Reader Comments

  1. I love the hand animated characters. Something you don’t see much lately. Also no one can do levels like id. It’ll be a visual splendor galore with much needed gameplay advancements and I can’t wait for it. But why do you make these good people go all ghetto style with “we invented it hurr durr!” I feel bad watching them being forced to say those things :(.

  2. I really would like for you to prove the 60fps claim some day.
    Please have a five minute gameplay video (for PS3 and X360 versions) uploaded running at that framerate.

  3. I get the video of them, like a desperate request for a new generation of players remember them. technology is very beautiful, JC always speaks wonders and everything, but I’ll wait for reviews to buy anything from ID.

  4. Looks awesome as always and more promising than Doom 3. Can’t wait. Although I was a bit disappointed that Co-op isn’t jump-in jump-out across the whole single player campaign, such as Borderlands. But maybe that’s my fault. For the last year and a half, I have thought of this game as “Borderlands done right”.

    My bad! I’m there day 1, regardless!

  5. it would be cool if they made a whole intire new game of doom or quake for the 360 cause that would totally awsome and if they did i would hope that the graphics would be just as awsome as the game it self.cause there is nothing like playing the old games that were made back then and having to play them in an whole intire new way on an different console such as the ps3 or the 360.