the entire WHOLE BIG world!”. Thank goodness i’ll have none of that sugary sweet Facebook or Twitter collective global hugginess.

    What about Happy Hines Day! on Bethblog and Bethblog only! 😀

  3. I agree you give love to those social freaks on facebook and twitter but not your true loyal fans who come to all your blog posts 🙁

  4. “…but not your true loyal fans who come to all your blog posts”

    +1! (though now even “+1” has been co-opted for a social networking site.) i check only 4-5 sites daily, and this is one of them – most of the web is just a waste of time.

    “Social Media Day” just became a whole lot sillier now that i know Mashable is promoting it. they’re the nexus for people who think they’re internet experts because they have a lot of <a href="http://flamingmac.com/2010/08/i-started-one-of-these-things/"blog posts. ultimately, whatever, they’re fantastic promotional tools that make it very easy to get stuff in front of people. just don’t forget the folks that make a point to keep up with Bethesda, instead of waiting for it to be served up.

  5. Sad face… I wanted one of those awesome Fallout New Vegas comic posters…

    Do you have any Fat Man Desk Nuke cards, the Fallout 3 Launch Party card, or any other vault promo materials from Fallout 3 kicking around that you want to get rid of? 😉